The Thomas Berryman Number

The Thomas Berryman Number You are about to begin one of the classic American novels of suspense by one of the world s bestselling authors It begins with three terrifying murders in the South It ends with a relentless and unfor

  • Title: The Thomas Berryman Number
  • Author: James Patterson
  • ISBN: 9780759567627
  • Page: 184
  • Format: ebook
  • You are about to begin one of the classic American novels of suspense by one of the world s bestselling authors It begins with three terrifying murders in the South It ends with a relentless and unforgettable manhunt in the North In between is the riveting story of a chilling assassin, the woman he loves, and the beloved leader he is hired to kill with extreme prejudiceYou are about to begin one of the classic American novels of suspense by one of the world s bestselling authors It begins with three terrifying murders in the South It ends with a relentless and unforgettable manhunt in the North In between is the riveting story of a chilling assassin, the woman he loves, and the beloved leader he is hired to kill with extreme prejudice.

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      Official US SiteOfficial UK SiteBookShotsJIMMY Patterson BooksOfficial Site for James Patterson s Middle School SeriesReadKiddoReadJames Patterson has created enduring fictional characters than any other novelist writing today with his Alex Cross, Michael Bennett, Women s Murder Club, Private, NYPD Red, Daniel X, Maximum Ride, and Middle School series As of January 2016, he has sold over 350 million books worldwide and currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most 1 New York Times bestsellers In addition to writing the thriller novels for which he is best known, he also writes children s, middle grade, and young adult fiction and is also the first author to have 1 new titles simultaneously on the New York Times adult and children s bestsellers lists.The son of an insurance salesman and a schoolteacher, Patterson grew up in Newburgh, New York, and began casually writing at the age of nineteen In 1969, he graduated from Manhattan College He was given a full ride to Vanderbilt University s graduate program in English but dropped out after a year, knowing that he wouldn t be able to continue reading and writing for pleasure if he became a college professor.Instead, he moved to New York to become a junior copywriter for the advertising agency J Walter Thompson, eventually becoming CEO of its North American company.In 1976, while still working for J Walter Thompson, Patterson published his first novel, The Thomas Berryman Number, with Little, Brown and Company After being turned down by thirty one publishers, it won the Edgar Award for Best First Novel Patterson s 1993 novel, Along Came a Spider, his first novel to feature Alex Cross, was also his first New York Times bestseller in fiction.In 2001, Morgan Freeman starred as Alex Cross in a film adaptation of Along Came a Spider, and Tyler Perry also played the character in the 2012 film Alex Cross A film adaptation of Patterson s middle grade novel Middle School The Worst Years of My Life will be released in theaters in October 2016.For his initiatives to help kids become passionate readers and for his philanthropic efforts, Patterson was awarded the National Book Foundation s 2015 Literarian Award for Outstanding Service to the American Literary Community James Patterson has donated than one million books to students, emphasizing some of the most under resourced schools and youth programs in the country In 2015, Patterson donated 1.75 million to school libraries throughout the United States, and 250,000 in holiday bonuses to individual bookstore employees He also gave 1 million to independent bookstores in 2014.Patterson has recently donated over 26 million to his and his wife s alma maters the University of Wisconsin, Vanderbilt University, and Manhattan College and he has established over four hundred Teacher Education Scholarships at twenty four colleges and universities throughout the country Patterson has also donated over 650,000 books to U.S soldiers at home and overseas In May 2015, Patterson launched a new children s book imprint at Little, Brown, called JIMMY Patterson, that is unwaveringly focused on one goal turning kids into lifelong readers This imprint also provides resources, strategies, and programs to serve teachers, parents, librarians, and booksellers Patterson will be investing proceeds from the sales of JIMMY Patterson Books in pro reading initiatives Patterson has also founded ReadKiddoRead, a website designed to help parents, teachers, and librarians ignite a new generation s excitement for reading.

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    • AyeNow, I'm hopeful that JP fans and James himself, can forgive me for this review, given that he sold like 400 million copies of his books since. BUT, this was slowwww This is James's first ever published novel, back in 1976. I'm not surprised, however, that James's first few novels have been lost in history amid the Alex Cross craze. Not many people have even heard of this novel (including myself up until not long ago) called The Thomas Berryman Number. I'll start with the writing. I know tha [...]

