Up Dog

Up Dog Uh oh Look out house This little dog is very busy cheerfully digging up and chewing up everything in sight It s a sad little dog who s locked up in the pen while the house and garden are tidied up Bu

  • Title: Up Dog
  • Author: Hazel Hutchins Fanny
  • ISBN: 9781554513895
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Board book
  • Uh oh Look out, house This little dog is very busy cheerfully digging up and chewing up everything in sight It s a sad little dog who s locked up in the pen while the house and garden are tidied up But all is not lost, as he s cautiously welcomed back up the steps and into the house at the end of the day.Readers will have fun both watching the antics of this little dogUh oh Look out, house This little dog is very busy cheerfully digging up and chewing up everything in sight It s a sad little dog who s locked up in the pen while the house and garden are tidied up But all is not lost, as he s cautiously welcomed back up the steps and into the house at the end of the day.Readers will have fun both watching the antics of this little dog and interpreting the animated facial expressions that range from determination and dejection to joy While readers follow the dog from bad to good in rhythmic two or three word panels, they ll also learn how to use up phrases.Together with UP CAT, this engaging board book will expand toddlers vocabulary while delighting them with everyday scenes in the lives of two adorable animals.Hazel Hutchins has written over 30 books for children and young adults and has received numerous awards for her work She lives in Can, Alberta.Fanny has illustrated many books for children She lives in Quebec.

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      469 Hazel Hutchins Fanny
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    • Hazel Hutchins Fanny

      Born and raised in southern Alberta, Hazel is the author of over forty books for children Her work covers a wide age range from picture books for the youngest set to novels for older grades and delights in enterprising characters, interesting facts, gentle humour and the natural warmth of friendship and family A popular presenter at schools and libraries across Canada, Hazel s books are also found in translation in many corners of the world.

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    • This story involves a dog being, a dog. Quite opposite the clean cat, the dog has a wonderful day making messes. He happily digs up his bone from the yard and then drags (it) up into the living room so he can comfortably chew up the muddy delicacy. Soon, the dog is found and penned up, while his person cleans up the mess. There is a happy ending to the dog’s story. The pen gate lifts up so the dog can race up the stairs and snuggle up with his favorite person. The dog is equally cute clean or [...]

    • Up Dog by Hazel Hutchins* I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*This was a cute, colorful story about the trouble a dog can get into if left to their own devices. It takes you through their day, including their “time out” period while the owner is cleaning up their mess. In the end the poor doggie is let back in the house after he is cleaned up.The story helps show kids that there are consequences to their actions – if you do something wrong, you wi [...]

    • Dig up! Drag up! Muddy up!LOL! The day in a life of a pup or a toddler. Have messy fun, and then clean up. That's what we have in this little book where a mischievous pup gets into all sorts of things he shouldn't. The drawings are simple and in mid-range colors. The actor is a cute little spotted pup who chews and digs, and this little book ought to appeal to toddlers and preschoolers who should be able to relate to their messes not always being appreciated.In addition, I would also use this bo [...]

    • From Lilac Wolf and StuffIt's a board book for toddlers, but I am reviewing an e-copy. Full disclosure, right? Well I think the artwork is adorable and the words are easy to get through. In fact, I'm going to make my 6 year old work on reading them. Lots of "UP" usage.Toddlers will love it, and probably up to the age of 4. Ivan (age 3) sat while I read them, Christopher (age 6) leaned in to listen and look at the pictures. In fact, Ivan wants me to read them again. He keeps seeing the picture as [...]

    • This is a darling book. A sweet story about a puppy who gets into a little mischief. The story is told in the various ways we use the word “Up”.The illustrations are simple, colorful and just a delight to look at. The words are simple enough to be an introduction to reading. I can easily see this book becoming a favorite of any young child.I, almost, wish I could just have the illustrations to hang on my wall because the puppy is so cute. (Almost due to the lack of a small child in the house [...]

