Slipping Into Darkness

Slipping Into Darkness The award winning New York Times bestselling author of The Intruder delivers his most gripping thriller yet A detective investigating a brutal murder discovers an impossible link to a case he closed

  • Title: Slipping Into Darkness
  • Author: Peter Blauner
  • ISBN: 9780446617475
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • The award winning, New York Times bestselling author of The Intruder delivers his most gripping thriller yet A detective investigating a brutal murder discovers an impossible link to a case he closed 20 years before.

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    • Peter Blauner

      Peter Blauner b 1959 has spent nearly his entire life in New York City After graduating from Wesleyan University he took a staff job at New York magazine, where he found the inspiration for his first book, the Edgar award winning Slow Motion Riot, in the men and women who work in the city s probation department Since then, he has written five novels Casino Moon, the New York Times bestseller The Intruder, Man of the Hour, The Last Good Day, and Slipping into Darkness.

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    • Gostei imenso deste livro. Está muito bem escrito, transporta-nos para o mundo interior dos personagens, faz-nos sentir os seus dramas e acompanhar as suas razões. Mas, ao mesmo tempo, mantém a dúvida sobre o verdadeiro culpado até ao final.

    • How do you find someone who’s not supposed to exist? That’s the detective’s conundrum.Francis X Loughlin is losing his sight. He's a cop, and because of the genetically acquired retinitis pigmentosa his future on the force looks bleak. He's always been a loner so this means ever increasing isolation.Two decades before, Francis had been instrumental in the incarceration of Julian Vega for the murder of a woman. Julian has been released following years of legal appeals he orchestrated, and s [...]

    • The story had the potential to be intriguing but I couldn't get past the smack-you-upside-the-head symbolism and cute imagery. Also, it's a pet peeve of mine when white middle class authors try to write in AAE or Latino English dialect for their characters of color and wind up, at best, looking ridiculous and clueless and, at worst, horribly insensitive and offensive. Overall, good on the whodunit part and not-so-good on the characterization/dialogue part.

    • I agree completely with the blurb from Stephen King on the cover: “One of the best books I’ve read in a long, long time”.In 1983, Detective Francis X. Loughlin famously obtained a confession from a 17 year old male named Julian Vega for the brutal murder of a gorgeous, young, well liked young doctor named Allison Wallis. Vega was convicted and sentenced to 25 years to life for murder.In 2003, Detective Francis X. Loughlin is fairly rapidly going blind from retinitis pigmentosa. He is still [...]

    • Samar-samar dalam ingatan, saya pernah mengikuti kisah yang ini. Entah di sinopsis, film, atau kisah nyata di serial Law n Order, atau justru cuma de ja vu. Entahlah.Seorang remaja tak bersalah dijatuhi hukuman 25 tahun penjara dengan tuduhan pembunuhan. Ketika mendapat pembebasan di usia 37, ia telah kehilangan segala sesuatu termasuk keluarganya. Dengan sisa keyakinan yang ia miliki, ia coba telusuri kembali kasusnya. Pelaku kejahatan yang sebenarnya pun terungkap dan ia akhirnya memperoleh hi [...]

    • Ah, I loved 'The Intruder.' So original. So far, this one is not disappointing. If Stephen King says it's the best he's read in a long, long time, I'll take his wordIt is great. I can hardly put it down, but I must. :) Blaunder writes so well. He's one of those authors who always chooses the right verb-- the most interesting one and the best description of his characters. When I read other books alongside his, I'm struck with how "wordy" they are in comparison.Ok, I'm done with it. It was good s [...]

    • Man, I feel like this book is criminally underrated. I absolutely loved it. One of the best books I've read in such a long time (and no less than Stephen King said the exact same thing about this book). Such a fantastic hook (was the wrong guy sent away for a crime that was committed 20 years ago?), the characters sizzle (we follow the guy who'd been locked up after he's released from jail and is trying to reacquaint himself with the outside world, and follow the main cop of the novel as he slow [...]

    • I hadn't read anything by Peter Blauner before, so I decided to give this a try. It's an interesting story, but it's fairly obvious early on who the real criminal is. I was disappointed that it was as easy to figure out as it was. Also, as Marissa pointed out, much of the Spanish street talk sounds unnatural, somewhat forced at times. It would have been better to have left it out.

    • The suspense had me scared xxxxless!! Set my teeth on edge. Could not put it down, although I wanted to throw it against the wall a few times. Stephen King is right: Best crime novel I have read in a long, long time!!!!

    • Great book if you are into mysteries. Keeps you guessing until the end. A fast read since you don't want to put it down.

    • The best contemporary writer I know. As if Cormac McCarthy had written Les Miserables. This is my second read of Blauner and I don’t know how to tell you how great this guy is with the written word. I can read his paragraphs and return immediately to read them again for more pleasure. I ask, is there anyone as good? One example from hundreds— As a main character stands at an apartment window musing and staring out into the NYC night, Blauner writes: “A passing bus below sighed, sagging wit [...]

    • Na contra capa fala de um desfecho inesperado para esta história. E podem crer que é! Thriller policial com bom andamento e que acima de tudo traz para a história partes científicas que servem realmente de base ao desfecho inesperado. Quem gosta deste lado mais científico, na abordagem a policiais vai sem dúvida apreciar este livro.

    • this one is an amazing story. a case that looks like a case in the past. and the DNA found was the old case victim. one-or two-perfect crime that finally make sense. what we know is not what happened. how a perfect life a boy once had, one mistake from someone could lead to his destruction.