    • Quite possibly the worst book I have ever read. There are two minimum requirements for a story, that you have a plot, and that you write in a method that the reader can follow, and this book failed on both counts. The story jumped around so much that it was hard to follow what was going on and I'm still not quite sure what happened. The story started off well by introducing us to a charcter who claims he can provide evidence that a hit man carried out a murder despite there being video evidence [...]

    • Constantly through all my reviews on Patterson books I have continually said that i have yet to find a bomb so to speak. The Thomas Berryman Number was my 21st Patterson novel and how ironic the bomb i would find planted within the Patterson bibliography would be his very first book ever??!! Now everyone sets out in life in their chosen profession on a trial and error basis, given that I am no way at the point where i would say well that's it hands down more Patterson however if The Thomas Berry [...]

    • I'm really surprised. I've never read a James Patterson book before and having been given this one, and being in between books, I thought I'd give it a go. It must be good, right? I mean he has sold more books than anyone, ever. And this is his first book, presumably the one that gave him his big break. As an author myself, I couldn't wait to see how he had captured an agent or publishers attention with those first, crucial chapters. And then I started reading. From the start, I struggled to und [...]

    • DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. It was boring and it would never end. I can usually read his stuff in a day but this was not the case. It took forever to finish and I wanted to throw it away half way through the book. It never got better.

    • I was excited when I got my hands on this one. I am a fan of Alex Cross and Michael Bennet, and mostly love reading James Patterson for what it usually has to offer. But to get my hands on his debut novel was a different kind of excitement.The book starts with a bang. Three murders – one after another has the officials in a frenzy… Everyone seems to be running in circles or in the wrong direction, except for a reporter called Ochs Jones. Jimmie Horn is a big name around town and even though [...]

    • This was the first book that published for James Patterson. Thomas Berryman is a gun for hire. He makes his living as a hired assassin, though he is not connected to the mob or any other organization. Ochs Jones, the narrator, is a reporter for a Nashville paper who is hoping to make it big by investigating the secretive history of Berryman. All of this is in response to the assassination of Jimmie Horne, the first African American mayor of Nashville. The assassination is followed by the killing [...]

    • I had to create a "Hot Mess" shelf specifically for this book. Despite featuring a fairly atmospheric and true-to-life setting (the Southern-ness of the various settings, including Texas, Tennessee, and Kentucky felt very genuine), this book had no discernible point, gaping plot holes, inconsistent characterization, and a time line that was practically impossible to follow. I'm not all that impressed with James Patterson as a reader, generally, nor as a professional (it's hard not to notice the [...]

    • I had heard great things about this author, so I thought that I would read one of his early books and make my way through his works. This book was excruciating to read. I almost quit reading it numerous times. I eventually finished it, but there was nothing satisfying about finishing it. The book jumped around all over the place and was hard to follow at times. Nothing enjoyable about it!

    • I have read a lot of James Patterson (Alex Cross, Women's Murder Club) and usually enjoy it. I decided to read some of his older books - and this book was an incredible disappointment. It was fragmented and hard to follow. I would not recommend it.

    • I never finished it. It was very hard to follow. Boring. Lack of interest made it even harder to follow characters or even get into them. I had saw the reviews on that this book sucked. It did. First Patterson book I have not liked.

    • This was James Patterson's first book. As I was reading it I was so confused about the whole thing. If I had read this before any of his others I dont think I would have read any of his other books! It was very odd!

    • James Patterson is usually a good writer, so I'm surprised he hasn't pulled this one. Granted, I only got half way through, but still couldn't make heads or tails of it.

    • I'm a really BIG Fan of James Patterson's Alex Cross series, as is my Godmother Judy. I have read every single one of them! As I mentioned in my last book review on Walter Mosley's Black Betty, Judy and I talk about Alex Cross like he is real. We also try to figure out how James Patterson, who is very white has so much insight into the life of African-Americans. It's an on-going theme to our Patterson book discussions. I would love to have lunch with him one day and get some up close insight.Wel [...]

    • I believe that this is the first book written by James Patterson and I expected it to not be as good as those in later years, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was it as good, but in some cases better than those he has recently written. The story focuses on Ochs Jones, a newspaper reporter writing a story about the murder of Nashville Mayor Jimmie Horn. What makes this more interesting is that Jimmie Horn is a black mayor during the 1970's in the south with aspirations of becoming a U.S. [...]