    • These books were both great fun for my 2 year old . The Illustrations were great and nice bright colors that kept our attention . The stories were simple enough that my two -year old's attention was kept on the book and with so few words it will be an easy book for her to understand . I expect she will soon be repeating the words. We both enjoyed reading the books and following the adventures of both the cat and the dog . We look forward to reading more books by Hazel Hutchins. I highly recommen [...]

    • This was a great little starter book for children trying to learn how to read. It is of a great and interesting subject matter for the children and easy to understand and comprehend and what kid doesn't love a cute litte dog.It uses easy words that helps give the beginners confidence to believe that YES! I CAN READ! My six year old daughter who is in Kindergarten (who really hasn't began readig yet) was able to pretty easily get through each and every page by sounding out the letters and looking [...]

    • This is a nice book for little ones. Very simple text, but a nice little story about a dog who makes messes (but gets forgiven in the end). My three-year-old enjoyed this, although it wasn't his favorite from this week's library haul.

    • Up Dog brought me to little dog who could not stop moving. Every page consists of colorful pictures. It was nice to see it. I liked it.There are not many words inside. There are only one phrasal verb per page. It described what the little dog did. The publisher printed it as board book for Preschool to Kindergarten age children. But I think it is suitable for children who wants to gain their vocabulary especially with "up" phrases.

    • See more of my reviews at Bettering Me Up.Oh, what fun naughty little puppies can have! Digging in the yard, making a mess, and getting all muddy! My 2-year-old loves this companion piece to Up Cat.Recommended for the two-and-under crowd. I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

    • Another entertaining board book by the author and illustrator of Up Cat! Each page has a brief sentence relating to a dog this time which also uses the word "up". The illustrations are colorful and full of humor. This is a great book for toddlers as well as for pre-schoolers just starting to read or wanting to feel like they are reading. Dog-owners will be able to relate to the escapades of the dog.

    • This is a perfect board book for the very young and ideal for lapsit sessions. The reader follows the mischievous activities of Dog. All of these actions are followed by the word up. The naughty dog digs up, muddies up, and chews up causing him to be penned up. The person proceeds to clean up and finally Dog and person snuggle up. The illustrations are bright, simple, and expressive. Highly recommended for children from birth through 3 year olds.

    • I picked this up because of the "up dog" joke (i.e. 1: "what some up dog?" 2: "what's up dog?" 1: "not much, what's up with you?" hahahaha.) But I ended up really liking it. A great way to explore the curious word of "up" and the various ways it is used in the English language.Read for my Materials for Children class, Autumn 2015.

    • Up DogPublisher: Annick Press Hazel HutchinsPub Date: February 01, 2012ISBN: 9781554513895 Illustrated children's book that shows many differnet positionsthat explain what words mean featuring the word 'up' :dig up, wash up, and ends with snuggle up making this a good bedtime story.

    • Hazel Hutchins, "Up Dog" was a very cute story for young preschool aged children. The story follows a little dog during is day, and all that he gets into. The repetitive use of the word "up" throughout the story is great for young children's vocabulary and for learning to read. I would differently recommended this board book.

    • A colorful, fun animal picture book for young children dealing with all of the different ways up can be used in a sentence. I could actually see this being used to help build vocabulary or grammar awareness too.

    • 4 STARSThis children's book has a cute puppy with few simple words get across a puppy life and helps them learn simple words.I think little ones will like this book and enjoy it time after time.02/01/2012 PUB Annick Press

    • Inventive uses of the word 'up'. Colorful pictures illustrate a day in the life of a dog as he plays, gets loved and wreaks havoc with his family. This will be a hit with preschoolers and beginning readers.

    • Natalie thought this book was really funny. I liked the creative way of using up phrases to tell a story. Interested in the cat story with the same concept I saw advertised on the back.

    • very surprised this wasnt another book on opposite which is what we are doing right now. still a great cute story.

    • Follow a dog as he goes though his day in an up sort of way. From lift up, to sit up this easy to read picture books is just the thing for little kids who love dogs.

    • Simple phrases, all ending with "up" follow a cute dog through its busy day. Mess up, clip up, clean up, etc. Great for the littles or for new readers.

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