The Paradise Prophecy

The Paradise Prophecy A spectacular thriller inspired by John Milton s Paradise Lost in which the final chapter of the War in Heaven is about to play out on Earth with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance The Myth

  • Title: The Paradise Prophecy
  • Author: Robert Gregory Browne
  • ISBN: 9780525952237
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A spectacular thriller inspired by John Milton s Paradise Lost in which the final chapter of the War in Heaven is about to play out on Earth, with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance The Myth When God cast the archangel Satan into Hell, ending the War in Heaven, peace prevailed on Earth Until the fallen angels took revenge in the Garden of Eden Ever since, mankA spectacular thriller inspired by John Milton s Paradise Lost in which the final chapter of the War in Heaven is about to play out on Earth, with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance The Myth When God cast the archangel Satan into Hell, ending the War in Heaven, peace prevailed on Earth Until the fallen angels took revenge in the Garden of Eden Ever since, mankind has been in a struggle between good and evil, paradise and apocalypse the fall of Rome, The Crusades, World Wars, nuclear proliferation, the Middle East Crisis The War in Heaven never really ended it just changed venues For millennia, God s angels have been fighting Satan s demons on Earth, all in hopes of bringing about Satan s greatest ambition, the Apocalypse.The Reality Satan has never been closer to his goal than right now Agent Bernadette Callahan is a talented investigator at a shadowy government organization known only as Section, on the trail of a serial killer with nearly supernatural abilities Sebastian Batty LaLaurie is a religious historian who knows far too much about the other side and that hard earned knowledge is exactly what Callahan needs This unlikely duo pair up for a race across the globe, decoding clues left in ancient texts from the Bible to Paradise Lost and beyond In the process they stumble upon a vast conspiracy one beyond the scope of mankind s darkest imagination Watch a Video

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    • Robert Gregory Browne

      An ITW Thriller Award nominated novelist, Robert Gregory Browne believes his mission as a writer is to grab hold of you and keep you captive on the page until he s ready to let you go.In addition to writing several thrillers, including the bestselling TRIAL JUNKIES series and the FOURTH DIMENSION THRILLERS, Rob composes music, plays the guitar and keyboards and has even been known to sing now and then And you thought his books were scary.

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    • ~* 4.5 Stars *~A Gripping and Grimly Decadent Supernatural ThrillerHey, you. Youout there. Have you noticed? Have torn your eyes away from your smartphones and iPads, your Facebook and Twitter accounts, your social networking in any and all forms, and taken a good, hard look around lately? Wars, terrorism, failing world economies, disaster, corruption, pollution, disease, fear, intolerance, hatred. A barrage of seeping, soiled souls spreading like rot over a once fertile landscape. Hard core, ir [...]

    • The Da Vinci Code is going to both help & hinder Browne when it comes to this book. As both books deal with religious mysteries, the two of them are going to inevitably be compared to one another. The authors having nearly identical last names will only help further this along. It'll help since people will see this book, remember the good times they had reading TDVC, & pick The Paradise Prophecy up. It'll hinder because people won't find a TDVC-esque read behind these covers. Which I vie [...]

    • Angels and demons walk among humans, and the battle in Heaven continues. We’ve seen a lot of Revelation-type badness recently—wars, earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, nuclear accidents. Maybe the Apocalypse really is coming. Robert Browne draws from the Old Testament, Milton’s PARADISE LOST, and angel lore to tell a tale of angels and demons in their eternal war over humanity.The main characters in THE PARADISE PROPHECY are Sebastian LaLaurie, a religious studies professor at a southern Bapti [...]

    • A God who has turned his back on mankind.Five fallen angels. A betrayer amongst them.Warriors willing to die for that which they protect.Turmoil such as the world has never before seen.A battle of right and wrong. Good and evil. Freedom and enslavement.Who shall prevail? And what is the “key” which guarantees success?A prophecy penned by a monk centuries ago and inserted in a most unlikely tome. The pages containing these prophetic words were long ago taken from their original text and secre [...]

    • Imagine if you will, a world that is on the brink. God has turned his back on the people he created, leaving them to fend for themselves. Every soul on Earth is at the mercy of a Heavenly War. One side is set on creating the Apocalypse, the other side on preventing it. Callahan and LaLaurie have just stumbled into one of the biggest and longest standing battles in the history of the world, and as a reader you're along for the ride. Sound intriguing? I guarantee you, it is.Meet our fearless team. [...]

