The Exile

The Exile From the New York Times bestselling author of The Day After Tomorrow and The Day of Confession comes The Exile an all new heart pounding thrillerThe Los Angeles Police Department s famed squad bo

  • Title: The Exile
  • Author: Allan Folsom
  • ISBN: 9780765348357
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the New York Times bestselling author of The Day After Tomorrow and The Day of Confession comes The Exile, an all new heart pounding thrillerThe Los Angeles Police Department s famed 5 2 squad boards a commuter train in an attempt to take a cold blooded killer into custody John Barron, the newest and youngest member of the elite LAPD unit, learns quickly that the 5 2From the New York Times bestselling author of The Day After Tomorrow and The Day of Confession comes The Exile, an all new heart pounding thrillerThe Los Angeles Police Department s famed 5 2 squad boards a commuter train in an attempt to take a cold blooded killer into custody John Barron, the newest and youngest member of the elite LAPD unit, learns quickly that the 5 2 has their own deadly system of justice, and that even the slightest protest will result in his suffering the same swift fate Thus begins a dark, explosive struggle between good and evil pitting Barron s squad against an exceedingly imaginative and brutal killer.Suddenly the game widens when John flees to London with his sister, Rebecca, and they are thrown into a race against time Pursuing them is a baroness, beautiful and cruel, who will stop at nothing to protect her family, her fortune, and her global ambitions Her secret spanning oceans, continents, the collapse of the USSR, even the death of the Tsars is a stunning revelation that could catapult her to the pinnacle of world power.

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    • Allan Folsom

      Until the international success of THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, Allan Folsom was a jobbing screen writer, contributing to such series as Hart to Hart He lived in Santa Barbara with his wife, an artist, and their young daughter Mr Folsom died of complications of melanoma.

    318 thoughts on “The Exile

    • I can't say enough about this book. A tightly packed action novel that by no means seemed as long as its 700 pages. I read this without feeling the presence of the author--almost like the story told itself. Very well done, no back paging to refresh or remember characters, every detail vivid and memorable. In my mind this was flawless and not a single page was boring. I will follow up this book by reading another Folsom book, and if it's as good as this one, then I will have found a new favorite [...]

    • Allan Folsom- The Exile (Forge Books 2006) 2.75 StarsJohn Barron has just gotten onto the famed 5-2 squad in LA, but things are happening within the squad that he doesn’t agree with; he just has one problem, he can’t leave. Meanwhile a murderer is on the loose and he is killing people all over the world. Hunting down this man is going to drag his squad, his sister, and him through life and death situations. When all is said and done, his life will never be the same.This book had a great intr [...]

    • The first hundred and fifty pages of this novel was slam-bang page turning action. This was followed by several hundred pages of really good thriller material. This was followed by an uneven and less than thrilling hundred pages, and then suddenly we were back to some exciting action again.The point was that this novel was somewhat uneven. The author proved he could write slam bang action, the problem was he couldn't provide a serious reason for it. I don't offer the premise of his novel here in [...]

    • I found this an exciting read. It was full of action, especially the first 250 pages. It took quite a while to figure out just why Raymond was killing all the people. Just what was the motive? When we finally find out, it is very unexpected. This is kind of what I've come to expect of Allan Folsom's novel though. Well thought out plots that you'd never expect the kind of twists that he thinks up. I encourage you to read it. As for me, I'm reading the next one in the series.

    • What a bunch of junk. Wooden writing, cardboard characters and purple prose all led to me abandoning this doorstop after less than 300 pages. Coincidences abound, emotions explode and very little of it makes any sense. Guess I'm just not the mass market thriller type.

    • Another fantastic story-telling by Allan Folsom. The plot again is a little far-fetched but master story telling indeed!!

    • Moves really fast as all Allan Folsom books do. Very gripping story. However,not as tightly knit as 'The day after tomorrow' and a little too long.

    • Loved this book. It was filled with excitement, a plot to obtain the Russian throne, that takes the reader all over Europe and other lands. The story is amazing that it takes the reader inside the LAPD, the French Police H.Q. the Russian Police, and a Royal Family, with a member that continues to assassinate anyone remotely related to the Russian Royal family. It is a love story, and a true adventure. That is as far as I will go, as I don't want to spoil this book, however, the last paragraph ma [...]

