Wishing for a Highlander

Wishing for a Highlander Single and pregnant museum worker Melanie voices an idle wish while examining a Scottish artifact that a Highland warrior would sweep her off her feet and help her forget her cheating ex The last thi

  • Title: Wishing for a Highlander
  • Author: Jessi Gage
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Single and pregnant museum worker Melanie voices an idle wish while examining a Scottish artifact, that a Highland warrior would sweep her off her feet and help her forget her cheating ex The last thing she expects is for her wish to be granted Magically transported to the middle of a clan skirmish in the sixteenth century Highlands, she comes face to face with her kilteSingle and pregnant museum worker Melanie voices an idle wish while examining a Scottish artifact, that a Highland warrior would sweep her off her feet and help her forget her cheating ex The last thing she expects is for her wish to be granted Magically transported to the middle of a clan skirmish in the sixteenth century Highlands, she comes face to face with her kilted fantasy man Tall, handsome, and heir to his uncle s lairdship, Darcy Keith should be the most eligible bachelor in Ackergill Instead, thanks to a prank played on him in his teenage years, he is known for being too large under his kilt to ever make a proper husband Big Darcy runs his deceased father s windmills and lives alone at his family manor, believing he will never marry But a strangely dressed woman he rescues from a clan skirmish makes him long for When the woman s claims of coming to Ackergill by magic reach the laird s ears, she is accused of witchcraft Darcy determines to protect her any way he can, even if it means binding her to him forever.

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      Jessi lives with her husband and children in the Seattle area She s a passionate reader of all genres of romance, especially anything involving the paranormal Ghosts, demons, vampires, weres, faeriesyou name it, she ll read it As for writing, she s sticking to Highlanders and contemporaries with a paranormal twist for now For updates, visit Jessi s website at jessigage Using the contacts page to sign up for her newsletter will ensure you never miss a new release.

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    • Nothing felt believable and I started skimming half way through. They fall in love in like a day and Darcy forsakes his clan and family, his home and everything he knows for Melanie. After a day. Darcy figures out how to drive a car after Melanie describes what one is once. Constance figures out Anya's scheme with the rose oil from a thank you note (I know this is out of context and it won't make sense if you haven't read the book, but believe me - Sherlock Holmes wouldn't have been able to make [...]

    • Overall rating: 4 mo gradhach stars!!Triggers:Cheating: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]Love triangle: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]Sex with om/ow: (view spoiler)[ no - in fact, the hero is a virgin(hide spoiler)]HEA: (view spoiler)[ yes too cute!(hide spoiler)]My review:Melanie is done with men. Her boyfriend abandons her after he finds out she is pregnant because she isn't the one he wants to marry. Think leaving her isn't douchey enough? He was cheating on her the whole time they were t [...]

    • This is my favorite highlander romance. It's about a pregnant museum worker, Melanie, who, when working with an artifact from medieval Scotland, accidentally triggers its magic and travels back in time, into the midst of a clan battle, where she ultimately meets the hero, a Keith warrior named Darcy."Big Darcy" is a fabulous hero. He's honorable and compassionate and protective, very alpha in some respects but in other respects rather vulnerable. An early and devastating rejection left him insec [...]

    • Although this book was recommended for Outlander fans, there's not all that much in common between these two books besides the time travelling aspect. Outlander is one hell of an example of a slowburn romance done right, with great character development, marvellous background research and outstanding writing while this one I'm sorry to say but Wishing for a Highlander isn't any of that.Want to read more why I was disappointed in the story? It's possible to do so HERE

    • DNF. This book was horrible. I can't understand why it was so well reviewed. It kept getting more ridiculous with every chapter. Once I got to the time travelling automobile that the 15th century highlander just instinctively knows how to drive, I had to stop. I wish I could go back in time and not purchase this book.

    • 4.5 starsSo I just have to say it. Best. Premise. Ever.Seriously. Read that blurb and tell me it doesn't make you want to run out and buy this book immediately! I'm sorry big, handsome, Highlander dude - you're just too big to ever fit inside a woman and are doomed to spend the rest of your sexy life alone. Jessi Gage should get some kind of award for this premise alone. Plus she named her Highlander 'Darcy' -- I feel like she Jedi mind-tricked me into loving this.Modern woman Melanie gets swept [...]