    • This book rendered me completely speechless as I turned the last page. Browne manages to weave a spell that brings you out of your own world and into his well crafted pre-apocalyptic world.Sebastian "Batty" LaLaurie is scholar who is an expert on antiquities, religion, and Milton's Paradise Lost. He is also a wounded soul who has been enduring the death of his wife by drowning his sorrows in alcohol. He has nothing left to live for. Meanwhile, there is a death in Brazil of a famous Christian sin [...]

    • If you are a fan of thrillers that involve secret societies, the bible and Milton's Paradise Lost, then this novel is perfect for you. While I have enjoyed similar fiction by Dan Brown, The Paradise Prophecy takes it one step beyond planting the question for the reader to ponder and crosses into a more sci-fi or religious fantasy realm. I wasn't familiar with the fallen Angels that this story centers around, but the two main characters were entertaining enough to keep me reading until the end. I [...]

    • I had such high hopes for this one. After reading a fair number of angel-icious YA novels of late, I really wanted to sink my teeth into an adult version of such things and along comes The Paradise Prophecy promising Fallen Angels, Lucifer, the War in Heaven, an abdicated God, an Apocalypse, all soaked in a heady marinade of Milton's Paradise Lost. This should have reeked of epic win. What I was salivating for was something akin to the film The Prophecy crossed with the best angel/demon mytholog [...]

    • I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peak of this book and being a huge fan of all things supernatural, especially original twists on biblical themes, this book was right up my alley.Angels, demons, the end of the world, a fast thrilling pace, what more could a girl want? Oh yeah, a nearly broken hero, one with a core of gold who captures your heart and has you cheering for him from the very beginning.Robert Browne hit it out of the park with this one.

    • Fallen angels, soulless drones, and ancient battles are only the beginning of this story where success is a chance at redemption for humanity and losing means the gates of hell open wide. Religion and history are used to create a new spin on whats really going on between this world and the divine. As someone that can appreciate a new twist on history, I was not disappointed. Not only does Robert Brown create an interesting plot, his characters and language are sure to keep you entertained.

    • The Paradise Prophecy is a celestial roller-coaster of a thriller. A government agent and a disgraced professor crisscross the globe looking for the missing pages of John Milton's Paradise Lost. The pages hold the key to mankinds survival. Demons, angels and spontaneous combustion.what a combination! I haven't had this much fun in ages!

    • I loved this book. This book took conspiracy to a new level with secret societies working with angels and dark angels (demons). I had to go back and read parts of Paradise Lost again to remind myself of themes and characters. If one enjoys this type of theme then this book is for you.

    • I'm gonna be honest. I probably wouldn't be as interested in a title like this if it weren't for Supernatural. Do you blame me? C'mon . . . have you SEEN Castiel? And maybe a little bite of Crowley, if for nothing more than his snarkitude?But I liked what this book was promising. It's got religion without too much Jesus going on (actually there was hardly any at all); there isn't much god about it either, believe it or not. The focus is really on the angels, and the demon angels (in this world t [...]

    • The war in Heaven makes its way to Earth in the latest thriller from author Robert Browne. This novel was my first exposure to the best-selling author but I now am eagerly awaiting his next work.You are excused if at first glance you think this book is similar to Dan Brown’s “The DaVinci Code” or “Angels and Demons.” For one thing, the authors have nearly identical last names. And secondly, the stunning cover certainly makes you think of angels or demons. Both stories do deal with reli [...]

    • Robert Browne’s The Paradise Prophecy is an excellent read. There were a few small typos here and there, which I found quite surprising for Dutton! None were too big, nothing that hurts the story – just a minor annoyance for a grammar purist like myself!If, like me, you have read some (or all) of John Milton’s Paradise Lost and enjoyed it, I think you’ll find this book quite interesting. And the illustrations throughout are just fantastic, adding a visual that I just love. (They’re at [...]

    • While reading this, I described it to friends as Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons meets John Milton’s Paradise Lost, by way of James Rollins. That comparison seemed to make almost as many turn their nose up as turn the page, but I still think it fits . . . for the most part.Where it differs (and does so significantly) is in its zealous desire to celebrate the supernatural aspects of religious mythology, rather than challenge them. Being the unrepentant heretic that I am, that insistence on embr [...]

    • “The Paradise Prophecy” by Robert Browne, published by Dutton.Category – Fiction/LiteratureA very, very unusual book, in fact, a book that I would not have picked up off the shelf to read. Yet, a highly entertaining book that will have great interest to those who are students of John Milton’s, “Paradise Lost”, and those who enjoy books about angels, demons, and the coming Apocalypse.Bernadette Callahan is an agent of a highly secret agency of the government called, “The Section”. [...]

