Unbreakable Alternate cover for B KUCK V From Bestselling Author Abby Reynolds This is a stand alone novel It is not a cliffhanger And it is the first novel in the Forehead Kisses Series Can there be too many

  • Title: Unbreakable
  • Author: Abby Reynolds
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 435
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Alternate cover for B00KUCK4V8.From Bestselling Author, Abby Reynolds This is a stand alone novel It is not a cliffhanger And it is the first novel in the Forehead Kisses Series Can there be too many pieces to piece back together This is a question Keira faces every day It s impossible for her to go anywhere unaccompanied by her cousin, the only person who knows whatAlternate cover for B00KUCK4V8.From Bestselling Author, Abby Reynolds This is a stand alone novel It is not a cliffhanger And it is the first novel in the Forehead Kisses Series Can there be too many pieces to piece back together This is a question Keira faces every day It s impossible for her to go anywhere unaccompanied by her cousin, the only person who knows what happened on that horrific night a year ago The guilt and pain weigh her down every day Unwilling to open up to anyone and give someone a chance, she lives in solitude For her, that s the only way to live Liam struggles with his own demons After losing someone who means the world to him, he combats his anger and pain on a daily basis He dives into violence and sex, losing himself and But as soon as he meets Keira, he recognizes the same pain he suffers every day And he pursues her, wanting to connect to someone who understands Keira can t put herself back together, and neither can Liam But can they do it together

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      Unable to sit still or focus on a single task, I learned at a young age that I was meant to do something that put my entire mind to use I was always a mimic and did impressions of people in odd places And that s how my stories began.But being a great storyteller doesn t mean much when you don t have any listeners I ve been very fortunate to have a fan base that supports my work and encourages me to release sequels Without all of you, I d have no purpose Literally.My personal life isn t too interesting My husband is an alpha male that inspires a lot of my novels He can be pushy and overwhelming at times, but I still love him to the end of my days, especially when I put him in his place Writing has been a lifelong dream When I was in college, I was always in awe of the fabulous stories I read I always said, I wish I could write something like that someday But I never thought I would actually do it Boy, was I wrong.Thank you so much for all the support.

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    • 3.5 - 4 Sweet Unbreakable Hearts and Stars!I have to say that I really enjoyed this! I was expecting a bad boy and naive girl, a typical NA storyline with tragic pasts and tortured romance. However I was really pleased to have read a softer tale of friendship, love, trust, and second chances that seemed to have a YA/NA blend. Abby Reynolds has written a tale that really restores one's faith in the male population. Liam is a big strong man who thrives in the competitive fighting ring. He releases [...]

    • Too much pushing away, couldn't care about either MC and the romance was barely there. I will say I liked the H for trying so hard and putting up with the h. I don't know why he was so into her but it was nice to see him not give up. He was definitely the most committed of the two (way before they even started dating!)

    • I read this because it was free on my Kindle, I needed a break from studying for finals, and the book cover had nothing but abs on it. Yup, that's why. But I swear it was written by a 16 year old girl who had read too many books with man nipples on the cover. It actually could have been a decent story if she knew how to write well and gave the characters even a teaspoon of depth. And there are many other words for penis other than cock. Just saying.

    • I'd never heard of Abby Reynolds until a couple of days ago, when I was asked if I might have time to review Unbreakable. I can honestly say that I'm looking forward to reading more of her books. Unbreakable for me is one of those books that sucks you in based primarily on the fact that there's something hidden in the pages and you just can't stop until you know what it is. While I thoroughly enjoyed Liam and Kiera's story, I felt the moments sort of slipping away before they really happened bec [...]

    • This one definitely would have been a 4 star read for me if it had not been for the last 3 chapters. Given what we've learned about our H/h through the course of this story, seen how they've grown as individuals & collectively; I just couldn't get behind the drastic measures the heroine chose to take with the "drama" that unfolds towards the end. I could totally see & understand her being angry with our hero for keeping this from her, & showing/telling him just how displeased she was [...]

    • I liked this book. It's easy to get into and a fast read.This book is basically about two people who have a very painful past, who are very hurt, and trying to escape themselves. I feel like through a slowly developed relationship, they start to become whole again.The main characters Liam and Keira are very sweet, but damaged people. My favorite character in this book is Liam. He is such a straight forward guy who is willing to face things head on and who grows a lot. The sweetest thing about hi [...]

