Mail-Order Revenge

Mail Order Revenge Elizabeth Landvick knows of one man to blame for her family s loss of fortune and her parents deaths Now she will stop at nothing to take her revenge and recover their wealth Even travel across the c

  • Title: Mail-Order Revenge
  • Author: Angela K. Couch
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Elizabeth Landvick knows of one man to blame for her family s loss of fortune and her parents deaths Now, she will stop at nothing to take her revenge and recover their wealth Even travel across the country to marry the man s son With his focus on his sprawling Arizona ranch, Axel Forsberg has little time for wooing a woman, so when his father finds him a bride from thElizabeth Landvick knows of one man to blame for her family s loss of fortune and her parents deaths Now, she will stop at nothing to take her revenge and recover their wealth Even travel across the country to marry the man s son With his focus on his sprawling Arizona ranch, Axel Forsberg has little time for wooing a woman, so when his father finds him a bride from the east, he trusts he won t regret the convenience Until horses go missing, barns burn to the ground, a range war begins and he loses his heart.

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    • Angela K. Couch

      Fascinated by history and in love with creating fiction, Angela K Couch has been lost in writing novels most of her life As a passionate believer in Christ, she can t help her faith from permeating the stories she tells Often her martial arts training, love of horses, and appreciation for good romance sneaks in there as well.To learn and to see her latest news, please visit

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    • Thankfully this was only a short novella, and also free. The heroine bent on revenge (a trope I normally like) wasn't played out well as she came across as nothing more than a thief and an arsonist. (view spoiler)[Setting fires in the wilds of Arizona? (hide spoiler)] With animals and people nearby? Sorry, I don't buy it and don't like it. Everyone else seems to love this book.

    • Grab this one because of the cover and tagline. "She'll become his bride if it means she can finally take her revenge". I love mail order bride stories and like the premise of this one but ultimately it fell flat. The relationship never really developed. Lots of potential, but I disliked the heroine and her actions until the ending. Overall this was way too rushed.Content: Clean

    • 3.5Love the cover. This is a straightforward story of a bitter woman who marries a man with the plan of wreaking havoc on him and escaping with the cash his father stole from hers. A pity her new husband Axel is such a decent guy. This unfolded in a very predictable way. There was not much suspense here or depth - the story revolved around three people, two who are fairly perfect - but overall it is an adequate quick Christian mail order romance read.

    • Oh my word! This was so stinkin’ cute!! 😍I loved everything about this story! The pacing was great, the characters were wonderful, and I just can’t get over it!(More gushing to come!)

    • Mail Order RevengeBy: Angela K CouchI really enjoyed Mail Order Revenge . Ms Couch weaves us a story that will grab you at the start and not let go till the end. I caught myself trying to read faster to see what was going to happen on the next page. Elizabeth Landvik can’t believe she is reading an ad in the newspaper from Axel Forsberg advertising for a wife . Elizabeth’s luck has changed . She will have to travel across country to get to Axel Forsberg’s ranch . What will happen when she [...]

    • If an entire family's worth of anger rested upon the shoulders of one person, I would hope that they were more calm headed than the average individual. Through thick and thin the female lead of this story held on the everything that was within her power so that she could find the one who's head was going to role. However, through all the anger and all of the pain, what if she was wrong about everything. What if everything she had ever thought, ever considered, was based on faulty assumptions? By [...]

    • Mail-Order Revenge**** by Angela K. Couch1882 New YorkElizabeth Landvik reads a surprising advertisement for a mail-order bride to a rancher in the Arizona territory. Is this the man she suspectsAxel Forsbergse man and family responsible for her heartache? If so, she has plans for him and his father—sweet revenge at long last. Axel has no idea who his new bride really is. Would he have married her if he knew?I enjoyed reading Elizabeth and Axel's story. We see the anger Elizabeth has for the F [...]

    • Plans Change when allow your heart to change This story was quite a journey and one I have enjoyed. I like a good mail-order bride story but this one will forever stand out for me. Thank you, Ms. Couch for such a great story about forgivness, letting go of the past, and finding love.

    • I love Ms. Couch's writings. And once again, she delivered! If you have limited time, and you're looking for a quick read, with well-developed, realistic characters, a dash of romance, then do yourself a favor and read Mail-Order Revenge! I can't think of anything bad to say other than the book had to come to an end*I received an ARC from the author in exchange of my honest review*

    • This novella is packed with schemes to revenge the hurts of the past. Revenge and forgiveness, how long can they both exist side by side?

    • Mail-Order Revenge is a quick, feel-good story with enjoyable characters. I enjoyed getting to know Elizabeth and Axel, and I really liked Axel's dad, Lars-an insightful, wise man. The author's use of description was delightful (e.g. sunlight leaked through the window), and the dialogue realistic. I'm not familiar with life on a ranch in the 1880's, so enjoyed learning about it. The feud between Axel and his neighbors, the Coopers, lent some tension to the book, and it seemed like they had a sto [...]

