The Considine Curse

The Considine Curse year old Mariel returns to England for her grandmother s funeral It is the first time she has been back since she emigrated with her mother as a baby and it is the beginning of the uncovering of s

  • Title: The Considine Curse
  • Author: Gareth P. Jones
  • ISBN: 9781408811511
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Paperback
  • 14 year old Mariel returns to England for her grandmother s funeral It is the first time she has been back since she emigrated with her mother as a baby, and it is the beginning of the uncovering of some really extraordinary truths about the Considine family Why did Mariel s mum argue with Grandma all those years ago

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    About “Gareth P. Jones

    • Gareth P. Jones

      Gareth first started writing when he was very young but it wasn t until he was in his early twenties that he completed his first novel Having had it universally rejected he wrote a novel for children called Who Killed Charlie Twig, which received an equally unimpressed reception and remains rightly unpublished to this day.Some years passed during which Gareth met his future wife, Lisa and began a career in TV, working on shows such as The Big Breakfast and Richard Judy Then one day he found himself having lunch at the offices of Bloomsbury He mentioned the unpublished book to a nice lady called Sarah, who politely suggested that he should send in the first three chapters for her to look at and most likely dismiss, she thought to herself Gareth returned home and excitedly told his wife this news, who gently explained that the book he had written actually wasn t very good, but reminded him that he had recently begun work on a much better idea This turned out to be good advice In 2007 Bloomsbury published the first of four books in the series The Dragon Detective Agency and have since published The Thornthwaite Inheritance, Space Crime Conspiracy and The Considine Curse He has also written a shorter story, Perry s 5, published by Barrington Stoke and a series of books called Ninja Meerkats, published by Stripes.Gareth now divides his time between writing books, producing TV programmes, spending time with his wife and son, Herbie and playing the slightly ludicrous number of stringed instruments in his front roomMINATIONS AWARDSThe Dragon Detective Agency The Case of the Missing Cats was shortlisted for the Waterstone s Book Prize.The Thornthwaite Inheritance was shortlisted for eleven local book awards and won seven of them.The Considine Curse was voted Blue Peter Book of the Year 2012.

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    • Read this as part of the set reading for a Children's Fiction module at University (its a Creative Writing course) as an example of mystery and fantasy fiction and I can think of several off the top of my head which would have been better examples to study and draw inspiration from.The book has an interesting premise and Jones does a good job of keeping the many characters varied and balanced, at the expense of a bland and underdeveloped protagonist whose dislike of her relatives and morals push [...]

    • Original review posted at Mostly Reading YAI really enjoyed this children’s book by Gareth P. Jones. Far more than I probably should have, given that I’m about fourteen years older than it’s intended audience!I have to admit I was drawn to it because of its cover: traditional artwork with a bit of an Adam’s family, Victorian-gothic vibe going on and a host of interesting looking characters.And I wasn’t disappointed. Straight away we are introduced to Mariel’s strangely hostile cousin [...]

    • There’s definitely something strange about the Considine family. When fourteen-year-old Mariel returns back to England with her Mum for her grandmother’s funeral, she discovers some unexpected and extraordinary truths about her long lost family; one’s which she would rather remain hidden. A week before she and her mother are due to return back to Australia Mariel gets the chance to stay with the Aunties, Uncles and weird cousins her Mum had hidden from her all her life. Mariel knows there [...]

    • Den här boken är så oengagerande att jag inte orkar läsa klart den. Jag gillade verkligen "Tvillingarna Thornthwaithes testamente" av samma författare, men den här är ju bara så tråkig.

    • I started reading this in a very casual way because I liked the cover characters. But the swiftly moving gothic/horror/crime/mystery/thriller/family-intrigue story very quickly hooked me and I had another late night. Had to finish it in the morning before I could function in my day. The plot held together very neatly. The characters were well written, considering there were so many of them and there was not much time to round them out in this short format. I liked the interplay between the mothe [...]

    • This was another one of Gareth's book that I loved. The plot of this story was exceptional and I loved how it was written. My favourite character is probably Freddie, I love his ferocity towards the end of the book and the fact that he was the last "person" I expected to do the deed. My least favourite character is Oberon for obvious reason. I was very happy with his ending in this book.

