Fleabrain Loves Franny

Fleabrain Loves Franny This gem of a novel takes place in Pittsburgh in Franny Katzenback while recovering from polio reads and falls in love with the brand new book Charlotte s Web Bored and lonely and yearning for

  • Title: Fleabrain Loves Franny
  • Author: Joanne Rocklin
  • ISBN: 9781419710681
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This gem of a novel takes place in Pittsburgh in 1952 Franny Katzenback, while recovering from polio, reads and falls in love with the brand new book Charlotte s Web Bored and lonely and yearning for a Charlotte of her own, Franny starts up a correspondence with an eloquent flea named Fleabrain who lives on her dog s tail While Franny struggles with physical therapy andThis gem of a novel takes place in Pittsburgh in 1952 Franny Katzenback, while recovering from polio, reads and falls in love with the brand new book Charlotte s Web Bored and lonely and yearning for a Charlotte of her own, Franny starts up a correspondence with an eloquent flea named Fleabrain who lives on her dog s tail While Franny struggles with physical therapy and feeling left out of her formerly active neighborhood life, Fleabrain is there to take her on adventures based on his extensive reading It s a touching, funny story set in the recent past, told with Rocklin s signature wit and thoughtfulness.Awards Bank Street Children s Books Best Books of the Year, Fiction Ages 9 12 Sydney Taylor Notable Book for Older ReadersPraise for Fleabrain Loves Franny Heartwarming and endlessly funny, Fleabrain Loves Franny will delight readers of all ages Rocklin s sharp wit and exuberant writing style are refreshing This book is not to be missed VOYA Franny a compassionate, thoughtful and sympathetic protagonist is believably erratic in her emotions and reflections on her illness and its effects on her previously carefree life Publishers Weekly Rocklin perfectly captures the era of 1952 and creates a sympathetic, realistic character in Franny, who begins to accept her condition, rejoin her friends and even protest her school s inaccessibility Kirkus Reviews Comedic and philosophical, readers will find multiple levels to enjoy School Library Journal

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      I was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the land of four distinct seasons The winters are so long Wintry days and nights inspired me to read many, many books, the most important thing a writer can do Of course other seasons inspired me, too And as soon as I learned to hold a pencil I began writing poems, stories, and diaries.I have always owned cats or they have owned me, a clich , but true Coincidentally, all our cats have been authors, and I ve compiled their writing secrets in the essay Why Cats Write And I have always lived within walking distance of a library O.K in California, within almost walking, but driving distance I love to read and write, but I also love to talk especially about writing.

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    • Franny Katzenback is a young girl recovering from polio in 1952. Franny knows that her neighbor is one of the scientists working with Jonas Salk at the University of Pittsburgh to prevent polio but what do you do if you already have the disease and can't go on with your previous life and attend school with your friends? You seek other avenues like reading a new book that has just been published--Charlotte's Web and wish and have faith you'll get your own Charlotte. Franny does get Fleabrain, a w [...]

    • I was attracted to this story about a girl adjusting to life after contracting polio, and I like Franny and find her struggles believable. I'm even willing to read a story about a girl with a very active imagination who wishes she could fly around on a horse and do good deeds. But that I'm supposed to believe she's actually doing these things--and will the help of a magic flea, no less--well, that doesn't work for me.This book was trying to do too many things. I knew it was going to be about a f [...]

    • there wasn't anything wrong with it, it just wasn't my cup of tea due to the fantasy flea plot (i might have gone up one star if he didn't provide the month and day with each birth and death year)--but i did enjoy the shady avenue, squirrel hill, oakland, etc. references, and enjoyed the memories of waldorf's bakery, rosenblum's, hearing about the horse stables in frick park, etc.

    • Fleabrain Loves Franny is about an 11 year-old girl named Francine, or Franny, for short, who has polio. The story is set in Pittsburgh in the 1950’s. Nurse Olivegarten is the nurse that does exercises with Franny every day at 9:00A.M. and 4:00P.M. To Franny, the hot water packs and the exercises hurt ALOT, and to her frustration they don’t appear to be working. She has a dog named Alf, and a sister named Minot, or Min, for short. She has a dad named Sammy, and a mother named Muriel. But, on [...]

    • This is an editor’s nightmare. The strongest parts of this are those descriptions of what the polio epidemic was like during the early 50s – Franny has been crippled by polio and when we learn a little of what it must have been like to be in an iron lung and then what if felt like to be unable to walk and isolated from your friends since the belief was that a polio victim could still give it to others.But what doesn’t work is the use of the flea here. Franny’s favorite book is Charlotte [...]