    • As stated by others, this book is a mess. I am actually angry that I wasted my time reading this. I should've stopped after the first twenty pages but I convinced myself to give it a chance to develop. How Patterson continued to publish future books after this disaster is a mystery. The argument that it was his first book is not a valid point. Many other young writers have written excellent books. Patterson's debut seems like a drunk person wrote it. Thank goodness his writing and storytelling i [...]

    • The first of Patterson's novels, it had raving reviews on the cover. I'll be the first to admit that I can devour his stuff like candy, and I'm drawn to his non-killing books, but this was TERRIBLE. I can't believe it won awards, never mind spawned the career that won't go away. There are three main characters, and the only way you can tell one apart from the other is by the setting. It has a southern feel, which was kind of nice, but otherwise stunk. I'm on vacation and couldn't be bothered to [...]

    • I'm an avid reader and decided to add Patterson to my list of authors to read. I typically prefer to read authors' books in the order they were written. In this case, not a good idea because this first novel of James Patterson's is bad. It's hard to follow and frankly not all that interesting. I found myself skimming through it to get through my boredom faster. I believe his next book was Season of the Machete. Please let this one be better or else I have to rethink this Patterson plan.

    • This, the debut novel from James Patterson, shows that he was once a promising name in literary crime fiction--though, now, he seems quite content to just stick his name on a whole lot of mediocre crap he didn't even write. That being said, although the writing in this book is excellent and reminds me of something by Dennis Lehane, the story itself is over-long and boringly simple. I dare you to read the last page and not think, "Is that it?"

    • To me this is James Patterson's worst book. I love his writing but I find myself just trying to get it over with. It jumps around a lot and the character really seem kind of bla to me. The only one that stick out that I wanted to know more about is the girlfriend of Berryman. I'm sitting with 100 pages to go to finish the book but I just couldn't take it anymore.If you love Pattersons' books skip this one it is a disappointment IMO

    • Sorry, could not finish this book. Too confusing, too many characters, too boring. I wanted to read it knowing that this was Patterson's first novel. His latest novels are much more entertaining. Guess it is a case of too many books, too little time, to spend my time on something I am not enjoying.

    • This book starts off with three murders in the south and a manhunt is trying to catch him. A reporter is the one who is trying to find out about him. It is a good story and a fast read. We have a few good characters in it.

    • This book is a stinker. That it won an Edgar amazes me. Apparently Edgar had his head up his caboose when the award was decided. I'm thinking he should instead have had a clothes pin on his nose. I love James when he's on his game, but in this case he had no game at all.

    • Very difficult to follow the story. I did not like this book. I'm glad this is not the first Patterson book I ever read or I would never read another.

    • Way good I don't want you to come to any conclusions on account of what I say. But I just love this man James patterson!

    • This is James Patterson's first novel, not his best in my opinion, but he does get better with each book thankfully.

    • After seeing the mixed reviews for this book I was doubtful about its quality. The book however turned out to be a real gem and reminded me why I had started reading Patterson's books in the first place. This is not the easy read that later Patterson books have become. The storyline jumps around from past to present with a story within a story, from the viewpoint of the writer Ochs Jones, the hitman Thomas Berryman and his rival Joe Cubbah.The book draws you in as Ochs investigations identify th [...]

    • 2.5/5 StarsThe gripping story of a ruthless assassin,the woman he loves,and the beloved leader he is hired to killConflicted and surprised, the two foremost emotions I feel right now2.5/5 Stars is, I think, the lowest I've ever rated a book, especially one by James Patterson. But, this is not his best, and I'm glad I've been an avid fan before picking up his first ever published piece. My rating could change, once the initial disappointment passes it might bump up to 3/5 Stars.The Thomas Berryma [...]

    • Have to wonder why this book made it into print. It is Patterson's first novel, and what isn't so good is the method used to tell the story. First thing is it keeps the reader off balance in the first 100 pages or so just trying to figure out what is going on - due to the lame style of story telling. Once the reader figures out what is happening and what the book is about, the story is just boring, until the last 50 pages or so, because by now, how the story is being told fits together and is ma [...]

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