Life As I Blow It: Tales Of Love, Life & Sex . . . Not Necessarily In That Order

Life As I Blow It Tales Of Love Life Sex Not Necessarily In That Order In this wickedly funny and irreverent memoir Chelsea Lately writer and comedian Sarah Colonna opens up about love life and pursuing her dreams and then screwing it all up Sarah believes we all stru

  • Title: Life As I Blow It: Tales Of Love, Life & Sex . . . Not Necessarily In That Order
  • Author: Sarah Colonna Chelsea Handler
  • ISBN: 9780345528377
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this wickedly funny and irreverent memoir, Chelsea Lately writer and comedian Sarah Colonna opens up about love, life, and pursuing her dreams and then screwing it all up Sarah believes we all struggle to grow up Sometimes we want to have fun, not take things too seriously, and have that fourth margarita Other times we would like to get married, stay in, ordIn this wickedly funny and irreverent memoir, Chelsea Lately writer and comedian Sarah Colonna opens up about love, life, and pursuing her dreams and then screwing it all up Sarah believes we all struggle to grow up Sometimes we want to have fun, not take things too seriously, and have that fourth margarita Other times we would like to get married, stay in, order Chinese food, and have a responsible, secure life From her formative years in small town Arkansas to a later career of dates, drinks, and questionable day jobs, Colonna attempts to reconcile her responsible side with her fun loving side Sometimes this pans out, and sometimes she finds herself in Mexico handing out her phone number to anyone who calls her pretty She moves to Los Angeles to pursue acting, but for years is forced to hone her bartending skills she wants a serious boyfriend, but won t give up nights at the bar with her friends She tries to behave like an adult, but can t seem to stop acting like a frat boy In the end, she discovers that there doesn t have to be just one or the other And if there s one thing Colonna has learned from her many missteps, it s that hindsight is always 100 proof.Includes a Foreword by Chelsea Handler

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    About “Sarah Colonna Chelsea Handler

    • Sarah Colonna Chelsea Handler

      Sarah is currently a roundtable regular on the hit late night talk show Chelsea Lately, and has been for several years She has also served as a full time writer on Chelsea Lately, as well as a producer, writer and star of the show s spin off scripted series After Lately, also on E She can be seen in Michael Rosenbaum s new movie Back in the Day, alongside Rosenbaum, Nick Swardson, Harland Williams, Morena Baccarin and many others The movie is set to release on demand January 7th and theaters January 17th, 2014 She also recently appeared in Diablo Cody s latest movie, Paradise Her first book, Life as I Blow it, debuted at number 5 on the New York Times Bestseller list, followed with a sold out book tour in several major cities in the country It was also sold to NBC to be developed for television with producers Happy Madison two years in a row Her second book, Has Anyone Seen My Pants, is due for release in early 2015.Sarah continues to tour across the country headlining comedy clubs regularly She s appeared on several other TV shows, including The United States of Tara, Scare Tactics, and Monk, and was a semi finalist on NBC s Last Comic Standing.

    998 thoughts on “Life As I Blow It: Tales Of Love, Life & Sex . . . Not Necessarily In That Order

    • *yawn* Do you enjoy getting drunk seemingly every night and then having sex with guy after guy in a search for "love"? Well here is the book for you! This book seems to be attempting to ride the coattails of Chelsea Handler's books, which are very entertaining. However, this is just a sad, boring book about a small-town girl who sleeps around and who seems to have been drunk half her life. Oh, and it is not funny. I myself do not drink or sleep around, but that does not mean I cannot find such t [...]

    • "OMG I like to drink too much and screw strangers and be allover overly self-deprecating too, what the literary world needs is MY tale of drunken and irresponsible stupidity too!" she seemed to say as she sent the finished manuscript for Life As I Blow It off to the publisher

    • I've said it before and I'll say it again. Books have a funny way of creeping into your life at the right time! I have no idea who Sarah Colonna is, but her book review fell into my lap because I read one of Chelsea Handler's book. Thank you Sarah! I know that your book was based on love, sex, and relationships. It took me a couple chapters to figure out your writing style, but I have to say thank you. Thank you for your honesty about the entertainment business. I've been in LA for seven years w [...]

    • I've never watched Chelsea Lately, so unfortunately I don't know who Sarah Colonna is. But I love memoirs that have "sex" in the title, so I gave this one a go. Sarah's early 20's could have easily married any woman's. Obviously the binge drinking and casual sex worked out for her. She's actually a very motivated and talented woman, aside from her bad luck with men. This isn't one of those books where you think, "Get your shit together woman!" She put in a lot of time to become successful in sho [...]