    • Lexile: NAAge 8-12 yearsLength: 6.5 hrs (288 pages)Summary: 11 year old Franny get polio and during her recovery befriends a flea. Both perspectives are told throughout the story. They both enjoy reading and his super powers help free Franny from the effects of polio.Comments: I think this book would be better read than listened too. It had some very fantastical fiction right alongside of historical and scientific non-fiction which hopefully doesn’t confuse younger readers. There was a nice pr [...]

    • It is 1952 and 10-year-old Franny has been stricken by polio. She first hears the newly published “Charlotte’s Web” read aloud by a nurse in the hospital where she is recovering. Of course she longs for a Charlotte of her own, and as it happens, Fleabrain is the sole survivor of her mother’s application of Be-Gone-With-Them flea powder to the family dog. Fleabrain and Franny become friends. I liked this but not as much as I thought I was going to. Franny is an interesting character, as a [...]

    • bookaday #53. 4.5 stars. Who won't fall in love with the voice of Fleabrain or spunky Franny. Lovely friendship story in the vein of Charlotte's Web, Franny's favorite new book. I admit to a small tear of happiness at the end of this one. Love the theme at the end, page 256: "freeing the light form the world's broken shards." Author's note details her research into polio and the search for a cure.

    • I'm not totally sure what to even say about this one.In some ways it's got too much going on and is just so odd. and yet somehow that works.Overall, I liked it a lot.

    • When Franny is stricken with polio and disowned by her friends, she finds solace in an unlikely friendship with a tiny flea who enjoys great works of literature and has special powers.Joanne Rocklin's 2011 novel, One Day and One Amazing Morning on Orange Street revealed her to be a talented writer with a gift for lyrical description and deep character development. This latest novel, though beautifully written in many parts, seems very odd by comparison. Franny's unfortunate plight and the detail [...]

    • genre: part historical fiction/fantasysummary: Franny has just gotten over a (literally) crippling case of polio, shortly before the advent of the vaccine in the 1950s. She is finally home for the hospital and forced not only to deal with frustrating circumstances of her disability but the attitudes and apprehensions of others. Her old group of friends, 'the Pack' refuse to come near her for fear of catching the disease, even though she is no longer contagious. Franny spends most of her days in [...]

    • Franny contracts polio and is confined to a wheelchair. During her convalescence she meets the flea, Fleabrain, and they have some pretty incredible adventures together. This book is one part historical fiction, one part animal fantasy, and one part a tribute to Charlotte's Web. The historical fiction is spot on; the reader gets an authentic glimpse of the disease and the fear and misinformation that surrounded it. Franny is not the only one who is suffering. Her family, friends, and community a [...]

    • I chose the audiobook edition for Fleabrain Loves Franny written by Joanne Rocklin and narrated by Julie Marcus. The year is 1952 and ten year old ,Franny Katzenback is learning to cope with the paralysis that was caused by her bout of polio. While at home from school recuperating Franny meets a flea with an extensive vocabulary and a bold personality and the two begin a friendship. Although, Fleabrain is exceptionally intelligent his social quotient isn't quite as high and there are some lesson [...]

    • It’s 1952 and Franny Katzenback is recovering from polio, undergoing painful physical therapy and wondering if she’ll ever walk again. During her illness she imagined she was being tended by angels, so when she starts to receive letters from a flea who lives on the tip of her dog’s tail, it seems like just another part of the strange, magical time in her life. Fleabrain comforts Franny as she frets over losing her fiends and her formerly active life. But eventually she finds that she must [...]

    • Written for middle grade school, this book takes place in Pittsburg in 1952. Franny Katzenback is recovering from dreaded polio and discovers the new published book, Charlotte's Web. Because her condition isolates her and she is unable to socialize, go to school or even have movement because she is confined to an iron lung, she longs to experience a wonderful friend like Charlotte is to Wilbur in the book she fell in love with. To her surprise and delight she meets and starts communicating with [...]

    • Fleabrain Loves Franny by Joanne RocklinAmulet Books, 2014Historical Fantasy288 pages (ARC)Recommended for grades 4-6Well, this book certainly caught me off guard! Of course the cover and title suggest a fantasy-a girl and a bug as friends But the story starts with such a realistic feel to it that when the fantasy begins you're almost not expecting it.Franny is a young girl recovering from polio in the 1950s. When the story opens she is in an iron lung-not a light and fluffy opening. I was immed [...]

    • It is 1952, the height of the polio epidemic, Franny is 11-years-old and suffering from polio. She is confined to a wheelchair and all her friends have abandoned her. She is bored and lonely and frustrated until she starts receiving notes from Fleabrain. Fleabrain is the only surviving flea on Alf the dog. He is super intellectual and a voracious reader. Fleabrain becomes Franny's only source of entertainment during her recovery. Fleabrain also has magical powers and is able to shrink Franny or [...]

