In His Image

In His Image FORETOLD IN THE BIBLE Two nuclear wars Three asteroids Demonic madness Into this a savior will rise cloned from Christ It s not fiction It s prophecy The Messiah of the New Age His coming is prophes

  • Title: In His Image
  • Author: James BeauSeigneur
  • ISBN: 9780985429836
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Hardcover
  • FORETOLD IN THE BIBLE Two nuclear wars Three asteroids Demonic madness Into this, a savior will rise, cloned from Christ It s not fiction It s prophecy The Messiah of the New Age His coming is prophesied by than a dozen major religions Cloned from live cells of Jesus Christ found on the Shroud of Turin, Christopher Goodman was born into the most turbulent timFORETOLD IN THE BIBLE Two nuclear wars Three asteroids Demonic madness Into this, a savior will rise, cloned from Christ It s not fiction It s prophecy The Messiah of the New Age His coming is prophesied by than a dozen major religions Cloned from live cells of Jesus Christ found on the Shroud of Turin, Christopher Goodman was born into the most turbulent time in human history Mentored by former UN Assistant Secretary General Robert Milner, Christopher rises in position and power, and displays remarkable wisdom and compassion But through disjointed bits of dreams that sometimes haunt him, Christopher reveals significant troubling errors in the biblical record of Jesus life Soon the reason for Robert Milner s interest in Christopher becomes clear the world is about to undergo a time of destruction and chaos darker than any in history, with impending nuclear war merely a faint precursor Milner explains that without Christopher, humanity will not long survive Under Christopher s leadership, however, mankind stands on the threshold of a final great evolutionary leap that will bestow on the human race god like powers This is the reason, Milner says, that Christopher was born In Israel, an unexpected threat to Christopher s ascension is growing two men, possessed of incredible supernatural powers, one claiming to be the 2000 year old Apostle John, the other an apostate Hasidic rabbi named Saul Cohen Together, the men lead an outlawed cult of 144,000 followers, each branded with the names Yahweh and Yeshua on their foreheads.

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      James BeauSeigneur shown here with his wife Geri is the author of the Christ Clone trilogy In His Image SelectiveHouse, 1997 , Birth of an Age SelectiveHouse, 1997 , and Acts of God SelectiveHouse, 1998 He is a former intelligence analyst for the National Security Agency and former newspaper publisher He taught political science at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, and in 1980 was the Republican nominee for U.S Congress running against Al Gore, who was the Vice President of the U.S at the time of this interview His published works include manuals on strategic defense and military avionics newspaper articles speeches for U.S Congressional and Senatorial candidates and lyrics for several published songs.

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    • Unabridged audio.I was torn between 3 and 4 stars hereI finally went with 4. This is an interesting premise, live cells found on the Shroud of Turin are cloned. The resulting child named Christopher (the scientist who clones him is an atheist and named the boy after Christopher Columbus rather than Christ. He is to be "the first" and begin a "new world). I became very interested in these books and do recommend them.By the way these are frankly Christian novels and while I don't have a lot of arg [...]

    • So this kicks the pants off the money institution that is the "Left Behind" series. Although this book is in the same vein, it actually uses things into today's culture to show how prophecies in the book of Revelations can occur without all the obvious fire and brimstone that everyone else is banking on. Today most Christians lack a sense of reality and really just long for the end to come and prove their faith the "best ever." As a majority Christians miss the true teachings they are asked to l [...]

    • A Quickie ReviewDespite its supposed popularity, the Left Behind series is rather poorly written and hard to get through; after just six books, I had to give up. I had read online that the Christ Clone trilogy was a much better account of the "end times," so, when I saw it on the sale rack at my local library, I picked it upd, I have to say, the online commentators were right. Much better writing, a superior story, and an intriguing premise all made for great reading. Here's hoping that I can fi [...]

    • After a promising start detailing the 1970s scientific exploration of the Shroud of Turin, this book devolves into what seems to random episodes scattered throughout the world and not pertaining to what the book is supposed to be about. The idea of a human being cloned from the blood found on the Shroud of Turin, who may or may not be a clone of Christ, is incredibly interesting, but this is not dealt with for most of the book. Rather, we get a lot of political manuevering between countries and [...]

