Warrior Cats - Special Adventure. Feuersterns Mission

Warrior Cats Special Adventure Feuersterns Mission Lesern von All Age Fantasy Abenteuern wird dringend empfohlen in das Universum der Warrior Cats einzutauchen MultimaniaIn d steren Tr umen erscheinen Feuerstern unbekannte Katzen auf der Flucht ein

  • Title: Warrior Cats - Special Adventure. Feuersterns Mission
  • Author: Erin Hunter Klaus Weimann
  • ISBN: 3407743602
  • Page: 319
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lesern von All Age Fantasy Abenteuern wird dringend empfohlen, in das Universum der Warrior Cats einzutauchen MultimaniaIn d steren Tr umen erscheinen Feuerstern unbekannte Katzen auf der Flucht, ein ganzer Clan in Not und Elend Wer sind diese fremden Katzen Welches schreckliche Ungl ck ist ihnen widerfahren Feuerstern geht seinen Tr umen auf den Grund und kommt eine Lesern von All Age Fantasy Abenteuern wird dringend empfohlen, in das Universum der Warrior Cats einzutauchen MultimaniaIn d steren Tr umen erscheinen Feuerstern unbekannte Katzen auf der Flucht, ein ganzer Clan in Not und Elend Wer sind diese fremden Katzen Welches schreckliche Ungl ck ist ihnen widerfahren Feuerstern geht seinen Tr umen auf den Grund und kommt einem uralten Unrecht auf die Spur Zusammen mit seiner Gef hrtin Sandsturm bricht er zu einer Mission auf, die sie weit aus dem vertrauten Wald f hrt In fernen Felsenlandschaften entdecken sie Spuren der Katzen aus Feuersterns Tr umen Und Feuerstern steht auf einmal vor der riesengro en Aufgabe, einen neuen Clan zu gr nden

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    • Unlimited [Horror Book] Ã Warrior Cats - Special Adventure. Feuersterns Mission - by Erin Hunter Klaus Weimann ↠
      319 Erin Hunter Klaus Weimann
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    • Erin Hunter Klaus Weimann

      Erin Hunter is the pseudonym of five people Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Tui T Sutherland, Gillian Phillips, and Inbali Iserles, as well as editor Victoria Holmes Together, they write the Warriors series as well as the Seekers and Survivors series Erin Hunter is working on a new series now called Bravelands Erin Hunter is inspired by a love of cats and a fascination with the ferocity of the natural world As well as having a great respect for nature in all its forms, Erin enjoys creating rich mythical explanations for animal behavior, shaped by her interest in astronomy and standing stones.

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    • THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS OF WARRIOR CATS!!! This book takes place RIGHT in between the first series and the second one. Firestar begins to see cats that aren't from Starclan or any other clan! Eventually he finds out that there had been a fifth clan in the forest. Skyclan. A clan that had been driven out of the forest because the twolegs had started building houses on their territory. Firestar and Sandstorm set out to rebuild Skyclan, even through it seems completely impossible! I LOVE this [...]

    • you need to read all the other warriors books to understand this one, but for those of you who have read all the others, this is one of the best warriors of them all (besides Dark River and Sunset.) it happens between the first series and the new prophecy series, and it explains everything that happened between them, like how willowpelt died, and how longtail became blind. it tells about how starclan was lying all along to firestar, that there were really 5 clans in the forest, not 4, and the mi [...]

    • After finishing this book, I had an odd feeling of relief that it was over. Now, normally, I LOVE WARRIORS BOOKS. Believe me. But this one felt a little bit too long, and I thought if could have used some more work.Now, it was still a very good book. I actually enjoyed it alot, but it just didn't gel as well as the other Warriors books. I do know that Erin Hunter, the author of the books, is actually three women who write the books together. Maybe they just didn't have much enthusiasm for this b [...]

    • Warriors Role play. Today's EventsNew members are always welcome in Echoclan!Founder of Clan: EchomistLeader: Whisperstar (Me Whisperwind)Deputy: Whiteshadow (kaufmasks)Med cat: Flamepool (Waterflame) (apprentice= Sparkpaw (Cubez))Warriors: Jaywing (Angelina)(apprentice=Snowpaw)Eagleclaw (Eaglestar)Apprentices: Snowpaw (Lindsy)Queens: Silverstorm (mother now) must become Warrior after kit's apprentice ceremonyKits: Mistykit, Stormkit, Leapkit (open, mother=Silverstorm), Frostkit. Mother, Whisper [...]

