No Mercy

No Mercy Warning this series is intended for a mature audience It contains violence murder prostitution foul language suicide and sexual content This is a first part in a series The books are meant to be r

  • Title: No Mercy
  • Author: Mary Martel
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  • Page: 196
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  • Warning this series is intended for a mature audience It contains violence, murder, prostitution, foul language, suicide and sexual content This is a first part in a series The books are meant to be read in order Do you know what the funny thing about Mercy is Cap asked her Before she could answer he spoke again, It can be a cold, hard, unforgiving bitch DuchesWarning this series is intended for a mature audience It contains violence, murder, prostitution, foul language, suicide and sexual content This is a first part in a series The books are meant to be read in order Do you know what the funny thing about Mercy is Cap asked her Before she could answer he spoke again, It can be a cold, hard, unforgiving bitch Duchess runs The Dollhouse An old, two story mansion she recently purchased in an attempt to create a safe home for herself and her girl Franky, something neither of them have ever had A safe home is not all The Dollhouse is though The downstairs is a bar and the upstairs is home to something much seedier A modern day brothel A brothel Duchess is the proprietress of Duchess is a cold, hard, tough as nails woman with a murky past Her whole life revolves around taking care of her girls and keeping them safe Life at The Dollhouse is irrevocably altered when its sole neighbor, the Mercy MC, strolls through the front doors of the bar From that moment on Duchess s fate is intertwined with theirs She tries to fight it to no avail They claimed her and her girls and that s all there is to it She gets a family she never wanted Friends she never needed And a lover she never expected She also suffers loss and has no qualms about killing anybody who stands in her way or threatens her or her girls This is the first part in a series and it is not a happy go lucky story.

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    • Five JAW-DROPPING stars!!I, like many others, am a HUGE fan of books and shows that revolve around motorcycle clubs. No Mercy did not disappoint! Duchess is a young woman who has been through hell and back. She is someone who would never be considered another person's doormat. She's strong, she's opinionated, and a total badass! Her experiences in life have provided her with tact and the ability to read a person's true intentions with ease. However, she's no angel. She runs a brothel by the name [...]

    • When I was asked if I would like to read the rough draft of a new biker book by a new author I was so excitedyou know me, alpha male riders and tough sexy women are my favorite thing to read about! I was surprisedd very pleased with how good this book was and now I have a whole new series to look forward to!Duchess is a strong, take no crap from anyone type of womane has had a rough life and she lives every day by her wits, with a cautious strength and duty to her business and her girls. When sh [...]

    • Wow just Wow!I love MC Romances and this is a mixture of that and a hard-ass woman that lives next door to the Mercy clubhouse and it's bikers that has some great characters. Duchess is the woman that is hard but loves her friends fearlessly, the MC comes to her bar that she build in her huge house called Dollhouse she does not want to know them because she has a side business and she at first don't like a lot of people but some of bikers get to her especially the president called Captain he was [...]

    • I received a copy of this book for an honest review. This is a story about hot sexy tough as nail bikers and a woman who is a take charge, tells it like it is , and is just as tough as the bikers. Duchess brings her girls to town to start up her business. She purchased a two story mansion turning the downstairs into a bar and the upstairs is for her whores. Unknown to her she choose a house next door to an MC Club. The MC guys have been watching her for a while when a few of them and their skank [...]

    • Spoil Free Review2 Stars - OkContemporary RomanceBoughtWith the warning I was ready for a sexy, gritty, emotional read. Not what I got. What I got was a badass heroine who was over the top bat shit crazy. And really do not know why she is like that. I have some what of an idea based off a little of her background. That did break my heart and really needed more of it. I had a hard time really connecting with Duchess. I get that she has to be somewhat a badass as she is running a brothel and she w [...]

    • Check out this review and others atTwinsietalkFacebook/TwinsietalkTwitter/TwinsietalkTsu/TwinsietalkNewsletter : eepurl/brwkPv No Mercy by Mary MartelI received this book from the author for an honest review when the author contacted us to review this book I read the blurb and thought MC meets a Madam…could be super cool. I jumped and said I would read it. Well, the next day I kept thinking about this book and wondering about it. I mean I was really excited to read it. SOOOOO I rearranged my r [...]

    • I love biker books. I don’t know why, but I do. This one is so different from the ones I’ve read by authors like Kristen Ashely. How? It doesn’t just focus on the story of the bikers. This story, from my perspective, seems to be two stories rolled into one and it was amazing. You get to know Duchess, her girls and their story and then you get Captain, the No Mercy bike club and their story intertwined together. At first I wasn’t sure about it but the author did a wonderful job making the [...]

    • I was provided a copy of the book by the Author for an honest review.HOLY SMOKE I just finish reading this book, and i love it, love the characters, and love how the book turned out to be, I did not wanted to finish reading this book at all, I wanted more this book had some action, and lots of drama, and I love every single minute of it, I am gone keep this short since I don't want to give anything away.The story begging with Duchess, she just move into a new town few months ago, now she is abou [...]