    • I made it to page 99 and I am going to have to throw in the towel. It's just not a good read for me. I'm really disappointed. I wanted a good time travel romance and this sounded like a good bet, it just fell short on many levels. The dialogue is bad, on the verge of being ridiculous. The reason for Darcy's failure with women is laughable and Melanie is annoying. This was a good idea that got mucked up in the telling. DNF so no rating.

    • Ok, so I feel compelled to write a review to warn people to not be deceived into reading this book. Bookbub advertised this as a book for Outlander fans in the similar style of that series, etc. The cover showed a serene lake with a candle glowing--had I only known to check first I would have NEVER gotten it or read it. Not only does the version of the cover show a half dressed man which goes against my policy of reading smutty shirtless man books, but the description more accurately portrayed [...]

    • AT 25%.Stopping for now.I find this heroine REALLY unlikable. The only reason I want to continue is because I love the hero. But his clan and their beliefs/treatment of women are complete shit (another reason I am stopping). And oh, I am not enjoying all the time spent on other characters.I may come back later.

    • I was drawn to this book by the uniqueness of the two main characters. I loved the idea of a single pregnant woman from our time and a laird's nephew who is the heir to his clan but not the typical 'alpha' male as the lead characters.The characters in this book were well written and they had depth to their personalities and reasons for their actions and beliefs.We meet Melanie first in her own time, where she seems nice enough.When Melanie first arrives back in time, she isn't showing the typica [...]

    • Yep, it's time travel romance that reminded me of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. Melanie falls through a time portal due to her idle wish on a special box and ends up coming through the stone circles (think Stonehenge style) to old school Scotland. Like Gabaldon's book, Melanie meets a Highlander warrior who sweeps her off her feet. However, here's the big difference for me between the two tales: tongue in cheek humor and a heck of a lot less Scottish history lessons. While I love the Outlan [...]

    • When I finished this book I had a book hangover that lasted about a day and than I had to read it again to make sure it was really that good. I have always had a soft spot for a man in a kilt and when that man is strong and stands feet above his fellow clansmen I am lost. Darcy is no alpha male he is heir but didn’t want to lead. He isn’t a man every girl in the village wants and he has no confidence in himself as husband/lover material. As a young man he was dealt a blow by a soon to be lov [...]

    • This is a great highlander romance! It was only $.99 on by an author I hadn't read before plus it was compared to Outlander due to the time travel.It's about Melanie, a pregnant museum worker, who makes a wish on an artifact from medieval Scotland and accidentally triggers its magic and travels back in time. She ends up in the midst of a clan battle, where she meets the hero she wished for, a Keith warrior named Darcy. "Big Darcy" is honorable, compassionate and protective, very alpha but also [...]

    • Great story. Loved Big DarcyI first reviewed this book on March 10, 2013 but I liked it so much I thought I would listen to it since it had reached audible.The one thing I didn’t like, at all, was Darcy’s height of almost six and a half feet tall and Melanie/Malina was five feet two. Really? He’d have to pick her up every time he kissed her or drop to his knees or bend so far over it would give him a terrible backache is they kissed very long. Differences in heights have to make some kind [...]

    • There were several things I loved about the story, but mostly the characters made the book. First, Darcy poor guy! He’s a strapping, hot, tough highlander and yet he is fairly naïve when it comes to sex. He’s been led to believe he’s too big for sex! Melanie did amazingly well being thrown back in time considering she’s hormonal from her pregnancy in a strange land. There were many funny moments between the two of them with Melanie’s modern day dialect. Ms. Gage does a great job inclu [...]

    • What do you get when you take a pregnant museum worker, a highlander and time travel? Sprinkle a little bit of magic on for luck and you've got an awesome book!If you thought true love was hard to find, maybe you're not looking in the right era. Melanie, the heroine in this book, had to travel back to medieval Scotland to find a man worth keeping. Pregnant and alone with historic relics as her closest friends, she found herself in the middle of a clan war - in need of rescue. The beauty of a mod [...]

    • I absolutely loved this story! I will not put spoilers in this review. It begins with a woman named Melanie. She is pregnant, single, and working at a museum. She comes across a box that is beautifully crafted. And she happens to make a wish while holding this "box". She finds herself whisked back in time to the Highlands. In the middle of a clan skirmish! She meets a man named "Big" Darcy Keith. The reasons for his name being Big are explained and kinda funny! But they go through quiet an adven [...]

