Whoops Here is the cat the dog and the mouse and the old lady in the tumbledown house She has a spell to make them all well but she just can t find it WHOOPS A hilariously chaotic story full of funny anim

  • Title: Whoops!
  • Author: Suzi Moore
  • ISBN: 9781760066789
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Here is the cat, the dog and the mouse, and the old lady in the tumbledown house.She has a spell to make them all well but she just can t find it WHOOPS A hilariously chaotic story, full of funny animal noises, illustrated by Russell Ayto, winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize and the Smarties Children s Book Prize.

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      393 Suzi Moore
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      Suzi Moore has worked as a teacher s assistant in a variety of settings and is the author of several books for young readers.

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    • A cat, a dog, and a mouse walk into a house . . . No, this isn't the start of a corny joke, it's the premise of Whoops!, a quirky children's book in which three voiceless animals travel to a witch's house in search of a magic spell to make them well. Though the illustrations are minimalist, they are complimented by the use of bold background colors -- brilliant fuchsia, radiant orange, intense turquoise. The story rhymes, and the rich use of language is lyrical: She went to look at her big spell [...]

    • Funny with great rhythm. Perfect for story time in witchcraft-friendly places. Highly recommended for ages 3-6.

    • The cat can't meow. The dog can't bark, and the mouse can't squeak. Luckily, the wise owl suggests they visit the old lady in the tumbledown house. With a mystery, a healthy dose of humor, and simple illustrations, this will make a perfect read-aloud for Kindergartners--especially as a guest reader.Reviewed by: Miss Kelsey, Youth Services, Vernon Area Public Library

    • I appreciated how interactive this book can be! I cannot wait to try this book at a read aloud session or a program within the library. A book like this keeps the children entertained, engaged, guessing and laughing. What more could a person ask for?! I also appreciated how the use of illustrations, language and word placement was appropriate for the audience. This would be a wonderful book for adults to read to children as well as for the readers who are just learning to read. Bravo! +Book+List [...]

    • One of my favorites! A rhyming and charmingly illustrated tale of a spell gone wrong. Appropriate for all ages as there is nothing scary about the old witch who just can't seem to help a dog, cat and mouse find their voices. No matter how many times we read it, my four year old still laughs at the ending. Highly recommend!

    • It had me until the end because what?The illustrations are quirky and just work in a way that makes sense once you see them. Not good for storytime. Fun little rhymes ensue when a witch tries to help a dog, a cat, and a mouse speak their correct sounds and she finally succeeds but turns herself into a frog in the process. Like I said what?Whoops.

    • With the exception of Dr. Seuss, I generally hate any picture book with rhyming text, especially if it is repetitive. This book is a notable exception. It is a very funny story, with simple, but clever rhymes. I only wish it was around when my kids were younger, as it would be a great read aloud book for young children.

    • Cat, dog and mouse have a problem. They can't / don't know how to meow, bark or squeak! After getting advice from an owl, they find an old lady in a dilapidated house who may be able to help them. Very rhythmical prose that could easily be put in song and several comical Whoops! along the story should make this an entertaining "read aloud" book to little ones. For anyone hoping that the old lady somehow helps the animals teach themselves how to talk, you will be disappointed as she just uses (or [...]

    • The rhymes work and have a nice rhythm. While this would make a good on your lap read aloud, the layout and the minimalist illustrations (which are sort of ugly, truth to be told) won't make this a good story time book for groups. But I like the rhythm and refrain, and the chance to make all those animal noises, which will make kids giggle. I might solve the art issue by telling this with puppets. I think the ending ("Whoops" is essentially a punchline at the end) might work better that way with [...]

    • This is a funny story with a verse like this is the house that Jack built. And the animals in the story cannot speak their cat, mouse or dog sounds. So they go to a woman in a tumbledown house for help. The illustrations are funny, too. And the results are worth the read. And I really like the hair of the old woman and the surprise ending. Could be read now or around Halloween with same silly ending.

    • A cute book about three animals that can't talk who visit an old lady for help. This is simply illustrated story that has great use of animal sounds. This is a great book for simple reading interaction as toddlers and preschoolers make the animal sounds and can respond with yes or no on the correctness of those sounds. Recommend to anyone with young children who want a goofy book to bring a smile to a fall day.

    • My son's current favourite book. Reading it in the car as we drove home from the library: 'This is the biggest book I've EVER SEEN!'. 'Daddy, this book is so funny'. 'The old lady has BLUE HAIR??!!'Admittedly my son is prone to hyperbole. It is fun though, stylised minimalist illustrations with great colour design creating a chaotic and vibrant mood. Silly and fun to read aloud.Anyone else know what exactly the old lady is knitting? It appears to have 3 legs.

    • So much fun to read aloud. My four year old calls it "the book with the silly ending". Since we checked it out from the library, he asked if we could keep it forever. It seems we will be getting our own copy.

    • This is a good book for a story time. It has a repetitive structure with variations that will hold the interest of children, and with the addition of sound effects and animal noises it can be a lot of fun. The illustrations are great, but maybe a bit small for large groups of kids.

    • Pretty cute! I loved most of the rhythm. There were a few areas where it felt off, but mostly it was really good.

    • A silly story about some animals who don't know how to speak and how they eventually get their voices. All it takes is a little old lady in a tumble down house and maybe a bit of experimentation!

    • Such a fun read-aloud, and playful illustrations. Kids loved the repetitive text, allowing them to participate more fully in the story.

    • “The cat can’t meow, the dog can’t woof, and the mouse can’t even squeak! What are they to do?” So leads off the inside jacket of Suzi Moore’s hilarious picture book, “Whoops!” Within the book we find three animal friends: a cat, a dog, and a mouse, who can’t figure out how to find their voices and make their own unique sounds. Fortunately Owl, who is very wise, tells them to “Find the old lady in the tumbledown house. She’ll have a spell to make you all well.” So off the [...]

    • Moore, Suzi Whoops Templar(Candlewick) 2015. $16.99 PICTURE BOOKA Dog, Cat, and a Mouse can’t speak. Owl suggests they seek a witch for a spell to cure them. The witch gives it try after try, but things don’t always go so great. I loved the cover and was eager to read it, but his book wasn’t my favorite read, both in story and illustrations. The illustrations are minimalist and despite some bright pages, it has an empty cold feeling to me. One of my favorite books has a spell that constant [...]

    • A cat, a dog and a mouse can't make their sounds, they don't know how. A helpful owl directs them to the tumbledown house in the wood where the old lady who lives there can help them. She has to make a few attempts, with the accompanying "Whoops!" However, she finally is successful in fixing their voices, but with a bit of humorous blow-back on herself. Pay close attention to the use of color during the book! Her hair, glasses, knitting (why is she knitting something with three legs?), chair and [...]

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