    • Originally read July 2013Re read March 2015Wow, this was great! I was afraid that re-reading it, I wouldn't like it as much, but Firestar's Quest does not disappoint. It's great for both Warriors fans and newbies alike.(view spoiler)[ I thought it was kind of epic that Firestar and Sandstorm were able to rebuild the lost clan of Skyclan. They started out with a bunch of kittypets (housecats) and rogues (stray cats) and turned them into a noble clan of Warriors. Pretty cool, huh?(hide spoiler)]Th [...]

    • So so wundervoll!! Ganz anders wie die normalen Staffeln aber auf ganz eigene Art und Weise einfach toll. Ich finde auch dass dieses Buch nie langweilig wurde. (Die letzten Kapitel waren sowiso der Wahnsinn!)Klare Empfehlung!!

    • Bonus book written from Firestar's POV as he sets out to find and rebuild the unknown 5th Clan who forcibly left the forest long ago. Then he goes home and makes kittens (in a suitably unmentioned way, of course!)

    • After the massive battle with BloodClan, Firestar and the Thunder Clan cats are finally at peace. At least they think they are Firestar soon receives mysterious dreams constantly by the same plot: a grey cat with a wailing and screaming clan escaping and running away. When he realizes StarClan has hidden a forbidden secret of a forgotten clan, Firestar is furious and turns his back from the ancestors that he used to trust. How was he so careful about seeing his four clans across invisible border [...]

    • So, as with all of the Warriors books, I loved this one! But for different reasons than the others. My favorite part about it is easily the fact that readers can, once more, join Firestar on a quest. Don't get me wrong, I love Squirrelflight and Hollyleaf and the other main characters from the other series, but Firestar's just a classic. :) Tied for my favorite thing, is Sandstorm! In the first series, I always felt that, though she and Firestar were mates and in love, there was never GREAT deta [...]

    • This book takes place after Scourge killed Tigerstar, but before Squirrelflight and Leafpool were born. Firestar's Quest tells of a fifth clan that used to dwell in the forest, until Twolegs and the other four clans drove it out. This clan was called SkyClan.After receiving messages from Spottedleaf, Firestar sets out with Sandstorm to attempt to find and hopefully rebuild SkyClan. Although they suceed, SkyClan stays in it's newfound home and does not return to the forest.I throughly enjoyed thi [...]

    • I didn't realize until I read Firestar's Quest how much I'd missed him as a POV character and the old forest and its citizens, not that we get to spend much time in the old forest. Firestar is getting visions of a fifth Clan, SkyClan, that lived in the forest until the other four Clans drove them out, something no living Clan cat knows. That fifth Clan's dead leader asks for Firestar's help to reform that Clan, and since Firestar is Firestar he wants to help, even though it will take him away fr [...]

    • The four clans of the forest have enjoyed six moons of peace after the ferocious battle against BloodClan. Firestar, leader of ThunderClan, is sent dreams of fleeing cats lead by a pale-gray and white tom escaping a great threat. Firestar soon finds out that these cats were once members of SkyClan, a fifth clan that used to live in the forest not far from ThunderClan, that were driven out of the forest by the other clans leaving them homeless, trying to find a new home in a faraway gorge.With th [...]

    • To me, Firestar's Quest was a great book and deserves 4 stars. Some positives include a good plot, an okay climax, and great characters. However, I thought the book was too long and had a slow beginning. The most slow and boring part of the book was the actual journey from Thunder Clan to Sky Clan. However, once they reached Sky Clan's camp, the book started getting much better and enjoyable to read. All in all, Firestar's Quest is a great book that starts out slow, but gets better as you contin [...]

    • Finally got to this super edition even though I've already read almost all the way through The Power of Three. I LOVED this story, and I'm sad to have gotten attached to the cats they met but who probably will never make it into any of the other books. This was such a nice change from the actual "series" storyline books, it felt more personal since there weren't as many characters involved compared to the main books. I can't wait to read the other super editions after this awesome read to get me [...]