    • Quite good on the whole, but like almost all American Christian fiction, it is absolutely PACKED with Republican propaganda and prejudiced/poorly informed stereotypes about nations other than the US. Also; like most books on this theme, it is "pre-trib", the dominating view of the Rapture in the US, but not in Europe. If you can't stand pre-trib, pass on this book. There were some factual errors - nothing major but things that most educated people this side of the Atlantic knows. For goodness sa [...]

    • Post Listen Review: In my quest to listen to all of the audiobooks in the fiction section in my local library I have come across a few odd books. This is on the weirder side of most of them. (The one with the seagull shape shifting detective excepted)I apologize for any misspellings of religious icons in advance, you'll have to bear with me much in the same way I had to bear with the idea of this story.So here is the basic idea of the book. The Shroud of Turin was found in the 1980's and a journ [...]

    • I picked this book up on advice from a friend who knew I was interested in Christian literature, particularly work focusing on the end-times testimonies of John, Paul, and Daniel. That said, I should also mention that I have never read the Left Behind books, and I am not aware of any other series that strictly follows biblical prophecy. Surprisingly, even works that deal specifically with the Antichrist, usually manage to contradict the very passages of text that they are attempting to fulfill. [...]

    • This is truly one of those books that makes you think, "What the f___ did I just read?"I was led to this trilogy in the comments/reviews of the Left Behind series, of which I read the entire original series and two of the four prequels. (I also read the first book in the Prodigal Project series, which was awful, but I digress) All of the reviews seemed to indicate that this trilogy far exceeded the Left Behind series, so I finally decided to read it.I will say this, it is definitely not what I w [...]

    • Excellent!!!!Excellent!!!!I wasn't sure what to expect when I began this epic but I know how I feel once I have finished book one has been exciting and once I finish this review,I plan to start book 2 thing I have really found intriguing are the end notes that have given me a new perspective on how I look at revelations as well as old testament prophecies. making it all more believable.I can't say what revelations really stands for in the bible as I know it's controversiald to be honest, it does [...]

    • It's important to remember that this is a work of fiction. I thought the early parts with Decker Hawthorne being involved with the Shroud expedition etc. were unnecessary and could have been explained later in the story without much loss of information. The story took off for me once that was over.I liked this book but not enough to go seek out the other two in the trilogy to see how the rest of the story develops. There seemed to be many ancillary characters whom I'm not sure really were needed [...]

    • This is a series that should be read rather than listened to in audiobook format. The footnotes are some of the most interesting parts. Written by someone who is use to writing official government papers, he knows the importance of giving frequent references to real world events. Even though the premise is stretching quite a bit, this series is one of the closest reasons of the end time scriptures that I've come across to my own. It projects everything in events that can be explained away by non [...]

    • I went through this phase of reading all kinds of Christian literature. I don't think it matters either way, but (just so you know) I'm not a religious person. I was just fascinated with the Book of Revelation. Pretty much everything I read ended up being lame or "preachy". But this trilogy was AMAZING!! If you're looking for a good end-times story, here it is. It's what the Left Behind series wanted to be. But it was better OH so much better.

    • The Left Behind Series has monetary been more successful then The Christ Clone Thrilogy, but that is a shallow comparison. The Christ Clone Thrilogy is immensely more perspicaciously articulate in pragmatically envisioning the final book of the Bible, Revelation. Those that have a propensity for intellectual writing; as opposed to sensational writing, will revel in the grandeur of these three books.

    • Well written trilogy of books. With what is going on in this world, very believable. His descriptions of events to come are really hard, and frightening to read. I guess it would depend upon ones beliefs, but I for one, would not want to go through the tribulation. I have read the trilogy 3 times already.

    • I picked up this book from a friend of mine, and after 2 weeks, I put down the three books with the desire to read it again. Highly recommended. Both for its storyline and the creative writing style.

    • The author does a very good job of setting up what the end of the world as we know it could actually, realistically, look like.

    • I give this book 3.54 stars. I LOVED the concept but the execution? Not so much. The idea of someone being cloned from cells found on the Shroud of Turin (so allegedly, Jesus Christ's cells) is an interesting idea and I thought it should make for a fascinating story. However, I was really disappointed.First of all, there are DOZENS and DOZENS of characters in this story, most of which don't make a lasting impression or really matter in the long run. The few characters that DO matter.e really har [...]

