Destroyer of Light

Destroyer of Light The marriage of Hades and Persephone blossoms and their mysterious grove in the world below thrives while the sunlit world withers Demeter holds out in Eleusis pushing both mankind and the gods to fr

  • Title: Destroyer of Light
  • Author: Rachel Alexander
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback
  • The marriage of Hades and Persephone blossoms and their mysterious grove in the world below thrives while the sunlit world withers.Demeter holds out in Eleusis, pushing both mankind and the gods to frozen starvation in order to reclaim her daughter The newly married rulers of the dead must reach an accord with Persephone s mother to stay her deadly course and come faceThe marriage of Hades and Persephone blossoms and their mysterious grove in the world below thrives while the sunlit world withers.Demeter holds out in Eleusis, pushing both mankind and the gods to frozen starvation in order to reclaim her daughter The newly married rulers of the dead must reach an accord with Persephone s mother to stay her deadly course and come face to face with sacrifice, responsibility, and the balance of power among the gods.Destroyer of Light concludes the erotic romance begun in Receiver of Many a battle of wills among the gods is writ large across the dying earth, a cruel sorcerer king faces his trial, and the King and Queen of the Underworld realize a destiny that the Fates alone could have foreseen.

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    • Rachel Alexander

      Rachel Alexander has been a resident of California all her life and finished her first novel at age 16 She co wrote a play that won awards from Bill Moyers of PBS and the University of Southern California She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Literary Criticism with an emphasis on creative writing.When not writing, Rachel can often be found sewing corsets, overstocking her spice cabinet, and petting chickens She is married and lives in Half Moon Bay, CA with her wonderful husband editor and their baby William.

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    • A fantastic series, and the sequel does not disappoint! Absolutely brimming with passion, and overflowing with wonderful world-building, plot, and action. If you love well-researched books, mythology (especially Greek), or the myth of Hades and Persephone, be sure to check this one out!

    • Best book series. Ever. This is an example of well researched and exceptionally well written story telling at its finest, one could almost touch the surroundings and felt like I was peeking in and their lives. I plan on restarting these two books immediately, they have so much detail and vivid descriptions it's impossible to capture all at once. I picked these out for my love of Greek mythology and stories of the Underworld, and fell in love with all the characters. I loved how the stories we al [...]

    • This was a good sequel to the first one. I can't believe there's going to be another book. But it was at the end so I guess there will be.

    • Possible spoilers ahead.A nice conclusion to a beautiful romance. However, the book should have ended earlier when Sisyphus was captured. The minor conflicts that come after just feel like the author is trying to hit a word count.

    • AMAZING.Simply amazing. After I read the first book, I was eager for more, and boy howdy, I was not the least bit disappointed! The writing and use of research in the story is brilliant, and I love the creative twists that the author used for various myths she incorporated into this story, such as the gods of the Levant, or what happens to Sisyphus.I was intrigued when Minthe was mentioned in the first book, and her story is revealed here in a brilliant twist of the original myth. I never liked [...]

    • I loved Rachel Alexander's first book, Receiver of Many, so freaking much she could've charged $40 for this sequel. I would have paid it. Happily.Yes, her first book is that damn good.And I'm happy to report I loved the sequel just as much.Plot remains a strong point of these novels. There were a few things I saw coming - a bad guy who needs to be stopped, the seeds of a certain fruit which are pretty damn crucial to the myth. But overall, this book kept me up way too late (again!) because I car [...]

    • An excellent read! I loved how powerfully Persephone was portrayed and the ending was fantastic. I was disheartened to hear that the third book wasn't out yet, but fear not fellow readers! It ends in a way that is not lacking. While I would love to read the third book, this book ends sufficiently with the loose ends tied well. Plenty to tide you over until the next book! <3

    • 4.5 starsI've always been fascinated by ancient Greek stories but have never had the intrest in reading tales like the Illiad of the Odyssey, I've always assumed that the writing style would be to different to what I'm used to to be entertaining. Because of this I love reading retelling a of classic Greek stories and Rachel Alexander's Destroyer of Light was definetly a sequel worth reading I loved the way this book complexly unpacked the way women are treated in ancient Greece. Alexander's choi [...]

    • "Where in Fate's name will the next book be announced?" This is what I thought of after reading Destroyer of Light. This book is a continuation to Rachel Alexander's first book Receiver of Many. On the first book, I have shared my thought on liking it. And for this sequel, I loved it second to RoM.We know that Persephone was bound to prove herself to her mother, the mortals, and other Olympians. Yet, she proved much more to herself than to anyone else that she can make miracles happen. Her chara [...]

    • Now I do not usually write reviews, in fact this is the first written review I have done while on . I absolutely loved these two books (RoM and DoL). The world building was incredible and I could envision the places very clearly! These books had me at times sitting on the edge of my seat, crying, laughing, rolling my eyes (at some of the gods/goddesses). I fell in love with characters and got very annoyed with some others. I really felt like I was there in these times with both the gods and the [...]

    • not as great as the first but I still love it can't wait to see more from this author especially mythology retailing

    • Like I still feel bad about not giving this one 5 stars, just like Receiver of Many, but if I'm going to critique technical stuff, I guess I'll just say that I like a tight 3rd person narrative and I prefer dual POVs to be separated by full chapters. But honestly, I got used to the shifting, omniscienty pov. It was rare that I'd get confused by the blocking and have to look back to figure out who's head I was in. And like it's sort of thematically funny bc you know, omniscient they're all gods. [...]

    • Love it but the first one was betterI love the concept of the story but it was a bit slower paced than the first one. I did really enjoy it but there were times I wanted the story to move faster or that a chapter was a bit dull in comparison to others. But I would still definitely recommend this series, and will read the next book.

    • (I think) I liked Destroyer of Light more than Receiver of Many. The story really picks up at this point and Persephone is getting to know her place as a Goddess. Is she a little overpowered? Just a tad, but whatever. I like the progression of maturity given to the characters. Well. Most of them. The close of this book seems to be the natural close of the known Hades and Persephone tale, and it makes me hesitant to hope that the next book will be as good as the past two. I'll be holding out for [...]

    • I found this more enjoyable than the first novel, and commend the author on her excellent depth of research. World building was believable, and pacing was maintained well for the most part throughout the novel. I appreciate that both Hades and Persephone have been carefully written as superior in moral characteristics and personality to the other gods, although this can sometimes come off holier-than-thou in a way that is reminiscent of more fanfiction writing, than concentrating on well-written [...]

    • This book focuses more on the relationship between Demeter and Persephone. Hades and Persephone have to deal with Demeter continuing to starve all of the mortals on the surface world. It's nice to see the mother/daughter relationship be given some more time. We really see Demeter grow as a person in this book. Alexander brings a more sympathetic retelling of Demeter's part in the story. It was a nice touch to the series. I hope to read a sequel soon.

    • Absolutely adored the first book, but I couldn't finish this one. Things felt redundant and on an endless cycle. Demeter got on my ever-loving nerves! I wanted to smack her.

    • My second reread and I still love this story enough to give it 5 stars! I LOVE this portrayal of the myth of Hades and Persephone and I cannot find enough words to praise this book.

    • AAHHH I love these books. They are so incredibly well written! I've already talked about them more in my first review of Receiver of Many if you want more information.

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