    • The date is set. Lucifer will be released, to take over the world, providing the key to his cage is found. In righteous hands, however, the key, in the form of a girl, can bring Paradise on Earth. A tug of war among the righteous and dark angels ensues.Meanwhile as the world hurtles into chaos, Agent Bernadette Callahan investigates bizarre murders. Their cause makes no sense, and she scorns the "nutcase" drunkard who has been pushed to join her. But Sebastian Lalaurie is a psychic, and once he [...]

    • I picked this up at an Ollie's while looking around for other things I didn't really need. In all honesty, I have found some pretty good stuff at Ollie's and will include this in said good finds.In The Paradise Prophecy, an alcoholic widowed religious scholar and a covert agent with insomnia are thrown together to solve a murder. When a Christian pop diva is found burned alive without any true indication as to how, a secret agent is assigned to investigate. As things get more and more bizarre, a [...]

    • A tough and savvy female intelligence operative teams up with a brilliant but burned-out academic to investigate the unexplained fiery death of an international pop star. They discover a plot by a crew of fallen angels who are scheming to open the gates of Hell itself and bring on the end of the world. The key to mankind’s survival lies in the seven missing pages of a book known as the Devil’s Bible--and in a mysterious entity known as the Telum. In lesser hands, this could have been a reall [...]

    • Bernadette Callahan is an agent for the shadowy government organization known as Section. When she is sent to Brazil to investigate the ‘suicide’ of a popular Christian singer, she finds links to a serial killer with supernatural abilities. Puzzled and curious, she is sent to confer with Sebastian ‘Batty’ LaLaurie, a religious historian who has firsthand knowledge of the other side.Bernadette and Batty find themselves racing around the globe dodging evil, trying to prevent murders (their [...]

    • If there is one book that should be at the top of your TBR list this summer, it’s The Paradise Prophecy. Robert Browne has written an epic! There is no gradually easing you into the action here. You are dropped right into the middle of it and it builds and builds and builds until the end where your heart starts racing as everything comes together and you wonder if anything will be able to stop the conspiracy from not only unfolding but winning! When it was over, it left me in that place betwee [...]

    • A very original and facinating read. Love that humor sprinkled in throughout- Part thriller, part supernatural tale- 400 pages of superb writing- very much look forward to next book- Love the two lead characters as they play off each other so very well!One a cynic- a very tough one at that- the other a sensitive- seeking redemption- a very rewarding reading experience indeed.The reproductions of the etchings by Dour (might have misspelled that name) are a great addition- and facinating info on J [...]

    • From the very first page this book grabs you. Not by the throat, not like a big fist punch to your face, but by a want to know more. The puppet strings are attached with the first scene, and now Mr. Browne can make the reader danceis one is really one to use the mind on. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, although it does take a little bit to wrap my head around. I thought the tale was very well done, even going so far as to re-read sections to make sure I had understood what I read. Very well done [...]

    • I downloaded this in audible form so that I could listen to it on a driving trip. It is a riveting story. The view of the supernatural world, particularly the evil supernatural is thought provoking. However, I can't recommend it wholeheartedly for two reasons. First, the world view presupposes that God has abandoned the world and implies the Jesus is not God. Also, the profanity is abundant and the sexual content is graphic. Both seem appropriate in context because they develop the character of [...]

    • i may have given this an extra star just because i love apocolypse stories so much. really liked the characters and LOVED the milton references. in fact, this whole book is a tribute to paradise lost, i recommend to fans of milton for sure. i also really loved the illustrations. each chapter has its own unique reproduction of the angels/demons pictures. i think they were a bit fuzzy since i had an advanced copy, but still very cool.

    • I took my time with this one. This was my first time reading anything by this author. It has a Dan Brown meets Harbinger feel to it and I wanted to make sure that I didn't miss a thing. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. Anyone that enjoyed reading the Harbinger or The Left Behind series would probably enjoy this book. I look forward to finding out more about the author.

    • This book reminded me of The DaVinci Code, only better. I loved how intricate and detailed the storyline was and how it just melted into the historical setting. The characters were well-rounded and compelling and I enjoyed traveling with them on their journey. As a bonus touch, the drawings were really neat! If you like the National Treasure movies or similar books or religious mysteries, then this book is for you!

    • Milton said it all, and the novel reflects it. Good vs evil? Not at first. We are entranced by the "evil" part. But, it becomes obvious how wrong we were. This is packed with action and has a very satifying ending. If you like literary thrillers, check it out!

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