Perdido Street Station 1

Perdido Street Station Nouvelle Crobuzon une m tropole tentaculaire et exub rante au coeur d un monde insens Humains et hybrides m caniques y c toient les cr atures les plus exotiques l ombre des chemin es d usine et des f

  • Title: Perdido Street Station 1
  • Author: China Miéville Nathalie Mège
  • ISBN: 9782266165402
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Nouvelle Crobuzon une m tropole tentaculaire et exub rante, au coeur d un monde insens Humains et hybrides m caniques y c toient les cr atures les plus exotiques l ombre des chemin es d usine et des fonderies Depuis plus de mille ans, le Parlement et son impitoyable milice r gnent sur une population de travailleurs et d artistes, d espions, de magiciens, de dealersNouvelle Crobuzon une m tropole tentaculaire et exub rante, au coeur d un monde insens Humains et hybrides m caniques y c toient les cr atures les plus exotiques l ombre des chemin es d usine et des fonderies Depuis plus de mille ans, le Parlement et son impitoyable milice r gnent sur une population de travailleurs et d artistes, d espions, de magiciens, de dealers et de prostitu es Mais soudain un tranger, un homme oiseau, arrive en ville avec une bourse pleine d or et un r ve inaccessible retrouver ses ailes Isaac Dan der Grimnebulin, savant fou et g nial, accepte de l aider Mais ses recherches vont le conduire lib rer une abomination sur la ville tout enti re

    • Unlimited [Biography Book] ☆ Perdido Street Station 1 - by China Miéville Nathalie Mège ¾
      240 China Miéville Nathalie Mège
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    • China Miéville Nathalie Mège

      A British fantastic fiction writer He is fond of describing his work as weird fiction after early 20th century pulp and horror writers such as H P Lovecraft , and belongs to a loose group of writers sometimes called New Weird who consciously attempt to move fantasy away from commercial, genre clich s of Tolkien epigons He is also active in left wing politics as a member of the Socialist Workers Party He has stood for the House of Commons for the Socialist Alliance, and published a book on Marxism and international law.Excerpted from.

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    • I have to agree with other reviewers-- Perdido Street Station is enjoyable primarily for the rich texture of the word-tapestry that China Mieville weaves, and the many-layered world he creates. The plot is quite simple: a scientist, while working on an experiment, accidentally unleashes a dreadful danger on the city of New Crobuzon, and all resources must be called upon to contain the problem. Perdido Street Station is a wordsmith's paradise. Some of my favorite 50-cent words include: abattoirar [...]

    • Another book I did not finish. If this guy was half as good a writer as he thought he was, this book would be amazing. Unfortunately, his prose is so convoluted and overwrought that it is virtually unreadable. It is a shame, because there is some promising stuff going on underneath all that crap, but I just couldn't muster the energy to get through it all.

    • The book starts poorly - the introverted, overly poetic internal monologue of a visitor to the city in which this novel takes place. The melodrama-heavy monologue nearly made me give up on the book then and there, it was so cheesy.However, the book picked up after that, and began to introduce a series of interesting races, locations and political structures. Throughout most of the novel I could not find myself caring about any of the characters, they seemed to take second place to the setting it [...]

    • This book suffers seriously from the lack of an editor. It is 2/3 too long, full of pointless time-wasting descriptions of how disgusting the city is and too little plot. Not that the plot is very good, when he gets around to it 1/3 of the way through the book; it is full of characters who appear in the story and then disappear forever. How was this rubbish nominated for awards? Do yourself a favor and skip this.

    • One of my all-time favourite steampunk fantasy novels. The ending left me so emotional I was (view spoiler)[angry and upset for days. Dammit Mieville, how can you make a character that can't even talk so damn believable and wonderful, and then do THAT to them?! (hide spoiler)] I'm going to reread this soon, because I've mostly forgotten the plot, and it's going to be GREAT!

    • I won't rate this book.There's style, a very interesting style, and a whole society depicted here, but I just couldn't get into it. Rating would mean judgement and I can't bring myself to it. I feel there's something, just out there, but I can't grasp it. My bad.

    • Après trois semaines dans les ruelles de la Nouvelle-Crobuzon, j'en sors enfin pour vous livrer un avis franchement enthousiaste, même si j'ai quelques réserves sur des points particuliers.Donc, ce roman nous raconte les aventures d'Isaac (C'aurait pu être Newton, mais, non, pas là.), d'un homme aigle sans ailes, et de quelques uns de leurs amis.Le premier problème de ce roman, c'est de trouver une unité à la trame narrative. En effet, le début du roman concerne les recherches scientifi [...]

    • I have been meaning to read China Mieville’s PERDIDO STREET STATION for years, now. It was the first book of Mieville’s to catch my eye, though I only vaguely knew it was supposed to be very strange and somehow involve wings. I ended up reading his later stuff first, and have only now worked my way back to this.It is a marvelous book, but it is clearly written by a younger and not quite as sure-footed writer than the man who produced EMBASSYTOWN. It is a grand, sprawling creation. It is a gi [...]