    • So, okayIn the beginning the book had promise. I thought it had an interesting premise, but then quickly it started to have a lot of cracks in the foundation and just completely fell apart at the end for me. Liam is supposed to be this big, strong guy, but he criesl the time. I get wanting to show a sensitive side and who doesn't appreciate a man who's willing to show his true feelings and let it out, but I feel like he was crying over everything which made him seem more like a wuss. Keira- I ge [...]

    • I enjoyed this book a lot. It was easy to get into, as well as read. I really appreciated Liam's patience and kindness. His love was truly heartwarming and I loved the way he was with Kiera. The only thing that frustrated me was the fact that Kiera obviously needed professional help and instead of owning up to it, she refused and isolated herself from everyone. I'm glad she came around in the end and I'm glad Liam is there to help her, but her issues run deeper. There were a few simple spelling [...]

    • Standalone/Cliffhanger: Standalone Ages of H and h:Multi-Luv'n/Ménages: (view spoiler)[No(hide spoiler)]Was There Descriptive Sex: (view spoiler)[ Yes(hide spoiler)]Descriptive Sex &/Or Drama Between H/h With OW/OM: (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]>>If So, Before or After H/h Hookup: (view spoiler)[N/A (hide spoiler)]Contains Cheating: (view spoiler)[No (hide spoiler)]Amount of Sex In The Book: (view spoiler)[ A decent amount. (hide spoiler)]HEA/HFN/etc Ending: (view spoiler)[ HEA(hi [...]

    • 4.5 StarsHotness Rating 3 out of 5Unbreakable, the first book in the Forehead Kisses series, by Abby Reynolds is a must read! I couldn't stop reading this book. Seriously, there is a good chance that the world could have fallen down around me and I wouldn't have put this book down. Liam has so much anger built up inside. There is only one way for him to release the anger and that's by fighting. Lucky for him he has an established reputation as an MMA fighter and has an outlet. Outside of the oct [...]

    • What a sweet story! I sat down to read it and never put it down! I loved being part of the Liam and Keira story! Keira is broken, Liam is there to fix her! I love that story line!=) The fact that Liam is a MMA fighter was the cherry on top of this story! I always fall hard for a bad boy fighter! I am excited to see what book 2 holds for this couple!Liam moved his hand up my shirt and felt my hip. "Why do you always touch me there?" I asked. "It's my favorite.""I'm not going anywhere again.""I kn [...]

    • I really liked this book. I had a rough bit with it about the domestic abuse angle but even that was written with sensitivity. I also liked how the author told the story from both the main female and male characters view. I think that this made it a more well rounded story. The only bad thing?? It is part 1 of a trilogy and I can't afford to get the other books right now to find out how the whole story ends, which is frustrating as all hell! Other than that, I really don't have a bad thing to sa [...]

    • 2.5 stars.Keira was constantly in my thoughts. I didn't fantasize about her in a physical or sexual way because I respected her too much, but I didn't think about other women that way, which was odd. I used my bedroom conquests to dissolve my hatred and anger, but I didn't need that anymore either.So what did I need? I used to pick up a different girl every night and take her back to my place. But I hadn't done that in two months. I thought I would be sexually frustrated but I wasn't. It was pea [...]

    • Actual rating: 3.5. I have never read anything from this author before, but I can say that I really enjoyed this.Unbreakable is about a girl who had a series of events that traumatized her, to the point she avoids contact with other people with the exception of her cousin and hates being touched by strangers and being in large crowds. She meets Liam though her cousin, and at first she is terrified of him. He is big, muscular and someone who has the strength to hurt her. However, on the inside, L [...]

    • 3.5 ish stars. Review to come. Really loved Liam, but couldn't connect with the main character. Seemed like her chapters had no depth to them

    • Well, I must say this book was a big surprise. When I started Reading it I thought I had it all figured it but it turns out I didn't. What I really liked it was the way is written, is smooth and fluid, like suddenly I was in page 70 and I didn't even realized it, I ended it up in two days and enjoyed it quite a lot. I like the dynamic between the characters, I really liked Scotty, I know he's not a main character but he got to me, I love how protector he was towards Keira and how he was always b [...]