    • I was immediately swept up in this tale of Melanie, a pregnant museum worker who makes a wish on an old wooden box and is sent straight into 16th century Scotland. Melanie is a thoroughly likable character thrust into a difficult situation. Not only is she pregnant and alone, but she finds herself in an era where any hint of peculiarity can lead to whispers of witchcraft.Hero, Darcy Keith, is the perfect combination of rugged strength and tender vulnerability. This is a man to make any woman swo [...]

    • Melanie newly single and pregnant. While working at the Charleston Museum she receives a box that wont open, While fiddling with it she makes a wish for a Highlander and was swept back in time, to the Highlands.Darcy a man who runs a mill, and try's to be a good man and do is duty to his clan. After an incident in his youth he swore to never be with a woman.When Darcy finds Melanie, he claims her as his own. Feeling very compelled to help and protect her. I really enjoyed reading Wishing for a H [...]

    • Rounding up a 3.5 for this one. Wishing For A Highlander is a really fun story, albeit too fantastical and strewn with lots of magic. I think the Outlander craze made me read this, and to be honest I was almost hoping this would be a naughty erotic story. Not sure why. I enjoyed it, though. Melanie is a curator at a museum in Charleston and is thrown back 500 years to Scotland, after tinkering with an old box.There's a lot happening in this book, and a lot of it involves witch hunt, magic (or la [...]

    • This was a fun read\listen. I enjoyed both the hero and the heroine. They had some good chemistry and a couple of nicely written sex scenes. Since she was from the future and thrown back into the 1500's highland times she was the sex ed teacher. Some funny moments there.The story line and plot were fun. There was a lot of dialogue throughout the book.As for the narration it was good, I do like Marian Hussey's narrations. The men sound like men and everyone gets their own distinct voice, and she [...]

    • I just found a new favorite author! Wishing For a Highlander is a gem. I happened to find it in Beta Heroes in Romance on . Time travel and Scottish romance aren't my thing until I read this lovely story by Jessi Gage. The brave but vulnerable heroine, Melanie, immediately captured my heart. I was rooting for her from page one! Darcy, the man she meets in 16th century Scotia, is every woman's idea of a romantic hero: brave, true and so very sexy! I immediately downloaded the follow up romance,

    • ***** FIVE SHINING STARS This book was such a pleasant surprise. The blurb grabbed my attention, but I did not expect to love the story THIS much. In fact it ended up claiming its own spot among my all time favorite Highlander's reads. Great character development and beautifully crafted plot. I can't think of anything that 'Wishing For A Highlander' lacked or I didn't like. HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDfor people who enjoy reading real romance, lacking unnecessary drama, set in the Highlands.

    • I liked this one.Uncomplicated. Just a really easy read.I've never read about a pregnant woman going back in time then add in a hero who is self conscious because he thinks he's too big (south of the border) and we have a cute read with very likeable characters.I thought Darcy was well developed, Melanie less so. We got a lot of moxie from her but not much depth. Honestly though, it fit the tone of the book. It didn't try to be anything other than it was. Much appreciated after my last read.

    • 3 stars. Liked it, but didn't love it. Middling amount of low key angst, not the most original plot line, but well told, so much so that I pretty much read this in me sitting( except for a few sleep filled hours, anyway) . I liked the main characters, but wouldnt have minded if they'd gotten a little more fleshed out, and there were few scenes that got glossed over, especially near the end, but a decent read, altogether.

    • A lusty tale of love and romance amid the Scottish Highlands, brought to life by the engaging stylings of Jessi Gage. I'm a sucker for time travel and I wasn't disappointed by this charming story. I loved Darcy's sentimental heart and Melanie's willful determination. And the bits of magic here and there added a dose of wonder that made the story unique. Maybe it's time to travel to Ackergill to find my own Highlander.

    • El principio un poco lento, y el "problema" de Darcy (el prota) un poco traido por los pelos, pero posible viendo el contexto en el que sucede todo.Pero el final, ah, el final Simplemente estupendo. Me gustan las historias de viajes en el tiempo, pero no siempre cuadran las cosas tan bien como en esta novela, tanto que le perdono otros momentos dejados a medias (¿o quizás abiertos a la posibilidad de nuevas novelas?)

    • This book came up as a recommended read on my page. I'm cautious about new authors but liked the premise of this story and decided to give it a try. Boy am I glad I did. I really enjoyed the story and the author's voice. My one issue is I didn't like how the story all of a sudden jumped ahead 1 year. I felt like there was still story to tell. If not for that, I'd have given it 5 stars.

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