His Way: The Unauthorized Biography of Frank Sinatra

His Way The Unauthorized Biography of Frank Sinatra This is the book Frank Sinatra failed to stop the unauthorized biography of one of the most elusive public figures of our time Celebrated journalist Kitty Kelley spent three years researching governm

  • Title: His Way: The Unauthorized Biography of Frank Sinatra
  • Author: Kitty Kelley
  • ISBN: 9780553265156
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is the book Frank Sinatra failed to stop, the unauthorized biography of one of the most elusive public figures of our time Celebrated journalist Kitty Kelley spent three years researching government documents Mafia related material, wiretaps and secret testimony and interviewing than 800 people in Sinatra s life family, colleagues, law enforcement offiThis is the book Frank Sinatra failed to stop, the unauthorized biography of one of the most elusive public figures of our time Celebrated journalist Kitty Kelley spent three years researching government documents Mafia related material, wiretaps and secret testimony and interviewing than 800 people in Sinatra s life family, colleagues, law enforcement officers, personal friends Fully documented, highly detailed and filled with revealing anecdotes, here is the penetrating story of the explosively controversial and undeniably multi talented legend who ruled the entertainment industry for than fifty years.

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    • Kitty Kelley

      Kitty Kelley is an American investigative journalist and author of several best selling unauthorized biographies of celebrities and politicians Described as a poison pen biographer, her profiles frequently contain unflattering personal anecdotes and details, and their accuracy is often questioned Though many of her books have topped the best sellers list, Kelley s credibility and sources have been called into question multiple times.Time magazine reported that most journalists believe Kelley too frequently fails to bring perspective or analysis to the fruits of her reporting and at times lards her work with dollops of questionable inferences and innuendos In addition, Kelley has been described by Joe Klein as a professional sensationalist and her books have been described as Kitty litter Her past subjects have included Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Reagan, the British Royal Family, and the Bush family Although Kelley has been criticized and her books hotly debated, she has never been successfully sued for libel and has never been forced to retract a written statement.

    390 thoughts on “His Way: The Unauthorized Biography of Frank Sinatra

    • I read it so you don’t have to.Yeah, this is another celebrity behaving (very) badly biography. It seems that Kitty Kelley had an axe to grind when she wrote this book. There’s very little here that reflects on Sinatra in a positive light. It’s one unpleasant story after another about Sinatra acting horribly. The ironic thing is that Kelley’s flat, toneless style barely makes any of this even remotely compelling.There is barely any discussion or scholarship about what Sinatra will ultima [...]

    • Kitty Kelley is seen as a muckracker, trying to bring the mighty down to size and embarrass them. On the contrary.ter reading her books about Jackie O Frank Sinatra, Nancy Reagan and the Bush family, I found a greater understanding of them as situated in the human condition we all share, no matter how much I might still disagree with their choices.

    • It's obvious why this biography (written while Sinatra was very much alive) is "unauthorized," as it dredges up memories that I'm sure Sinatra would have rather forgotten. Like his treatment of Lauren Bacall when they were engaged (seconded by Bacall herself in her own autobiography which is in itself a very good read). My idea of hell, would be to be engaged romantically with someone like Frank Sinatra--flakey, unreliable, immoral, adulterous, cruel and manipulative.Musically? He was brilliant, [...]

    • Although I adore Frank Sinatra's music, I felt physically ill reading about his life. This seems to be a meticulously researched book.

    • There are descriptive biographies and then there are biographies that villifies and glorifies celebrities. This is a flawfinding biography.It is entertainig even though the tone is meanspirited. I have never thought Frank Sinatria was perfect but in this book it is all black. People are not all evil or good.

    • I suppose if you grew up with Sinatra, the way our parents did, a great deal of it would be familiar; as it is, I knew the broad outlines. Oddly, though, a reader unfamiliar with Sinatra could read this doorstop and come away with no idea of why the thug the book chronicles is of any interest at all. Kelly spends more time on the (mostly terrible) movies that Sinatra was in than on any aspect of his music-- and gives as much attention to tripe like "The Naked Runner" or "Von Ryan's Express" as t [...]

    • This is a very long and thoroughly researched book about Sinatra from before birth to his 70's. I would say that at least 80% of the book details what an absolutely ill tempered, immature, violent, and juvenile person he was. Of course, the book moves through his singing and acting career and the rise and fall of his relationships. There are brief stories of his trying to buy his way into people's good graces with expensive presents or paying for hospital bills. The book is true but very slanted [...]

    • Kitty Kelley apparently interviewed more than 800 people in researching and writing this book, and at times, it really shows. There's a lot of detail here. A lot of stories I had never heard before. That said, it seems Kelley really slants this book toward showing what a complete prick Sinatra was. I mean it was it’s one nasty story after another about Sinatra acting like a horrible thug.The book starts with Sinatra's upbringing in Hoboken, NJ. In later years, he would talk about his rough chi [...]

    • Sinatra is easy target, since his short temper and hatred of journalists (no doubt, created from first-hand experiences) was well documented and world known. Like all of us, he probably had some positive and negative sides - Kelley however is not interested in anything positive and she weaves a portrait so unflattering that it makes one wonder why anybody ever liked this man in the first place. His life work - music - is described only trough financial perspective and influence this creates, whi [...]

    • This took me a loooooong time to finish (over a month). First off, if I had been paying attention (read this in ebook form), I probably wouldn't have started a 650 page biography while trying to complete GoodReads 2013 Reading Challenge. Second, while well-researched, Kitty Kelley's book doesn't flow well. Facts are laid out in a dry manner, and even salacious gossip reads as boring. Third, Kelley is writing with an obvious bias. Sinatra sued when he heard of Kelley's intent to write his biograp [...]