    • Franny Katzenback has polio and as a result is paralyzed and ostracized by her friends. It is 1952 and people are paranoid about catching polio so Franny who once had a large circle of friends and acquaintances finds herself shunned by nearly everyone outside her family. The story begins with Franny in an iron lung unable to breathe on her own but she eventually regains her ability to breathe and is sent home to adapt to life in a wheelchair. Her family rallies around her even hiring a person nu [...]

    • This book starts off strong, but its charm fades by the end. In 1952 Franny Katzenback falls in love with Charlotte's Web, which provides comfort to her as she recovers from polio. Her friends avoid her since they or their families think she is contagious, and she is quite lonely. But a flea on her dog's tail becomes enchanted with her and writes her notes that keep her spirits up. They engage in nightly escapades in which Franny is the heroine although her identity is kept secret. Their friends [...]

    • Fleabrain Loves Franny is a book with a touch of genius. Somehow, Joanne Rocklin has managed to1. tell a great, page-turning, heart-wrenching/full of hope book about a girl whose life has been turned upside down by polio. 2. transform what could be a maudlin, depressing story into magic.3. Give each character, including the flea, a personality that is distinct,real,and complex. 4. Give us a real picture of what life was like in Pittsburgh, PA in 1952.5. Introduce us painlessly to literature and [...]

    • Pittsburgh. 1952. Jonas Salk is working hard at inventing a vaccine for Polio, but for Franny it is too late. She has contracted the dreaded polio virus. She is luckier than some, and is able to breath on her own, without the help of an iron lung. But she is confined to a wheelchair, having lost the use of her legs. An avid reader, she falls in love with the newly published Charlotte's Web. Imagine her surprise to find her own talking insect, an flea named Fleabrain, with the ability to write he [...]

    • This book was a little strange in that the plot and characters seemed very appropriate for a 4-5th grader, but the vocabulary and sentence structure seemed more appropriate for an 8-9th grader. I read this book aloud to my 10 year old 5th grader who has fairly strong language skills and we needed to stop frequently so that I could clarify the vocabulary and just the literal meaning of some sections. Although this was good in that she had the opportunity to be exposed to many new words, people in [...]

    • This book makes an attempt to channel the brilliance and friendship of Charlotte's Web but just falls flat. As much as I tried, I never connected to Fleabrain--a flea with an elevated sense of self importance. It seems as though the author is trying to do too much: historical fiction, fantasy, the horrors of an abusive nurse, all while trying to connect to classic philosophy and literature and musical scores. There are hidden moments where I found myself sinking into the story, particularly when [...]

    • An erudite and philosophical flea falls head over heads in love with Franny, a young girl stricken with polio in 1950's Pittsburgh. Part homage to friendship (Franny's favorite new book is Charlotte's Web), magic realism, and hope, this book tries just a little too hard and ultimately, while a fun read, left me a little underwhelmed. References to 1950's culture will go over the heads of young readers, I believe, leaving them without a solid footing of time and place. Pages and pages of author n [...]

    • This book is a great glimpse into history. Franny has polio. Throughout the book she is trying to find a cure for the polio. Nurse Olivegarten is pushing Franny to become stronger and be able to walk and return to school. Fleabrain, who lives on Alf (family dog), becomes friends with Franny. The two of them talk about the world and how things need to be different. This book is a reprint of the hardback version. Students who enjoy historical fiction may enjoy this book. There is fantasy, for exam [...]

    • Franny is stuck in an iron lung and desperately lonely after being struck with polio, when a kindly nun reads her "Charlotte's Web" and she wants a Charlotte of her own. Little does she know that a super-smart flea living on the tail of her dog Alf wants to be her friend. Mostly realistic historical fiction with dreamlike wish-fulfillment fantasy elements, this reminded me a lot of DiCamillo's award-winning "Flora and Ulysses". This does have a touch of the pedantic, illustrating the terrible co [...]

    • Franny is in a wheelchair after having been exposed to polio in the early 1950s. She is shunned by her friends who are told that she is still contagious. While her mother, father and sister, Min, are very supportive, Franny is lonely and frustrated that she can no longer run and play with her friends. She eventually meets Fleabrain, a flea living on her dog's tail who takes her on fantastic adventures on horseback. Whether these adventures are "real" or imagined is up to the reader.This is a rea [...]

    • Great way for kids of today to learn more about the polio epidemic in a story featuring Franny and her new favorite book, Charlotte's Web. I found fleabrain, who is an actual flea, to be obnoxious and hard to believe. But maybe he's just for Franny to believe in as she struggles through her paralysis. I think this is definitely a great book for teachers to share with their students as there is a lot going on.

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