    • A great way to spend the afternoonI was hooked the moment I read the title, and I only hoped I wouldn't regret taking my chances on an author I hadn't heard ofwith a novella at that. But I was delighted. The story and characters evolved at a great pace. I was looking for a quick, light read and this for the bill perfectly.

    • Elizabeth knows of one man to blame for the lost of family and fortune. Tired of scrapping to have just the basic of life, sees an ad in newspaper. Luck has change, and answers it to marry the son, and to get revenge. With the year 1882 you wonder how she would even think that. Could information be wrong about who did. Short, well written.

    • Revenge Great story. Elizabeth seeks revenge because of what befell her family based on what her father told her. The author did well describing her feelings and how she went about it. The ending was very touching.

    • Historical Western RomanceI really liked this story of revenge and the changes the heroine had to make too achieve a marriage worth fighting for. I hope you will read this book with enjoyment!!!!!!

    • This is my third book by Angela K Couch. I like her Hearts at War series better, but I did have fun reading this one and would definitely recommend it to fans of historical Christian romance. The premise is unique, the characters are fun to root for, and the story doesn't slow down.

    • A heart breaking yet heart warming story.From revenge to awareness and forgiveness.Who is behind the sabotages?Finally accepting the truth will shestay or go?Read The Book!

    • The writing was very good. The story was a little far fetched. But it did show redemption and forgiveness.

    • Mail Order BrideI gave this book a three because I felt it was sweet but lacked in originality. It is clean, wholesome, but unrealistic.

    • Elizabeth Landvik’s bent on revenge for her family’s financial demise. When the chance she’s dreamed of comes by answering a mail-order bride ad, will it be as sweet as she imagines it? Or will the truth set her free once she finds it?As soon as she arrives at the ranch, she begins plotting how she will get back at the one man who caused her father such grief. Blinded by anger and unforgiveness, she’ll do whatever it takes to hurt both Axel & Lars. But the more time she spends with t [...]

    • This was the first novel I have read by Angela Couch. It was an enjoyable romance and a quick read. Elizabeth is under the impression that Axel’s father stole money from her father’s business and was the source of the complete ruination of her family and future. All blame lays squarely on his shoulders. Revenge is the motive of all her actions. She must make them hurt as much as she has and retrieve all the money that is rightfully hers in the process. Her real target is the father, but Axel [...]

    • Angela Couch, Mail Order Revenge: The ruination of her family fortune and subsequent deaths of her parents erected a wall between Elizabeth Landvik and both God and man. She lays the blame for her shattered past at the feet of a particular man, her father’s former business partner. Elizabeth hatches a scheme to offer herself as a mail-order bride for his son, Axel Forsberg.If this doesn’t seem like a status quo Christian fiction plot, you’d be right. An imperfect heroine bent on revenge of [...]

    • When I read a story of revenge, I expect the author to provide plausible motivation for the character's cruel behavior, bitterness and angst. I believe it's especially important when that character is our heroine. Within a short, action-packed story, Angela Couch delivers a strong, yet flawed female lead in Elizabeth Landvick, who is desperate to recoup her fortune and avenge her parent's death. What she really needs is to feel loved again, to experience the power of forgiveness, and to finally [...]

    • Revenge turned RightThis novella was wonderfully written with developed and like-able characters set in a vivid plot! I loved the spiritual theme of forgiveness and how mercy triumphs over vengeance. :)

    • I enjoyed this novella by Angela Couch about a young woman who left New York City to go west as a mail order bride because the intended groom was the son of her father’s former business partner. She believed the man had stolen her father’s business and thought she could get close to him by marrying his son. Then she could exact her revenge. The story is engaging and interesting. After reading through the first part of the story about how the man had cheated her father, it was surprising to l [...]

    • "Mail-Order Revenge" by Angela Couch is an insightful look at the terrible power of bitterness. A young woman, whose life has taken a downward turn from fortune to misfortune, blames the entire debacle on a man who she thinks, betrayed her father. When an opportunity presents itself to pay him back, she grabs it wholeheartedly. Thus begins an evil plan to use the man’s son to inflict revenge.The plot is skillfully portrayed by the author with the viewpoints of both the woman and the adult son [...]

    • This novella was a great fast paced read. Elizabeth is the strong female lead who is desperatly craving revenge against the family that she believes caused her family's ruin. She escapes from poverty in New York and takes on a new persona to fool Axel and his father. While at the ranch anger and bitterness rule her every move as she tries to drag the family down. Axel is smitten with Elizabeth from the start and wants to win her affection and trust. They've made a life for themselves. Can Elizab [...]

    • Overall I liked this story. I am, in general, not a huge fan of novellas because something is usually short-changed in them. I do think if this story was a full-sized novel, the storyline could have been expanded a bit and would have made the book even better. But, for what it was, I did enjoy this story and the characters. I appreciated the author's attention to setting details and also the way she included horses in the story. The hero was dreamy in his raw honesty of emotion.I think the redem [...]

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