    • plot twist-nya bagus, sayang transisinya kurang pas. satu elemen itu bisa ngurangin dua bintang yayway, buku ini berhasil membuat mimpi gue di 4 hari terakhir jadi suram dan mencekam, detail penggambaran latarnya ciamik lah.

    • I enjoyed the book and would more accurately would give it a 3 & 1/2. It has a lot of police procedures and not all positive or likable.

    • 3,5*bloguinhasparadiseDepois de algum tempo afastada dos policiais decidi pegar no primeiro livro que viesse à mão da estante dos para ler, para matar saudades deste género literário. Deste modo, não sei se a minha opinião estará enviesada pelo facto de estar cheia de saudades de histórias, que me fazem uma autêntica viciada no som do virar da página.Julian Veja foi condenado por homicídio, e encontrava-se na prisão há vinte anos, quando um novo crime é realizado, um assassínio em [...]

    • 1983Adalah sebuah mimpi buruk bagi Julian 'Hoolian' Vega anak penjaga apartemen, seorang remaja 17 tahun, situasi yang menjebaknya menjadi satu-satunya tersangka pembunuhan terhadap Allison Wallis, seorang dokter anak di bagian Unit Gawat Darurat berusia 27 tahun. Alllison ditemukan tewas secara mengenaskan di apartemennya dengan luka tikam dan bagian wajah hancur, sehingga jenazahnya nyaris tidak bisa dikenali lagidan Hoolian pun harus menerima hukuman penjara selama 25 tahun.20 tahun kemudianH [...]

    • My biggest mistake was having a high expectation for this book. Gue pikir buku ini bisa jadi salah satu psychology/thriller yang menarik untuk dibaca karena ngeliat rating buku ini cukup tinggi dan review dari orang-orang yang sebagian besar bilang bahwa endingnya mengejutkan. Well, turns out ngga ada yang spesial dari cerita karakternya, kasusnya, apalagi endingnya. Jalan ceritanya begitu datar sampe gue harus maksa diri gue nyelesein ngebaca buku ini. Untungnya sih menjelang akhir ketika kasus [...]

    • Slipping into Darkness, by Peter Blaumer, B-plus, narrated by Michael Kramer, produced by Books on Tape, downloaded from audible.It has been two decades since Detective Francis X. Loughlin solved his first big case, the brutal murder of a woman doctor. The young man convicted ofthe killing, Julian Vega, is back on the streets now, released on a technicality after years of appeals. Not long after his release, another murder takesplace, one so similar to that long-ago case that Julian is the first [...]

    • Slipping Into Darkness is a slow-burning story that has its bright spots, but ultimately moved at a little too plodding of a pace.Blauner creates a compelling storyshell--a possibly wrongly-convicted youth grown up with a life wasted, a eerily similar crime years later, and a detective fighting uncertainty both professionally and physically. It's those elements that kept me with the novel for so long. Blauner has frequent moments of cutting insight to those around the narrative that gives those [...]

    • This book told the story of a corrupt cop and an embittered ex-con who had been convicted of something he may or may not have done and then released on a technicality. The 2 protagonists are deeply flawed but somehow you still care about what's going to happen to them. Who really murdered the young woman Dr. who died 20 years ago, and is the same person responsible for the new murder of another doctor under similar circumstances? Police officer Francis is certain that Julian Vega, the person he [...]

    • I had mixed feelings about this book. The story was good, with enough uncertainty to the mystery, but something about the characters didn't set quite right. I did think that the picture painted of someone released from prison after 20 years trying to find their way in a new world was excellent. All too believable, I'm afraid. No wonder there are so many repeaters in the prison system. I had some trouble with Julian's character. He was 17 years old, with a full college scholarship when he was arr [...]

    • it's not so thrilling but quite intriguing. its a quest of a detective that assigned on a murdered case. the one and only suspect was a 17 years old boy. the ego of the detective put the boy in prison for twenty years. a similar murder happen again when the boy got out from prison. with arrogantly the detective tried to put the boy back in jail. although he knew that there's no evidence the boy involved in the both murders. in the end the detective caught the real murderer which nonetheless is t [...]

    • Ler tudo em:aminhaleituras/201"Este é um livro que nos faz refletir sobre o custo de querer ser um profissional (ou dar essa imagem), passando por cima de procedimentos, legais ou não, de outras pessoas e do seu bem-estar. Um bom nível de ação, a descoberta interior dos dois protagonistas (o inspetor e o putativo criminoso), adensa a trama. Não é o livro que nos faz perder o fôlego, contudo, desperta a curiosidade e vontade de o levar até ao fim."

    • banyak kosakata baru yang aku dapet dari sini. ceritanya standart ya, kayak novel investigasi gitu. alur lambat detail yang dikasih merinci sekali. tapi twisted akhirnya saya suka! meskipun eksekusi ending kurang 'wah' menurutku. Karena harusnya pembaca masih bisa dikagetkan dengan fakta bahwa si pembunuh yang sebenarnya dengan aksi-aksi lain. kalau mau baca buku ini, pilih waktu yang bener-bener senggang ya biar ngabisinnya cepet dan langsung paham :D

    • For fans of forensic suspense fiction: Peter Blauner's latest book, Slipping into Darkness (FIC BLA), takes a hard look at what happens when a person may have been unjustly imprisoned. Set in New York City, the book's tone is dark and intriguing, with imperfect and interesting protagonist and antagonist characters who are both set on finding the truth. —LG

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