Aftershock Aftershock The Rise of the Unseelie The day the Mounds collapsed Jhaer leader of the Unseelie Elite sacrificed his strength his magic and his very life to save his world It wasn t enough He thou

  • Title: Aftershock
  • Author: S.A. Archer S. Ravynheart
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 442
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Aftershock The Rise of the Unseelie 1 The day the Mounds collapsed Jhaer, leader of the Unseelie Elite, sacrificed his strength, his magic, and his very life to save his world.It wasn t enough.He thought that was the end of his story Instead it is the beginning.

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      442 S.A. Archer S. Ravynheart
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      Urban fantasy author Chronicler of the fey Addicted to Sidhe magic and vampire bites.Fey Cast The story behind the story and fun stuff like music videos, casting calls, and excerpts.The Sidhe Touch website Character profiles, series reading order, and other goodies.Sign up for the fan club newsletter and get a free The Sidhe ebook.

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    • Originally on my review blog: readingandwritingurbanfantasy.4.5 starsThe GoodAftershock is book one of the Rise of the Unseelie series, which is one branch out of three in a serial series called The Sidhe. All three series are set in the same world with interconnected characters. In this book we get to see what happened in End of the World from Jhaer's (Unseelie leader) point of view. Jhaer is none too happy when he finds out his people, the Unseelie, plan to relinquish their authority to the Se [...]

    • Since End of the World, Aftershock & Cursed are all part of the same series/world per se, i've reviewed them together________________________________________My Thoughts________________________________________I really enjoy stories based on myths, legends and folklore. Whether it’s Greek, Roman, Sumerian or Celtic, lore adds such a mystical element that will put a novel far above other fiction…in my opinion anyway. Also I admit that I’m a big fan of novellas and short stories. It’s in [...]

    • Head over to Gathering Leaves February 20-21 for the Aftershock Blog Tour!!Aftershock (The Rise of the Unseelie #1)S.A. Archer & S. RavynheartASIN: B0060X6FZUPublished October 28, 2011 by Ravynheart PublishingAvailable Format: ebookMy Rating: Aftershock takes us back to End of the World, but this time the story is told from the perspective of Jaher, leader of the Unseelie Elite. When the fey mounds collapse suddenly, Jaher uses his earth power to survive, only to find himself (along with so [...]

    • In AfterShock, the focus is now on Jhaer--the head of the UnSeelie Elite--and what happens to him after the Mounds' collapse. Jhaer manages to escape to Earth. He wants to try to rebuild but quickly discovers that things are different for the fey living amongst humans. Jhaer learns about fey that are earthbound and were outcast from the Mounds. He rescues many of them from vampires, wizards, and other creatures that enjoy the taste of fey blood and the power of their magic a little too much.Only [...]

    • What do you do when you've lost your home, the people you know, pretty much everything? After you dust yourself off, you regroup and start over. At least that's the job facing the main character Jhaer in S. A. Archer's second series of books called "The Rise of the Unseelie." Aftershock is actually the second book in this series and interested readers can get the free prequel called "Foreshadow" by signing up on Archer's website for the newsletter (SidheTouch)Jhaer is an Unseelie Elite who is no [...]

    • This story starts back where End of the World starts, but we get the view through Jhaer's eyes, and Unseelie leader's eyes. The day when everyone, except Jhaer, is celebrating the union of Seelie and Unseelie and the day the fey world fell apart at his feet.We get the other side of the coin here. A thought is planted as to why the fey world crumbles and it could be the same reason the Seelie are celebrating. Jhaer, having the Earth magic, survives the collapse and decides to collect other fey to [...]

    • Mirroring the opening events in End of the World but told from the perspective of Jhaer, this story follows the Unseelie leader as he attempts to give his people a place in the world of the mortals and save them from fading away. Interestingly enough, his actions are very similar to Lugh's, just above rather than in the world below. It always intrigues me when opposites side parallel one another.The Unseelie court has always been of particular fascination for me. Generally speaking, they aren't [...]

    • My Review:My Rating: B+When I got to this book, I was starting to get a better handle on what was happening and who the players are. This book follows the journey of Jhaer. While Lugh went to try to save the leader, Jhaer took it upon himself to physically hold up the world to save as many of their people as he could while they are trying to escape. He's an Unseelie and is a Dark Fey, who finds his power from the earth.Where their world collapses, with him under it, he's obviously reeling, but b [...]

    • This is an amazing series if you love fey, magic, and druids mixed into a dark urban/modern story that really mixes the mythology into a real sense of how fairies and magic made it's way into human history, and more importantly Ireland.The series so far takes place in, or under, modern Ireland which gives it a unique twist as you learn about the fey mounds, a hint of druid history and how it is connected, and how fey mix unnoticed amongst humans.What I love is Archer and Ravynheart set the serie [...]

    • Jhaer is the leader of the Unseelie, which are beginning to allow the Seelie to take over as one court. The fey Mounds are destroyed, but Jhaer uses Earth magic (ley lines) to survive and goes to Earth's surface. He becomes Donovan and plans on finding and uniting all lost Sidhe (and other fey). He does seem to be focusing mainly on the Unseelie side of things though.I've read Laurell K. Hamilton's Merry Gentry series and noticed some differences (Archer's fey all have pointed ears, for instance [...]

    • Okay, this was goodpulled me in right away, interesting characters.what kept it from a higher rating was only about 30 pages. so just as it is getting good and I am sucked in its over and I have to get the next oneI guess I need to pay more attention as I was not aware this is a "serial novel " I an not a fan of "serials " as by the time the story is told you have most likely spent way more then you would have for a "regular" novelt sure yet if I am going to continue or not.

    • Similar to "End of the World" in that there's a lot of character introductions without a lot of character development. Hard to give an accurate rating of a story when it just feels like a set-up or prequel. Still, I'm intrigued enough that I'll keep reading.*Note* The book lists the order all books in the series should be read if you want to read them chronologically. It would be nice to have that list at the start of the book

    • This is one of those short stories that felt like it had two distinct sections to me. Got through the first half of the story and struggled to finish it the next day. If it had been any longer, I don't know if I would have finished it. Premise was interesting. Probably rated it higher than I should have.

    • Jhaer survived, but everyone and everything was gone the mounds was destroyed. He had warmed them of this and the end had indeed come.All for what?The Seelie's insatiable lust for power.Great short

    • Enjoyable addition to the series. However, I found it less magical and more "urban fantasy" than the other installments.

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