    • I love Chelsea Handler and her books are side splitting funny so when Chelsea endorsed this book on her talk show I thought it'd be great. I was extremely disappointed. There were some funny points but for the most part it was disheveled and not in any sensible order. I felt like she kept skipping from one story to another and another And that's just one chapter! I wouldn't recommend it.

    • Written by Chelsea Handler's UN-funny friendought this book would be an easy funny entertaining read was whatevs. I think I might like Sarah as a person but this book is nothing more than an average memoir of a small town girl moved to Hollywood to find success

    • HmmmI would put this in the category of "Chelsea's books did well and Longboobs’ book did well and since I'm on Chelsea and drink and sleep around I'll write a book too" -- I love Sarah Colonna but this book isn't funny, it's awkward and totally unnecessary.

    • After receiving LIFE AS I BLOW IT through Random House’s Early Bird Reads program, I didn’t know what to expect. Honestly, I don’t like ‘Chelsea Lately’ – I like Chelsea Handler’s books, but despise her show, her acting her standup. I took ARE YOU THERE, VODKA? with me on a flight to Japan and was angry when I finished it two hours later. It was that good. Sarah Colonna is a writer and executive producer on ‘Chelsea Lately’, so she had big shoes to fill on this one. Writing a b [...]

    • “Life as I blow it” by Sarah Colonna, best known for her presence on E!’s “Chelsea Lately,” is a humorous memoir of her life—her childhood in Arkansas, struggling between her divorced parents (the rich California journalist dad and less well off, member of a volunteer firefighters coalition mom), her numerous hookups (anyone from the dumb and clueless Bucky, to a French Canadian ESL hunk, to a vertically challenged ex-employer she refers to as ‘Lo(w)-waist,’ to the creepy guy who [...]

    • When the opening page of a book reads: "What I had in mind was spending the night with a stranger who loves me" Dudley Moore, Arthur (1981), you know it's going to be a page turner. Sarah Colonna is a hysterical, heavy hitting drinker, with a perchance for men and a desire to find fame. This memoir is the tale of her escapades, beginning in her small, Arkansas hometown and continuing to her current Hollywood career as a writer for Chelsea Handler. Sarah's biography made me laugh out loud frequen [...]

    • my high-brow taste in books continues.(sarcasm). There were several things I liked about this comedian's book:1. she claims that she often gets to the end of a meal much faster than she should, "(like she had) been given the last hamburger on earth and someone is about to rob me." I often eat the exact same way. I can relate/sympathize.2. Like the other female comedians I have been reading recently, her cats have simple names. For instance, her cat that is afraid of everything is called Fraidy C [...]

    • Sarah Colonna is my soulmate. How dork-ass fan-ish is that? Meh. I've read a couple of reviews about this book and it seems to be one of those you-either-love-it-or-hate-it books. Or should I be saying that about Sarah Colonna herself? I think it takes a big bite of "special" to be this kind of honest. I think it's pretty damn fantastic to say "this is how it is" and be telling the truth. You can feel it, hear it as the words wash over you. Hearing that honesty in writing is my absolute favourit [...]

    • Want to know more about this particular star from Chelsea Lately? Sarah holds nothing back, the reader will have the pleasure of reading every vivid detail and experiencing the embarrassment, horror, pleasure, and odd delight of Sarah. Sarah was not always on Chelsea's show, she had to struggle through finding jobs, boyfriends, and herself like the rest of us. The trials and her reactions to these obstacles are priceless, the reader will be laughing and biting his/her lip along with Sarah. Sarah [...]

    • Not funny. Not interesting. Not entertaining. Not worth reading.There was nothing exceptional or interesting about Sarah Colonna's life, so I'm not sure why a memoir of it was warranted. And, since she is a comedy writer, and it was billed as a comedy book, I thought maybe it would be funny. I would read her jokes and think "I think that was supposed to be a joke. lemme read that again and see. Yup, that was supposed to be a joke. Hmmm She does this for a living?" I just felt like most of the he [...]

    • I bought this book because I needed a laugh and I love Chelsea Handler. This book was horrible. If you like reading about someone getting drunk every night and going home to have sex with people you either just met or don't even know then this is the book for you, if not run screaming out of the bookstore. (I wonder if her parents read this?)

