Accidental Love

Accidental Love BL Miller offers romance sizzling passion humor and great angst all wrapped up in an orginal well written story you won t want to put down The story begins on a cold winter evening in modern day Al

  • Title: Accidental Love
  • Author: B.L.Miller
  • ISBN: 9780963823137
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
  • BL Miller offers romance, sizzling passion, humor and great angst all wrapped up in an orginal, well written story you won t want to put down The story begins on a cold winter evening in modern day Albany with Rose Grayson on her way home after working her shift as a cashier in a local supermarket Heading home that evening also, slightly inebriated and in a bad mood afteBL Miller offers romance, sizzling passion, humor and great angst all wrapped up in an orginal, well written story you won t want to put down The story begins on a cold winter evening in modern day Albany with Rose Grayson on her way home after working her shift as a cashier in a local supermarket Heading home that evening also, slightly inebriated and in a bad mood after an unpleasant business dinner, is wealthy executive Veronica Ronnie Cartwright her life about to be forever changed when a fleeing figure suddenly darts in front of her Porsche Ronnie finds herself falling deeply and completely in love while trying to deal with old fears from the past and with the knowledge that what happened on a cold winter evening may very well come back to haunt her someday.

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      B.L.Miller Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Accidental Love book, this is one of the most wanted B.L.Miller author readers around the world.

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    • Christ in some parts, it was so cheesy but my God, did i like it. other parts of the story i caught myself thinking 'how old is the author? 15? ' It felt a little childish,in some areas of this book, which got on my nerves slightly,,, I think that's the only part I had an issues with. The characters were likable, a bit far fetched in some places (actually quite a lot). The story as a pretty good plot to it a bit too fast at the beginning, then its slow burn book. But I did enjoy it.

    • BL Miller sure knows how to write a dramatic love story. This book has the characteristics of a traditional romance: the heroine growing up under unfortunate circumstances due to status, money, broken family, etc. which leaves her vulnerable, and there’s a Knight in Shining Armor that rides in to save the day. Except, the “Knight” in Accidental Love has a dark secret. You’ll be at the edge of your seat for this one.This novel is lengthier than most in the genre, and you’ll experience a [...]

    • This is a reissue of BL Miller’s 1999 trad romance but a new one for many readers. Despite it’s age it isn't dated in a factual sense and felt as valid as any current romance.

The characters are solid. Well developed and likeable, if a little more m/f in their roles than many more modern stories. Veronica Cartwright is the rich CEO of a large corporation, repressed by family expectations and a promise to her father. Rose Grayson is the poor white trash, product of the fostering system w [...]

    • Detailed score: 2.75I can see how this book would have been a swoon making breath of fresh air back when it was first written -- and therefore appreciate multiple reviews listing this one as a (sentimental) favourite. You can almost literally see (modern) history in the making with as this was written before 'rich girl poor girl', 'ice queen exec' and 'toaster oven' were lesrom tropes and were simply just storylines.Coming at it from fresh eyes, in 2016, though This book is dated - not so much [...]

    • I love a good romance and the author delivers with a slow moving yet entertaining story. I enjoyed the bringing together of the have (Veronica) and have not (Rose). In addition to the slow moving romance, I loved the fact they could help each other. Money and stuff does not have to be everything. Conversely, how they get together is a bit unbelievable but in my opinion, different which is a good thing. Veronica family and housekeeper add a nice spice and thought-provoking perspective to the stor [...]

    • 3.5I enjoyed the book especially the ending, but not the whole thing. Somehow, the story didn't interested me that much. The dialogues seemed like it came directly straight out of a cliche movie. Noticeably started out with the villain's dialogues: “Well, well, well, what do we have here?”- sounded familiar? Are thugs always started out with that sentence? Then we got Delores Bickering (not sure if the name is right)- the way she wrote her letters to Rose, the way she talked, the way she try [...]

    • If you can manage to suspend disbelief very early on (I'm pretty sure you do not move a person after you ran them over, no matter how cold it is) and accept it is just a device to get the two ladies together, this is quite a lovely story.It is very predictable, though, and some of the plotlines were there just to try and spice it up (after all, they do nothing much else than watching TV) and were more annoying than anything else. I mean, the whole brother thing seems just filler to me, just as t [...]

    • I have been disappointed by most of the lesbian novels that I have read, and since I want to write novels I haven't found many good examples of work to look up to. This is now THAT book for me. I read it in one sitting and I feel very inspired to write my own novel immediately after I finish writing this review. The way that Rose and Veronica fall in love is believable, beautiful and even tragic. This is now the book that I am holding everything else I read up to in comparison. I am recommending [...]

    • This is my absolute favorite lesbian romance book. I have two editions and this is a story I've read countless times over. Often I have skipped over books I haven't even read just to read this one again. The story is sweet, complex, and captivates me every time.

    • This read to me like it was written as Xena/Gabrielle uber fiction (not a fandom I was in, but it was pretty obvious) and originally posted and read in serial form. Nothing wrong with that, per se, but I think it could have done with more editing before being presented as a novel. The pacing and structure were really off.The plot works for Xena and Gabrielle, they are always meant to be, throughout time and regardless of what happens. It stretched credulity for me without that "fated to be toget [...]