    • 4 stars (Reason is stated at the end of my review)If you are into new adult novels, then you'll probably enjoy reading this. But since I've already read A LOT This feels like the usual. So my opinion should not be taken seriously.The story is about two damaged/broken individuals with a tragic past. Each has their own coping mechanism. To Kiera, it's total avoidance, because she's scared of forming any types of relationship with anyone and oftentimes rely only on Scotty for everything. Liam on th [...]

    • 4.5 StarsAnother great book by Abby Reynolds. This is the story of Kiera and Liam. Kiera has a troubled past and the only person she trusts is her Cousin Scotty. However things start to change when she meet Liam. Liam can see that something has affected Kiera in the past but there is something that Liam is drawn to with Kiera. Liam spreads his time trying to earn Kiera’s trust and friendship, Liam is one of the good guys. I loved how patient he was with caring and patient he was with Kiera. Li [...]

    • This book suffers from a lack of depth and absolutely no character development. The story was average and predictable; the sex was vanilla. Additionally, it is plagued with grammar mistakes as well as story/plot-point changes that an editor (or even a friend who can read English) should have been able to easily correct (for example, at Christmas a house had a “reef” on the door instead of a wreath. Seriously? Thank goodness this book was free*, because if I paid for this drivel I would have [...]

    • A sweet love story about two people traumatised by their pasts, trying to work their way through all their issues. I enjoyed this book immensely and although I normally like major drama, major angst, major sexy time and well anything in a major way, the fact that this didn't have the OMG moments that I crave didn't lessen my enjoyment of it. The issues that the H and h had were major but the writing of the story seemed to be set at a nice smooth steady pace, making them not as harrowing as it co [...]

    • This book contains violence and depictions of abuse (even though it's not written well).Keira is a college student. She is also an abuse victim. Liam knows Keira's cousin, Scotty. They meet and he's instantly attracted to her. Keira clearly has PTSD and issues with men but doesn't seek help. Instead she retreats inside herself and clings to her cousin. She becomes quite timid. It's very sad.Okay so see how they were all simple sentences? Yeah. The entire book is like this. Very little descriptiv [...]

    • Spoiler Ahead This was a pretty good dark read. Kiera's past that keeps her living in fear of trust, love, companionship and friendship with one exception. Her cousin, Scotty. She doesn't go anywhere except school without him and even gets him to move in with her. Scotty moves in and immediately tells her she's going to start getting out again. When Liam meets Kiera, despite her initial fear of him, he knows he has to have her in his life and begins to patiently work his way into her life and he [...]

    • Like many others I hadn't heard of Abby Reynolds, but I'm very happy that now I do I really enjoyed Unbreakable. It was a very sweet book, I did think that it felt a bit rushed at some points. Kiera is a lovely girl and very broken from her past experiences, and I was so happy when she was able to overcome those broken pieces Now Liam. I started out thinking he was very alpha and he was, but he then became a little to wishy-washy I love when a hero is in touch with his softer side, and can admit [...]

    • **Gifted by Author for an Honest Review****3.5 STARS**Liam and Kiera – what can I say about these two. Liam is an MMA fighter, who struggles with what happened in his past. Kiera is the shy, quite, anti-social heroine, who herself has issues due to decisions she made in her past. She has her cousin, Scotty, but other than that, she is for the most part, alone.Kiera meets Liam and in my opinion, he sees through her. He makes her feel things that she hasn’t felt before. In the end, I think thi [...]

    • ★★★★ this contempory book starts out with a young girl Keira, who goes through a battered relationship & comes out afraid of everything. Cousin Scotty helps her but knows she needs to trust someone other than himself.In comes Gorgeous underground Fighter Liam. Can he teach Keira to love n not be afraid??? Can Kiera teach him to settle down? You bet they can!! this is a stand alone book. I loved it. Fast paced & romantic. well written. Heartwarming & sweet. If Your tired of th [...]

    • This was a very sweet romance. I couldn’t put it down and ended up reading it in a day. Often, with NA books, I find myself hating one or both of the main characters. I loved both Kiera and Liam. I typically dislike it when the main character is a manwhore, but Abby didn’t play up that characteristic in Liam and the way he transformed as he was developing feelings for Kiera was great. I loved the way Liam helped Kiera heal and move on with her life and how patient he was with her.I’m looki [...]

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