    • When I started reading Perdido Street Station, I thought, finally, a book I might give a five star review. I was blown away by the richly imagined and fantastic world: a steampunky metropolis with a fetid underbelly and populated by monsters and machines. It wonderful and wondrous, but the novelty gradually wore off.China Mieville’s New Crobuzon is what would have happened if Tim Burton did Toy Story for grown ups. The setting is both viscerally real and yet otherworldly. It is uncanny in the [...]

    • Un roman étonnant et dérangeant.On pense pendant la majeure partie du roman lire un livre de SF au fond steampunk prononcé, mais l'usage de la magie semble aussi y être de vigueur. L'action se situe dans une ville tentaculaire, New Crobuzon, sorte de cité état humaine comportant une forte minorité de Xénians (comprendre des races non-humaines).La ville est tout sauf accueillante. Rues sales, vermine, miasmes et j'en passe toutes les descriptions (superbes) de la cité concourent à en fa [...]

    • Уха! Току-що осъзнах, че съм отлагала прочита на този роман от близо десетилетие. Имаме книгата в изданието на „Инфодар“ от 2005 г а наскоро си поръчахме всички творби на Чайна Миевил в изданията на Pan Book с минималистичините, но идейни, корици (като тая в ляво.) Леко ми е страхов [...]

    • En fait j'ai eu beaucoup plus de mal à commencer ce livre que je n'ai eu à le lire, bon ce n'est pas non plus la gros coup de cœur mais une lecture agréable, même si j'avoue que ce qui me chagrine le plus dans ce genre de livres c'est que c'est tellement "bizarre" qu'on ne sais pas du tout ou l'auteur veut en venir, tout peut arriver car il n'y absolument aucune règle, tout se mélange dans un gros fouillis à l'image de la ville du livre. Par contre, ce livre a réussi à retenir mon atte [...]

    • Très bonne surprise que ce Perdido Street Station, qui m'a plongé dans un univers foisonnant et très dépaysant. Outre le fait que l'auteur est super sympa (rencontré aux Utopiales), il sait parfaitement construire son monde et son histoire. On plonge plein pot dans une ville gigantesque, et où vivent des humanoïdes pensant différemment des humains (et c'est très bien retranscrit). L'aventure avance pas à pas, et les événements s'enchaînent parfaitement. Un roman qui pour l'instant s [...]

    • I did not like this at all. Beside the overly ornate descriptions of the titular place that, technically, does not feature into the story at all, the attack of monsters that are invincible except when they aren't, and the character arcs that never quite get finalized, the treatment of the female protagonist made me feel disgusted, specially since it all happens because she dared to do something her man doesn't know of. Because women just don't listen am i right guys.And I'm not even getting into [...]

    • Oh my gosh. I just Dude, put the thesaurus away.In addition to the crazy thesaurus use, this book is exposition soup. In the first couple chapters we have the weirdo who is probably a bird, ladies with ant heads, people who are made out of (?) cactuses, a half-frog thing who can sculpt water, and I forget what else. I get it, this city is big and cosmopolitan and there are lots of races mingling together. But where is the STORY?Not going to finish this, I'm afraid.

    • China Mieville is one of my current faves, and that began with Perdido Street Station. This author is fearless when it comes to mixing genres and he is a brilliant word artist. That fearlessness makes his prose a little hard to follow at times. Hence the 4 star, rather than 5. But you shouldn't let that stop you any more than I allowed it to stop me. There is so much more to love than there is to quibble about.

    • The way Mieville constructs New Crobuzon, from the science of the fantasy-physics governing the world to the interactions between distinct species, is amazing. Absolutely love the fluidity with which he blends so many stories and creatures and characters into one chaotic metropolis. Writing style is equally memorable, as chaotic as it is lyrical. Enjoyable from front to back.

    • While I really did care about the main scientist and his bug artist partner, there was something about this created world that was jargony and hard to stay connected in while following the main narrative. Too much attention was given to the levels of dire creations rather than the impulses or motives behind a world of such recycled horror.

    • Story and ideas were fascinating and different, but the writing was the opposite of purple prose--black prose? Something like: the steel-gray sludge oozed its way through the city sewer system, leaving a foul stench in its wake. Is this where they got the Mothman idea?

    • since reading mieville's books i've coined the term "mievillian" to describe those creatures that are usually only seen in the planet earth series. although they haven't discovered any mosquito women yet.

    • It started off with wonderful description and a promising concept but unfortunately devolves into a bug-hunt before Mieville writes himself into a corner and is forced to use a Deus Ex Machina to get out of it.

    • Първоначалното ми мнение, че автора е на силни бъркотици се потвърди. Но все пак книгата е интересна и разпускаща и на фона на тия времена влиза доста добре Нямам търпения да се прибера и да подхвана втора част.

    • Üks väga kummaline raamat. Teema ei ole absoluutselt minu samas kui raamat läbi sai tekkis tunne, et kõigest hoolimata tahaks teada saada, mis järgmises raamatus edasi juhtub :D Müstika!

    • This is two books, almost exactly. Up to halfway, it is a plot-less meandering through a steam punk, alien zoo of a city scape. Interesting to look at, but ultimately tiring. Then, at pretty much exactly half way - after 150 pages or so - the plot begins, the book's menace appears, and the book's not-well-enough-done story begins. A reader could start at half way and nothing would be lost. There is waaay to much scenery in the first half of the book. Then, in the second half of the book, the plo [...]

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