    • I wish we could give half stars because I would give this one 3.5. I feel that there were some plot issues but, other than that, it's a solid romance. This is the 3rd time I've read Accidental Love and I think I enjoyed this read the most. I knew what to expect so I could let the BS moments go and let myself get into the story more without getting caught up in the implausible aspects.If you're a romance fan, I'd recommend this book.------------------Was in a mood and decided to read this one aga [...]

    • 3.5 stars rounded up to 4. Pretty standard as far as plot goes but it's executed well. There are many things I'd like improved - more depth to the characters or less predictable story and so on but overall it reads better than many original but worse written works. It's just the comfortable read I was looking for and it's kept up well with time. Other than some VCR mentions I don't think anything else felt out of place too much. I can recommend this book.

    • Solid 3 . Characters are likeable, there's a nice twist in the story. Book is well written. Only problem i faced was that it got a bit boring and I found myself skimming through some pages Overall the idea of the book is interesting, had it just been shorter I would've definitely gone up to 3.5/4!

    • I had heard wonderful reviews of this book, but I couldn't seem to agree. Enjoyable, but not what I was expecting.

    • I really enjoy this book alot. It is such a heartwarming, sweet and families book. I love both main characters, they are such a sweet couple. I also like how the story start. It just hook me up instantly. Despite a rich mother being a rich mother, the brother and that annoying foster mother (urghhh i just want to choke them), i really love other support characters. The ending is kinda sweet. It made me smile. Actually the whole book made me smile, except when the problem occur.Again, i really en [...]

    • Perhaps I didn't quite buy the circumstances in which the two main characters Rose and Veronica met or the characterisations of each of them. Veronica who is a CEO of a multi-million dollar business and Rose who barely holds a penny to her name both have personalities which are very unlike the one's expected from the life they lead. Regardless, the story slowly builds up the romance between the two, which I enjoyed.**************spoiler**Okay, so this didn't bother me until the end. I understand [...]

    • 4.5 but earns the rounding up. I appreciate feeling the emotions rolling off the pages. Didn't really love how the drama was dealt with, and that's why not a solid 5 from me.

    • This is a very enjoyable tale of rich and poor falling in love with each other. Rose Grayson is a literally poor woman living by herself in an apartment, barely able to pay the rent for it because of the meager money she receives - her situation gets worse when she is involved in a car accident which ruins both of her legs. It was Veronica Cartwright who drove the car, president of a very wealthy and known company in the town. Veronica Cartwright takes Rose to her own house, takes care of her an [...]

    • Finally.Well I finally finished this book and it took awhile. It wasn't a bad book but long and so much of it was unnecessary. I never understood the thing with Tommy. Why that was even in the book as it served no purpose. Rose was likable and for the most part so was Ronnie. Why such a strong woman bowed to her family confused the heck out of me. On the plus side the chemistry was very good between the two leads. And the cat was a nice throw in. I would do away with a third of this book and exp [...]

    • I was disappointed with this book. I was expecting so much from this but all it did was disappoint me multiple times in all aspects. Weak characters(cliche villains)(no character development), weak plots, weak (cringe worthy most of the time) lines and the lack of editing. It's like a badly written fanfiction, no offense to the fanfictions though, I've read a lot of really really good fanfics, its just that this book lacks a lot of right elements for a good novel.

    • This is my favorite Book and I too have read it countless times. This would make an amazing movie and if I had the money I would love to put this on the big screen. Back in the day would have love to see Sharon Stone and Ashley Judd Perhaps today Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart Wow what a movie that would make.

    • Beautiful romance, that builds slowly. The chemistry was great, and the characters nicely explored. I kind of like it when the two main characters are from two different worlds. I thought it was nice to read that Veronica's behavior was so noble opposite Rose, as she is normally a bit selfish. A wonderful book, for a rainy Sunday afternoon. To enjoy all a good romance can bring.

    • Love this book, one of my all time favourite lesbian romance novels. I have found that lesbian romances often seem to suffer a lack of pace, but this book is paced perfectly, and the characters are well developed and interesting. 10/10 reread it numerous times, definitely recommend.

    • Interminable. La historia tiene un principio prometedor, un parte larguísima en medio donde todo es anecdótico y un final prácticamente precipitado.Es una historia ligera, de fácil lectura, pero que tarda en arrancar.

    • 3.5 I liked it, even if it's a bit longer than I could go with, but it was nice, I can't say that I was bored while reading, in fact I understand it have to be that long to go with the time laps, it couldn't be rushed or it would seem like a wrapped up package.It was a nice reading for me.

    • It's not a great book in all reality (and it suffers from very poor editing), but I feel compelled to re-read this Xena Uber-Fic every Christmas. No clue why, but I guess there is something about the story that makes me reread it each year.

    • I havve the first edition of this book. I enjoyed the book then and before it was published as an o/l uber fiction during the Xena days.I have always enjoyed BL's books and really should go back and read this one again.

    • This would have only taken one day to read but I was trying to pace myself :) I really like this all the character even the mom.

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