Finding Philippe: Lost in France...

Finding Philippe Lost in France From fog bound London to sun drenched France Exasperated by her tyrannical family Vicky escapes from rationing and austerity Britain and flees to the south of France But she s not there just for

  • Title: Finding Philippe: Lost in France...
  • Author: Elizabeth Edmondson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • From fog bound London to sun drenched France 1947 Exasperated by her tyrannical family, Vicky escapes from rationing and austerity Britain and flees to the south of France.But she s not there just for the glorious food, wine and sunshine she has an inheritance to claim, and a mystery to solve Can she find her wartime husband, Philippe d Ic re Is he alive or dead A h From fog bound London to sun drenched France 1947 Exasperated by her tyrannical family, Vicky escapes from rationing and austerity Britain and flees to the south of France.But she s not there just for the glorious food, wine and sunshine she has an inheritance to claim, and a mystery to solve Can she find her wartime husband, Philippe d Ic re Is he alive or dead A hero or a traitor An imposter, or a true Frenchman Do the answers lie in the Languedoc village of St Aphrodise, where danger lurks in the ancient streets How can she be sure who s a loyal friend and who a bitter enemy Vicky seems destined to fail or will she, in the end, find out the truth about Philippe

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    • Elizabeth Edmondson

      Born in Chile, and educated in Calcutta and London before going to Oxford University, Elizabeth Edmondson divided her time between the countryside north of Rome and the spires of Oxford She was married to an art historian and had two children.In Edmondson s words I write historical mysteries about love, marriage families and friendship, where the loyalties, feuds, secrets and betrayals of the past cast long shadows I m fascinated by characters who are quirky, mysterious, funny, unexpected and interesting and I want readers to share, as I do, in their joys and sorrows My books are set in the Thirties, Forties and Fifties, at home and abroad With dramatic and glamorous settings from icy lakes to Italian villas, from wintry Budapest to fashionable France, the landscapes are as powerful as the stories are complex The tense realities of life mingle with supernatural elements ghosts, prophetic dreams and voices from the past, but fun and humour also dance in and out of the light and darkness of the stories My aim is to enthrall, delight and amuse readers as they are transported to a different era.

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    • I enjoyed this book very much up until the last chapter. The ending happened much too quickly without full resolution and left me disappointingly unsatisfied. The rest of the book was quite enjoyable and filled with charm and interesting characters.

    • I enjoyed the twists and turns in this book. A British woman goes to France to find out what happened to her husband and has to untangle many lies to discover his fate. I liked the characters in this book and I especially enjoyed Oliva, the saucy teenager who runs away to join her aunt's investigation.

    • Intrigante. Me gusta esa época post Primera Guerra Mundial. Me da la sensación de que la autora al final se lía un poco, pero de todas maneras me ha gustado mucho. Apenas da un par de pinceladas de los personajes y, sin embargo, los puedes ver con claridad. Muy recomendable.

    • I have enjoyed all of Edmondson's books and look forward to reading the rest. Yes, they are a bit formulaic and she relies heavily on coincidence but she does a great job with the atmosphere of the time and I like her characters. Good comfort reads.

    • A Very Tangled WebI have read many of Elizabeth Edmondson' s books and this one was quite enjoyable. It kept me guessing through out most of the book. Vichey's search for Philippe is filled with many twists and turns that takes you through the beautiful south of France. Loved it.

    • ConfusingA story that takes forever to get to the point. Characters very poorly drawn. A very frustrating read that ends abruptly with little surprise .

    • This is the third novel by Edmondson that I read and it is obvious that they all follow more or less the same pattern. Placed in an attractive setting (a picturesque Italian village, a romantic little town in the south of France, an atmospheric winter lake in England) people with secrets in the past meet and those secrets get revealed step by step in the course of the book. It is always more or less the same recipe, which doesn't mean that it is boring, however. I enjoyed reading the book, excep [...]

    • Love!Utterly addicted to her books. I can't put any of them down! Tinged with history and humor and romance, you can't go wrong!