    • Lovely, interesting book. The angle it takes is very neat. It can be hard to remember which relative has what life. The -1 star is because it was to short. It would have been better with maybe about 100 more pages. And maybe some estate fights meaning I get money you will sell or you will die etc

    • This book is amazing. It is one of the best books I have read in a long time! I highly recommend it to 9-14 . That's if you like were-wolves!!!

    • A thoroughly enjoyable book which utilizes humour while touching on serious issues. A hair-raising family adventure that will entertain.

    • Loved this book from start to finish. It's weird, it's wonderful. Mariel and her mother travel from Australia to England for Mariel's grandmother's funeral. Mariel is astounded to discover she has a whole bunch of relatives her mother has never mentioned. 'Five brothers? You have five brothers?' she asks her mum in astonishment. Frustratingly, her mother won't say why she's always kept this small snippet of information to herself. At the funeral, Mariel meets not only her uncles but their wives [...]

    • The Considine Curse is about 14-year-old Mariel and her mother Lynda. The story starts when they come back to England from Australia for Mariel’s grandmother’s funeral. It is only then that the teenager discovers she has five uncles, four aunties and six cousins. Why would her mother keep this from her for her whole life? However, Mariel doesn’t get the warmest of welcomes from her cousins. She starts to wonder if there was a good reason why her mother kept her family from her.Mariel soon [...]

    • This book was very diff from anything that I have ever read. It is obvious what the curse is so I expected that I could anticipate much of what was going to happen. How WRONG I was!! It is a quick read and I couldn't put it down. However, I don't think I liked it. I didn't hate it, but I never would have picked up this book had I known what it was about. I strongly recommend caution with some young readers as this is horror in it's truest form. What these people do is truly horrific even if the [...]

    • Tohle byla hodně divná kniha. Půjčila jsem si ji od kamarádky jen proto, že jsem neměla co číst, a možná bylo lepší nic nečíst - nebavilo mě to, moc to nedávalo smysl, postavy byly nesympatické a nezajímala jsem se o ně, ani o hlavní hrdinku, a ten konec to opravdu završil. Mladší čtenáře by to možná bavilo, ale mě to přišlo jednoduché a vůůůbec mě to nebavilo, spíš jsem nad tím vrtěla hlavou. Musím ale uznat, že někdy mě zvraty opravdu překvapily a [...]

    • The Considine Curse tells the story of Mariel who has come back to England for her Grandmother's funeral. Mariel is excited to meet the 7 cousins she didn't know she had, but is a bit confused when they seem a bit odd and unfriendly. Mariel is very intrigued and wants to discover what is happening. I have to admit to thinking the storyline/mystery a little bit ridiculous once it was revealed, but having said that the book is a good read. I think it could be used effectively for an Upper KS2 clas [...]

    • There is something special with the Brit´s children stories. This is not about an orphan, but about unknown relatives, mysterious houses, hidden secrets and . well I´m not going to tell you. If you have a child somewhere inside you just grab the book, cuddle up in the sofa and enjoy for a little while. It´s an easy read.

    • This was a really dark and creepy Children's book I must say. I mean it doesn't tell you many details but it was told pretty well and made me want to finish it once I started reading itI enjoyed reading it but even though I thought the ending was cool, it was too much too fast for me. A bit slower and more details would have been better and more appreciated by me.

    • This book is a great short mystery. I like the mysterious identities of the characters and how their different personalities add another level to the book. I can smell a good mystery coming up!!Elena, aged 10 (going on 11)

    • This was a book that I could not put down.A really page turner. It was all about a girl called Mariel and her mum that come from Australia to the UK to see Mariels Grandmas buriel.When she meets her whole familly it England she learns a very dark, hairaising secret about her familly.

    • i thought it was great and the mystery was the cousins are wolves!!!! the grandma was ma wolf and oberon killed flora i know i was baffeld by it as well and i couldn't belive they were moving to england

    • Read this with my friends little Girl who 10 and neither of us wanted to put the book down. The book was very gripping with a great twist at the end. Older teens would probably work what was going to happen though so i would recommend it to younger teens/older kids

    • This was a good book. Somewhat predictable in some places, however the ending was something I didn't expect.Never the less, a quick and enjoyable read :)

    • Isabel picked this up in the library and enjoyed it, so I thought I'd give it a read. It's a good story - well written and well paced. The end is a bit dark and a bit abrupt, but it's a good read.

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