    • No Mercy did exactly as expected. It took me on a merciless trip through a dark and dangerous world filled with escorts and bikers. No Mercy is intensely satisfying with its raw and gritty story line and edgy characters. Duchess is the kind of woman who would kill you for bumping into her or messing with her business or friends. She has rude and crude and as this screw with me I’ll kill you attitude. She’s her own woman and doesn’t need a man forcing her into a submission and back into dom [...]

    • Imagine all the messed up things that could happen to you. Times that by a hundred and you’ll be where Duchess is. Duchess is a bad ass chick that doesn’t take any crap from anyone. Anyone. Her past has taught her that trust doesn’t come easily and always have your guard up. Her best friend Franky is a whore and chooses it freely. Franky has a past and maybe that’s why they get along. After moving around they found a perfect house in Mercy. Duchess planned to open a bar and entertain ups [...]

    • This book was pretty intense! First off, I love the premise. Brothel moves in next door to a motorcycle gangs clubhouse. Genius. Then you have the smart mouth, badass, madame of the brothel who is quite rightly named Duchess. I LOVE her character. I love the story line of this book and all the characters, Cap, Batey, Hash, and all the others. The book is dark, gritty, and disturbing in an amazing and creative way. The characters didn't hold back on the jobs that they had to do. I love books like [...]

    • When I started this novel I was forewarned that this book is not for the faint of heart. That was no lie for sure, this is a incredible read of a novel. This is filled with characters that have not had a easy road in life but are survivors in the very sense of the word. Since life is not all peaches and cream this novel hits on some of the darker roads that some have to travel and travel with finesse and skill. They have the guts to rise above what they have been dealt. Packed with drama this te [...]

    • This is a fabulous first novel by a debut author. I love finding those diamonds in the rough! I really love a story where the lead female character is strong and doesn't take anything from anyone. Duchess is this person. She lives her life as she wants to and doesn't take any crap from ANYONE! Duchess runs the Dollhouse, a small town bar, but she also has some housemates and they run their own side business entertaining the local men. Her neighbors, she discovers are some hard as nails biker gan [...]

    • Interesting book, I've never read a book about prostitutes / a madame and bikers before. This book started strong for me but kinda lost me along the way. I did like the story, the concept and the characters but for me something was missing. It was gritty enough for me in the way of violence and the attitude of the bikers but I would have thought that with the lead female character (Duchess) being a madame and the lead male (Captain) being the president of an MC club that when they finally "hooke [...]

    • I was lucky enough to get a free copy of this book for an honest Review. This was the first biker book I read and I have to say I didn't think I was going to enjoy it as much as what I did. I loved the girls, not your average type and able to handle themselves without having any men do it for them. I also liked the way they all became friends, family and lovers. Overall it's its a brilliant book that has you on the edge of your seat and turning the pages. Well worth a read. I am giving it 5 star [...]

    • I really enjoyed the book and look forward to the next one coming out in January. The only reason I gave it a 3 star vs 4 star was because I had noticed numerous editing errors while reading the book. I am a fast reader and grammatical errors don't normally bother me, so the fact that I kept noticing them just took away a little from my total enjoyment of this book. But overall, definitely worth the read!

    • This book was a awesome book. Duchess isn't your ordinary woman. She's strong and independent and has a take charge attitude. Throw in some bikers and you got yourself a great book to read that keeps you on the edge on your seat. Mary Martel did an excellent job at keeping the all the characters raw and locked into their element in her first novel. I can't wait to see what this new author comes out with next.

    • I got this book part of a giveaway. This was a pretty good book and I will definitely be buying the second one. It's not for younger audiences, but I loved the surprises and shocking turns as the story progressed. Once I started reading it, I could not put it down. Overall, it was a gripping and fantastic book.

    • When the author was telling me about this book I was very interested in reading it. I loved this book and really loved how this was about a strong Alpha Female. The way she handles her business and life is inspiring. I love her no tolerance for bullshit, and the way she puts things into perspective. I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next book in this series.

    • No Mercy Book 1Wasn't so sure I was gonna like this book, but Duchess kind of pulls you in & makes you wanna hope she finds her happy ever after. Cap & the other guys make me happy for the dollhouse girls. I wonder what's up with Mandy & Stanley. I'm not sure about Frankie. Can't wait to read book 2.

    • Four Stars This is the second Mary Martel read for me. I did enjoy it, it is an MC romance but there's a whole lot going on. Lots of sex, lots of boundaries pushed and lots of romance. This isn't for everybody nor is it your typical MC read.

    • Another great book When I first came across Mary books I read pretty ugly first then went on and read the Ariel series. I don’t know why it took me this long to start reading the Doll house series but I must say I am in love with duchesses. And Hash why?!

    • Now a fanThis is the second series by mary that i have started. I love her writing. She makes you feel deeply for the characters. And broke my my heart with poor hash

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