    • I have now read this book several times. I love the atmosphere of post war France. I can always feel the warmth of the sun even on the most unpleasant of days

    • Good read A lovely story set after the war starts off steadily, but gets more interesting and fast paced, builds up with a few twist for good measure well worth a read

    • I enjoyed reading this book. In a nutshell, it's humour, bitter sweet, full of suspense and intrigue. Good read!

    • A light-hearted read which is amusing and diverting. Such a shame that the author died recently - I enjoy her books and now there will be no more.

    • Being an admirer of Edmondson's novels, I was quite disappointed in this one. She frequently has an annoying adolescent, and while they seem kinda cute at 12, they are insufferable at 15 sort of like the difference between C3P0 and Jar-Jar Binks. It ruined the book for me. There were a few editorial blunders like the one where they were trying to find Olivia (Jar-Jar) and suddenly Olivia was talking, but you have to figure it wasn't Olivia, it was Vicky and the author mixed up the names.I was tr [...]

    • Slow to start with too many flashbacks, this is the story of Vicky, youngest (seventh) daughter of a prominent and tyrannical judge. The year is 1949, Vicky inherits money from an aunt in France and goes (runs away??) to France to look for a lost lover from 6 years back. Then there is the young lawyer who is sent after her by her father. There is art forgery, abduction, run-away girls, quotes from Heidegger, psychoanalysis, war heroes, traitors, sympathetic innkeeper, too many loose ends that do [...]

    • Post war France, an English woman searches for her lost loveVicky has recently inherited a tidy sum from her aunt, who had been living in France. To claim this windfall, she travels to France where she intends to look for Philippe, her first love, who is missing and was rumored to have been killed. She encounters numerous people who claim to have known Philippe. Was he a brave member of the Resistance or did he betray his countrymen? Mystery, intrigue and possibly a former Nazi dog Vicky's steps [...]

    • I have read several books by Elizabeth Edmondson, and I hope to read several more. They are tremendous fun! She creates interesting and likeable characters and hints at interesting complicated plots. But I feel like, at least in the case of Finding Philippe, that the author just gave up on the promising plot. It as fun, but could have been so much more.

    • I've liked all the other Edmondson books I've read very much, but this was a bit of a disappointment. The part about the niece's romance was highly unlikely and the character the heroine was chasing was a little convoluted for my liking. (Well, I'm easily confused.) Finally, it all ended just a little too "pat" for me.

    • Really nice historical suspense/romanceI have just recently started reading the works of Ms. Edmondson. I have enjoyed all of them so far. "Finding Phillippe" is an enjoyable suspense with romance as the icing on the top. I will be looking for more of her work.

    • A great, fast-paced English Cozy !I am so pleased to have discovered Elizabeth Edmondson. Anglophiles and lovers of " British Cozy Mysteries " will enjoy this read. There are numerous editing errors, but I could easily overlook that and just enjoy the journey

    • Great bookThis is non-stop. Escape from a sad life to search for a lost love in southern France, burdened with a sulky adolescent niece & trailed by a handsome lawyer. Abduction, art theft & forgery, sabotage, betrayal & treason abound. I didn't want the book to end!!

    • DelightfulWhat a strong story! Vicky and Julius are wonderful together!Olivia provides a bright spark. Vicky's father is the abominable tyrant. Aphrodise, France provides a romantic back drop.This is a great bedtime story.

    • Mildly interesting book. Very similar in theme to the author's Very English Mystery series, post WWII, Cold War, espionage. I prefer the series.

    • Twists and TurnsThis is a good mystery with a serious post-WWII plot but some light moments and romance for balance. Great French setting.

    • Loved thisI'm a big fan of Elizabeth Edmondson and this is a delicious mystery set just after World War II in London and France. As always, well drawn characters you care about.

    • Really 3 1/2 stars for setting and characters.cially 15 year old! However, plot lacked complexity of other books by this author that I enjoyed

    • IntriguingI like the way the characters were laid out, the complexity of the story . The details of Europe after the war it kept me thinking and wondering.

    • The overall pace of the book I thought was too slow for a mystery. The characters weren't too interesting either.

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