    • o.oThis Book Got Me GoingI was actually thinking about dropping the series but this one kept me going. 500 Pages, Not To Hard, But the story was a bit hard to follow, But It Was AwesomeFirestar Treks On a Journey to find the lost Fith Clan, SkyClanI kinda forgot where But In A Twoleg (Human) Territory, he finds a group of cats that are ancestors to SkyClan, High Jumping CatsNow, Whats The Best Part Is Sandstorm Comes with himd All I Can Say Is If You're finished with the Orginal Series and going [...]

    • Um, this is not exactly the book I preferred it to be. Torturously slow at the beginning, but then it gets a little bit faster. Do not read this book if you don't like the language and discipline of a animal perspective, or you're the type of person who wants to be entertained at the start of the book. Erin Hunter's books are great- but for some reason I have a lingering feeling that this one might not be her best works.*Spoilers Ahead Overjoyed that this was in Firestar's POV, mainly because he [...]

    • This book is getting really good. Firestar is now in the gorge with Sandstorm learning SkyClan's history from Sky and his faith in StarClan has already been shaken. As for what i've learned, this has filled in a huge gap in the story for me finally. Same with the Mangas. They filled in gaps for me so i'm not so lost from time to time!

    • Firestar`s Quest was about Firestar going on a quest to rebuild Skyclan. My favorite character is Firestar. My favorite part was when Skyclan was rebuilt and there new leader was Leafstar. The craziest part was when Firestar and Skyclan had a battle against the rats. I really enjoyed this book.

    • Amazing book! One of the best super editions! I defiantly recommend for warrior fans if you already haven't read it!

    • Ein ganz tolles Buch! Man lernt, wie ein Clan aufgebaut wird und welche Aufgaben wichtig sind. Klare Lese-Empfehlung!! :-)

    • In Firestar’s Quest, by Erin Hunter, Firestar strives to rebuild a fallen clan of cats. Firestar is the leader of ThunderClan, a group of cats. When he gets a call from StarClan he goes on a mission to rebuild SkyClan to it’s former glory. The whole deal with all the characters in the book being cats can be rather annoying though albeit an interesting twist. In this book, warriors are given names of nature things, including objects and living creatures. One of the characters, Echosong, has a [...]

    • Firestar's point of view again! Yay! I'll admit, Firestar's Quest was a slow read for me. I'm not sure if it was the different setting or the new cats I had to meet or maybe even the tedious work of pulling a Clan together? Even though it took me a bit to finish this, I still enjoyed it. It begins with Firestar receiving strange dreams from a cat he has never met before. (You know all cats of StarClan, then, Firestar?) This goes on for many chapters of the book, and also includes some real-world [...]

    • Wow! Firestar is one of my top four favorite cats of all time (including: Spottedleaf, Jayfeather, Leafpool--I love medicine cats) and having a 500-page book dedicated to him was amazing! I loved it from the first page until I turned the last page. The concept was amazing! A fifth Clan; I never even thought about it. Pure genuis. Firestar's Quest is perfect for people who can't get enough of Firestar, who was the original hero in the Warriors series. It also is a great filler for between Darkest [...]

    • This book is about a leader of a Clan-ThunderClan called Firestar. Firestar and his Clan lives with three other Clans in the forest, which are: WindClan, RiverClan and ShadowClan. The Clans live on different areas, borders surrounding their area. StarClan is where the Clan's ancestors go (among the stars). Their ancestors give them prophecies, clues and help for them to tell them the future, tell them the right way to go.Lately, Firestar was having strange dreams of cats wailing, crying for his [...]

    • Firestar, the leader of thunderclan is given a prophecy that there is a fifth clan Skyclan and this clan got driven out by the other clans. Now Firestar needs to retrieve that clan and reform it, but it is not that simple. In order to get to skyclan Firestar needs to travel far into the unknown territory, secondly skyclan was broken apart a long part ago and now firestar needs to gather the clan from the descendants of skyclan- rouges and kittypets! I thought this book was amazing because this b [...]

    • This book has today disappeared from my list of currently being read and consequently I have lost the date I began, so have had to guess roughly as to when. I finished it today. It is one of very many books by Erin Hunter. It is one of her 'stand alone' books so is suitable to buy even if none of her others have been read. It is set around a time of peace between the warrior clans (wild cats) As the blurb on the book cover tells us, Firestar is the Thunderclan leader and sets out on a quest to d [...]

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