    • Bite Me, BookAn honest and mostly humorous account littered with interesting people and entertaining anecdotes of a comically-inclined, and now somewhat famous, woman who, like many of us everyday folk, is wondering what she really wants in life. Sarah Colonna shares her life story (phsycoanalyzing a lot of her choices) and the mistakes she made (and repeated) regarding sex, love, and well life. She's led an interesting life so far but it was also really relatable to anyone who is or was struggl [...]

    • I just finished this book, and hey, I loved it!I loved how she wrote this book. Its frigging so easy going. Its like she's really talking to me. Telling me a story and I'm a part of it. I loved how she wrote this book. It's really good.I also loved how she made her decisions. Stupid. Haha! Well, the best part is, she kinda knew it's a stupid decision, but still do it. I'm kinda like that. So maybe I'm a little biased because how she lived her life, is how I want to live mine. Make reckless decis [...]

    • In order to comply with FTC guidelines, I want you to know that I received this book for free through First Reads. I do not believe that this fact has impacted my review in any way.Sarah Colonna is a regular on "Chelsea Lately" and also starts with Chelsea Handler and Heather MacDonald on the show "After Lately."She has a way of talking about her parents divorce and her step-mom that had me laughing. Penny "the Penticostal" baby-sitter and the trip to her church reminded me of when I was 13 and [...]

    • I got this from the library because I was on a humor kick a while ago and felt like reading as many comic bios as I can get my hands on. So I confess that I didn't know too much about Sarah before reading this. I know I've seen her on Chelsea Lately. I've read most of Chelsea Handler's books and liked them enough so I figured I'd give this a try. I actually liked it more than Chelsea's books. She goes into her childhood and her teen years. She has the same sense of humor as Chelsea (I can see wh [...]

    • Overall: no thanks. Fortunately, it wasn't a total waste of time, as I breezed through it in one evening. I genuinely like memoirs and read pretty much every one placed in front of me, and I figure why not since I hope to write my own someday, but this just didn't do much for me. I actually picked this one over one of those misogynistic tomes by Tucker Max, and though I can't say I loved Ms. Colonna's book, it was likely the better choice.The writing was fine, she had some good one liners, and o [...]

    • Sarah isn't shy about admitting to her faults, and for a book in the vein of Chelsea Handler's, it's certainly more believable and painfully honest than her contemporary's trilogy. It's the perfect kind of Hollywood success story, proving that you can follow your passions as long as your expectations are realistic and you are prepared to wade through endless shit for an unspecified period of time.

    • The thing is that this is a funny book, but I guess I'm just disappointed because she's funnier than this. It's like someone told her to do her own version of a Chelsea Handler book. It reminded me of Heather McDonald's book and I'm starting to think the publishing company is just urging them all to write about their sex lives because it worked well for Chelsea. Can't wait to read Brad Wollack's book.

    • I love her on the Handler Show and her comedy in general. However it did not traslate to this book! She talked about all the stupid things she did as a teen and 20-something.ever none are any different than a normal person and not made to be any funnier. Really disappointed in this book, thought it was going to be great!!

    • I only had this on loan from the library for two weeks, so I didn't have that much time to read. However, I just could not get into it. I found Colonna funny, but her writing was just every where. I felt like I was reading a student's journal/free-write. Overall, funny, but a bit too random and inconsistent for me.

    • I like her a lot, but some of the sex stuff was kind of gratuitous. I get that Chelsea did it, but at least she spread it out through 4 books. I can't imagine writing a book like this knowing that like parents would read it. Too much.

    • This book was pretty trashy and I don't really read books like this. However, I just finished three exams so instead of "going out" like the rest of Madison I lived vicariously through Sarah. It was an okay read. You see how Sarah figures her life out as a comedian and through a slew of boys.

    • Meh. Maybe this explains why I hate Chelsea Lately, but love Chelsea's books. Does Sarah write too much of the show and it brings down the funny????

    • It was like reading an older sister's diary I couldn't put it down. Similar humor to Chelsea's crazy stories cracking me up!

    • The reason that I picked up Sarah Colonna's first memoir "Life as I Blow it: Tales of Love, Life and Sex Not Necessarily in That Order" was because I work at a bookstore and sold her most recent memoir "Has Anyone Seen My Pants?" to Jon Ryan's Mom - her future-mother-in-law". (If you don't know who Jon Ryan is, take this moment to Google him. He's the first NFL kicker to throw a touchdown pass in a postseason NFL game and he happens to be from my hometown, Regina, Saskatchewan). But this a revie [...]

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