    • I realize, given the tone of many reviews for this novel, that this book is intended more for a Christian crowd. I was raised Christian, but I am of the agnostic bend of atheism; i.e I believe that if there is a 'Greater Power', then no religion has managed to properly describe it.That being said, I approached this novel with an open mind, knowing real well that a book about the clone of Jesus Christ would have a, shall we say, specifically Christian worldview. This is my biggest advice to any n [...]

    • A team of research scientists is given brief access to study the Shroud of Turin, believed by some to be the burial cloth of Jesus. Decker Hawthorne, a journalist, finds out that one of his old professors (before he changed his major from pre-med to journalism), Harry Goodman, is on the team, and manages to get himself included as an assistant. Although their findings are largely inconclusive, Goodman later discovers live human skin cells from the shroud. These he uses to develop many promising [...]

    • plot summary: what happens, when & where, central characters, major conflicts[return]decker is a small town journalist, but he has the propensity to be in the right place at the right time and that pays out when he is able to finagle his way into the team researching the shroud of turin. some strange events occur on his trip while they are studying the shroud--but not as strange as what happens years later when one of the scientists contacts him with news that he has discovered that one of t [...]

    • Potentially interesting idea ruined by a bad storytellerJames BeauSeigneur may be an experienced politician and diplomat, and after reading reviews on , people seemed to think he's also a great storyteller. So when reading the book, I was surprised at his inability to write an interesting story. Here, he has come up with a pretty good idea, the cloning of Jesus, and turned it into a boring book. It starts out okay with the Turin expedition and the cloning and later, Decker's kidnapping in Lebano [...]

    • Vote: 3,75Class: L-B1 (FP) (*) (First book of the Christ Clone Trilogy; to be read before the others)Very original and well written action-adventure apocalyptic novel. By the political and military angle it certainly is at Clancy's level.The world (3,75) is well described with all its political intricacies and the various war scenarios are almost (sadly) believable.The characters (4,00) are really great and well described. In the thirty or so years described by this first book you find them almo [...]

    • This is the first book in the "Christ Clone Trilogy" Which immediately tells you it will be unlike any book you may have read before. Science has moved forward to the point that a man has created a clone of Jesus Christ! The steps are well thought out, the science plausible. Christopher Goodman could be the re-creation of Jesus? Covering many parts of the globe, many sides of politics around the world. This book will make you think hard about what you believe and what could be possible. For Sci- [...]

    • This first installment of the Chirst Clone Trilogy is great, but hold onto your seats, as the next two books only get better! A facinating story about the cloning of Jesus from cells found on the Shroud of Turin. Book one gets the story set up and the characters developed. These are the best "end times" fiction books I have read, and if you are a fan of the Left Behind series, you will love these books. Just a note, these almost appear to have been written for the secular reader, and not just fo [...]

    • An untraditional and unique view to end times and the resurrection of Jesus. For years I have had this book and have tried to get into it, it can be a little repetitious, you can tell that the author wrote for newspaper/press because dialogue between characters seemed like explanations of a lot of the plot. On the twist side I would love to have had the author as a professor, he definitely kept my interest peaked. I will eventually read the other books in the series because one character I would [...]

    • Like if Da Vinci Code artificially inseminated Hermione GrangerYou know what you're getting in a book about cloning Jesus. Still, the plot jumped over huge chunks of years, the clone was as boring as drying paint, and there were HUGE chunks of exposition about cloning, religious history, science, etc. with footnotes. Do we really need a footnote for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? The writing was far too full of adverbs and people with names like "Decker Hawthorne." Plus, the rapture happe [...]

    • I just finished the series.I highly recommend this series especially if you read Left Behindis is a more adult version in the sense that it is much more detailed.Throughout book one and first part of two, I wasn't quite sure about the main characters, are they the good guys.e they the bad guys? I liked that and I liked that the author pulled that off.This is a very good series with some interesting twists as to how the tribulations play out ( three days of darkness).This book is heavily religiou [...]

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