    • This book is a Chase. Period. The whole premise of the book seemed a waste. The start of the book is a moral dilemna of a 27 year old cop. Personally, his conscience was over active. Had he not succumbed to the mental frailties and life ethic this book would have been over in a hundred pages and not dragged on for over a thousand. To my mind it’s really simple. Mad man on a rampage. Encounter works. It’s not murder. You’re saving yourself the horror of the legal system. And to add the crea [...]

    • I DON'T HIDE MY REVIEWS, BUT I DON'T FEED THEM, EITHER. THEY MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS.John Barron, a fairly green but extremely talented police officer (LAPD), is the central character.He is privileged to join an elite LAPD unit, based on his promising but short record. But on his first mission, the unit's members "jump him in," just as a gang would, by pressuring him to participate in murder. Unit members are so sanctimonious they think the team should just execute hard-core perps upon arrest (then [...]

    • This book was fast moving and action packed. I read the sequel The Machiavelli Covenant without realizing that the two books went together, and I enjoyed reading the background information that The Exile provided on the main character. I can't remember everything that happens in the sequel, so now I feel like I need to go back and read it again! I like the hero of these two books, and I hope that Folsom will continue his story.John Barrons is an LAPD homicide detective who has just become a memb [...]

    • Exciting, satisfying and long Allan Folsom's "The Exile" includes all of the elements I love in a good story-drama, interesting characters and a compelling protagonist. Following John Barron/Nicholas Marten from Los Angeles to London to France and Russia, on the chase of his life, it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Not only couldn't I see the twists in the story before they fully revealed themselves they also provided significant plot changes that allowed the characters to reflect [...]

    • Years ago, an 8mm film was taken at a birthday party - the birthday party of Paul - who was murdered when retrieving a soccer ball from the edge of the field. The film includes a picture of the killer's face. Kitner, watching the film, demands the film and knife used to kill his son be hidden until his own death, and at that point be provided to the police. After this engaging and auspicious prologue, we follow Raymond: an assassin with an agenda that crosses countries and railroad lines. Raymon [...]

    • 3 STARS"John Barron, the youngest cop on the LAPD's elite 5-2 Squad gets a baptism of blood and fire, when, forced to flee the murderous wrath of his own men, he becomes trapped in a web of unimaginable evil and global intrigue. Changing his identity, he becomes Nicholas Marten, and with his sister, Rebecca, is swept across oceans and continents from California to England to France and Russia in pursuit of and pursued by a heinous killer playing out his role in a deadly conspiracy orchestrated b [...]

    • Seems my available reading time has been cut down as of late, but this was the perfect kind of book to pick up and put back down. Reminded me of soap opera script because u always knew what was happening even if u put the book down for a week. Lots of repetition of facts over and over again.The book starts off with a bang, and the middle is kind of blah, and at the end picks up again. I think the author must have written 3 short stories and wound them into one "Epic" novel.In the beginning the m [...]

    • I know I did this backwards. I read “The Machiavelli Covenant” before “The Exile”, but I was curious what happened to John Barron before he became Nicholas Marten. At the beginning of the book was pretty good, it took us thru the transformation of John to Nicholas, is was smooth, somewhat realistic and satisfied my interest. But after that, this the novel went down very quickly. For some reason the author is trying to introduce some big internarial crises (as in “The Machiavelli Covena [...]

    • Holy crapola Batman! Hold onto your Superman underwear if you are going to take this book out for a ride. Take a bent LAPD detective squad, a madman slaughtering people willy nilly and add in the Imperial Russian family and stir. Or more like place in a blender on high speed. I cannot tell you a whole lot about the book without dropping spoilers, and that is not my style. Just imagine a great cops against bad guy story that shifts to a great international thriller halfway through. Only a skilled [...]