    • Borrowed this e-book from the library and couldn't get all the way through it before it had to go back. Not sure I'll bother checking it out again, though, because I found even the first quarter of it (which takes us only up to about 1942) unsatisfying. I was hoping for meat, and got meringue. Kitty Kelley may have interviewed more than 800 people who had known Frank over the years, but her lack of access to the man himself, his immediate family, and his intimate circle, is glaringly obvious, an [...]

    • What an incredible story! Always one of my favorite singers, I cringed while reading much of this. I will never see him in the same light after so many instances of psychotic behavior and how he and his camp 'spun' the media. It is hard to believe that he was able to get away with so much for so much of his life - and also very sad to think that he needed all that attention to feel important and powerful. Well researched by Kitty Kelley.

    • Remember when Kitty Kelley was big in the 80's with these just side of completely trashy biographies? I picked up a copy of this at the thrift store for 30 cents, and it was worth thatbut not much more than that. I liked it, but it was definitely the reading equivalent of watching Entertainment Tonight while reading People magazine.

    • Amazingly brave expose about Frank Sinatra's youth and adult life, beginning with his humble beginnings in Hoboken, NJ. This made Frank so irate it was thought he had a hit put out on Kelley. He hated her because of this book, but once again, her attention to detail, sources, and research were so impeccable a lawsuit couldn't even stand up in court. Amazing.

    • THE WRITER IS NOTHING MORE THAN A PULP FICTION WRITER. hOWEVER BCAUSE i FELL INLOVE WITH fRANK WHEN i WAS TEN YEARS OLD, i LOVED THE JUICY GOSSIP. i NOW KNOW SHE EXAGGERATED IN A WAY TO MAKE HIM LOOK SHAllow. An even tho I know he was shallow I don't like or approve of people beingmean for their own rewards.

    • How could I give anything else to a book that has a chapter devoted to my Uncle Joey DI love everything by Frank recorded especially the Nelson Riddle recordings. I just had the pleasure of friending Nelson on Facebook, my all time favorite arranger.JJF

    • Too detailed, extremely negative.This book is way too long and detailed. We get it Ms. Kelly. Frank Sinatra was a terrible man. I am sure a lot of the negative things said about him are true but I feel that a biography should be balanced. No one is all bad and I feel that some of the positive aspects of his life should have been portrayed as well. She never even acknowledges his exceptional talent that cannot be denied. Way,way too much time spent on his mafia connections. We all accept that to [...]

    • This will forever tarnish your idea of the man as it is nothing but example after example of how awful he was as a person despite his amazing talent on the mic. You can't call this definitive because it virtually ignores talking about specific albums or performances other than just to mention a few but as a side to a more sycophantic biography this is essential. Nothing but dirt that you'll want to cleanse later by listening to his music. I wish there was an updated version covering up to his de [...]

    • This book is well-written enough, but man, did I dislike it. Sinatra’s mother was a dispicable person, and all of his family are jerks, thus he is a jerk. Being talented doesn’t mean a person has to be nice, but man, I’d prefer to read about people who have some decency.

    • A lengthy, thorough biography of Frankie, whom I never want to meet now. He was really a spoiled man who was never confronted with his own poor behavior. Possibly he was bipolar, but because he was so intimidating, well heeled, and had such status among the rich and famous, he was never forced to see his real self for all of it's weaknesses.

    • Kitty Kelly knows how to dig for stories & dirt. This is a portrait of a very self-centered, self-important, above everyone else type of man. He comes off as more 'mobbed' up than the public ever knew. He ruled his friends like a king and they were his personal coterie of jesters. I was not overly fond of Frank when I started the book but came away with the impression that he is a first class jerk. Still, the background details are impressive for an author to have discovered and Miss Kelly d [...]

    • I mean, I'd never thought about what Frank Sinatra was like outside of his performances. APPARENTLY HE WAS AWFUL. I'm not sure if he was as terrible as this book portrayed him to be (he sued the author when he found out she was writing his ~unauthorized~ biography and while the suit was later dropped, I could understand if that swayed her to focus more on his negative points) or what, but MAN. I don't know that I can listen to his music the same way again.From being a spoiled mama's boy as a chi [...]

    • I'm Russian and I has surprised by comments of people who write enthusiastically about this book. About Sinatra were written a lot of interesting, objective biographies. I have them for more than 30, but the most people adore this fabricated and libelous book. I think Americans should be ashamed to praise this book when you can read other books about Sinatra. Kitty Kelley is a very bad writer who no one read if she did not write about nasty things. Kelly did not speak with one friend or a close [...]

    • His Way By Kitty KelleyPublisher: Bantam BooksPublished In: New York, NYDate: 1986Pgs: 575Summary:Sinatra, the unauthorized biography of one of the most elusive public figures. An highly detailed anecdotal tour de force brought about through three years of research, government documents, government wiretaps and testimony, and interviews with 800 people in Sinatra’s life. Genre:Biography, MusicMain Character: SinatraFavorite Character: Really don’t have a favorite character. Between the kowto [...]

    • Kitty Kelley seems to have one goal in writing this book: Make it as interesting as possible, without much regard for actual fact. She certainly succeeds in this; watching a national icon turn into a volatile, careless, sketchy, gangster-loving monster and nothing more is interesting on the surface, but it failed to hold me for long. Even if he really was nothing more than a volatile, careless, sketchy, gangster-loving monster (and I don't believe that's all he was), why would I want to read a w [...]

    • As a lifelong Sinatra fan (I can still see my parents dancing to his music at our neighborhood block parties!)and having read many other books on him, I looked forward to reading this book. Kitty Kelly focused on Frank's Mafia connections and bad temper throughout most of the book and seemed to relish any and all negative publicity that was published about him. While I assume the Mafia connections and bad temper rings true, there was much more to the man that could have been highlighted. After a [...]

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