    • I read The Machiavelli Covenant on my bookshelf which knocked me out not realizing there was a previous book introducing John Barron. Ordered The Exile and jumped into it right away. The action and build consistently engage you and the twists & turns don't disappoint. Even when you suspect or predict what you don't expect, the consequences take you a few steps further. I like the relationships and how they were crucial to his life and the paths he took. Have the Hadrian Memorandum at hand to [...]

    • I finally got through the first 70 pages of the book before I picked up a definite interest in the book. If you have read the Machievelli Covenant, The Exile will give all the details of why and how John Barron changed his identity to become Nicholas Marten. I finished the book and that is not without skipping a lot of pages full of details that did not directly touch the life of Marten who it seems was not born under one lucky star but at least five as I don't see how else he was able to surviv [...]

    • Allan Folsom may not have many bestselling novels to his name, but what he does is sends the reader on a roller coaster ride full of blasts and crashes. My only complaint was how easy it seemed public murders and/or massacres could be covered up and repackaged so that the public believed a totally different story. There were at least three occasions where a shootout/murder occurred, was witnessed by any number of people, and somehow the official story came out differently. I guess even a good pi [...]

    • i had never heard of this author before reading this book. now i cannot wait for his new books. the exile is a non stop action and mystery. if you liked the romonov profecy, this book blows that one out of the water. cops track down a international hitman that is a master of disquise. the chase causes a cop to choose between the killer and his own men. the killer escapes and disappears only to resurface in europe, the american cop moves to england to escape a hit placed on him by members of his [...]

    • I liked being in a haze and not quite knowing what was going on the first 300 or so pages, then I figured out some major plot twists and I basically threw an adult tantrum- but I kept reading because I had to see what happened. All in all another good read by Allan Folsom. My fault for reading Nicholas Marten out of order (I read the sequel first) but it ended somehow the way it should have and I liked the historical fiction that was thrown in that I totally did not expect, the back of the book [...]

    • Pretty violent and gory, but still a fun ride. I think theend dragged on a bit, but it ended up making an interestingpoint about what it costs some people caught in a difficultmoral situation. It certainly makes me think about thosesituations where it isn't a choice where it is kill or bekilled. It is about putting a halt to continued damage at apersonal cost which can make the heart very cold, but allowsothers to look their loved ones in the eye innocently.

    • Terrific book. Exceptional plot twists and action, and I really enjoyed the lead character, John Barron/Nicholas Marten. The name change was just a tad difficult to follow at first, but there was no other way the author could have done it. This is the first book by Allan Folsom I had read since "The Day After Tomorrow," and I'll look forward to picking up his others featuring Marten. Nicely done.

    • This book finds a young cop John Barron involved in an international manhunt for an assassin who is terrorizing Los Angeles. Haunted by the actions of his squad he finds himself an outcast and living under another identity in London where he becomes involved in a plot to murder members of the Romanov family just as Russia is considering bring back the Czar. Is this connected to the earlier case in L.A. Okay read

    • The Exile by Allan Folsom is a thriller that is captivating and certainly deserves to be a best seller. The whole story has so many twists and turns that it gets hard to believe what the truth is. The characters are all very strong and extremely significant. The story goes into different countries and goes through a lot of rather interesting climax's . The Exile Book Review

    • Unrealistic plot, but there were plot twists galore.Our hero is a mamba of an elite LAPD squad Book starts off with a bang ( or more), continues to end with a few uneven spots. Apparently this is the first in a series involving our hero. I did not know that. The 2nd is The Hadrian Memorandum and the third is the Machiavelli Covenant.

    • Le caccie all'uomo sono la specilità di Folsom, che anche in questo libro da prova di tutta la sua bravura a creare situazioni conivolgenti, adrenaliche, contorte. Un serial killer imprendibile che si nasconde sotto molte identità diverse, un roccambolesco inseguimento per tutto il libro, fino al devastante finale. Consigliato come tutti gli altri libri di questo autore.

    • When John Barron ,the youngest cop on the LA Elite 5-2 squad watches his first execution by his co-workers he is not only stunned, but horrified. When things turn nasty, his only hope is to flee with his dependent sister. With new identities in Europe, John finds one of his ex-coworkers close. Is he on John's tail?, or is he looking for the same answer to a mystery that John is looking for?

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