Furthermore Alice Alexis Queensmeadow rates three things most important Mother who wouldn t miss her magic and color which seem to elude her and Father who always loved her Father disappeared from Ferenwood

  • Title: Furthermore
  • Author: Tahereh Mafi
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Audiobook
  • Alice Alexis Queensmeadow 12 rates three things most important Mother, who wouldn t miss her magic and color, which seem to elude her and Father, who always loved her Father disappeared from Ferenwood with only a ruler, almost three years ago But she will have to travel through the mythical, dangerous land of Further, where down can be up, paper is alive, and leftAlice Alexis Queensmeadow 12 rates three things most important Mother, who wouldn t miss her magic and color, which seem to elude her and Father, who always loved her Father disappeared from Ferenwood with only a ruler, almost three years ago But she will have to travel through the mythical, dangerous land of Further, where down can be up, paper is alive, and left can be both right and very, very wrong Her only companion is Oliver whose own magic is based in lies and deceit Alice must first find herself and hold fast to the magic of love in the face of loss.

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      379 Tahereh Mafi
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      She was born in a small city somewhere in Connecticut and currently resides in Santa Monica, California, where she drinks too much caffeine and finds the weather to be just a little too perfect for her taste When unable to find a book, she can be found reading candy wrappers, coupons, and old receipts.

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    • FULL VIDEO BOOK REVIEW HERE: youtu/QsBEM59aBCgThis was such a whimsical read! I can't say that I liked it more than the shatter me trilogy, but it's also COMPLETELY different than the SM trilogy. The writing was everything. Can Tahereh Mafi teach me how she does it? I'm jealous of her craft! The one thing that I had a major issue with in this book is that the world of furthermore is HECKA confusing. Like, I'm still questioning it. I feel like every 5 pages we'd learn about a new rule or a new we [...]

    • I might bump this book up to five stars but I need to sit on it for a little. I read this book so slowly to let it sink in, but I'm already dying for a sequel. The main thing I take away from this book is that the writing is just so goddamn PERFECT. Tahereh has such an unprecented use of metaphor that the colors and the scenery in this book were the most vividly described experiences I have ever read. Transitioning from a series with little world building, I ADORED Ferenwood. It was like Diagon [...]

    • I really loved this! The second you have a main character named Alice I'm going to make comparisons to Alice in Wonderland and I think that really was the intent with this one. We have a character going "down the rabbit hole" to a world that's even more magical and whimsical than the world she came from. The magic system was really cool, it was tons of fun, and I think it did the Alice story justice. I'll be doing a video review soon since I do have quite a bit to say about it!

    • I was right! The first time I read this I have it a 3 star and it was my mood. This second time around was awesome! I listened to it on audio and the audio was fantastic! Now it's on to the second book, Whichwood! ************Okay, I love middle grade books and I love Tehereh Mafi's Shatter Me series but it took me awhile to get into this book. But don't get me wrong, I will read it again later on to make sure it wasn't my mood. And the book was crazy cool. All Alice wants in life is to find her [...]

    • DNF after about an hour into the audiobook. After a somewhat frustrating experience with the author's debut Shatter Me, I was curious if a few years and her first middle grade foray would turn out to be a better experience. But for my taste, this tries very hard to be whimsical and funny without quite succeeding at either, the motivations and emotions are constantly explained to us, and I found the overuse of Alice's proper name annoying when a simple "she" or "her" would often do. The plot and [...]

    • I really enjoyed Furthermore! It was definitely a different kind of story, but there was a lot to love!Writing:Tahereh's writing is beautiful as always. As it is EXTREMELY descriptive and exceptionally whimsical in this novel, I did have to slower my pace to catch every detail, but it was well worth it. For whatever reason, the narration reminded me a bit of "A Series of Unfortunate Events"? I don't even know if they are the same (I believe ASOUE is third person omniscient and I'm not entirely s [...]

    • Am I the only human in this world who can’t help but think of Alice in Wonderland when she looks at this cover and proceeds to read the blurb?And yet, this is marketed as inspired by The Secret Garden and The Chronicles of Narnia. I don’t know about Narnia, but I don’t see why this would resemble The Secret Garden more than Alice in Wonderland.Come on, the main character’s name even is Alice and in the book she is described as odd. And let’s not forget that the land of Furthermore is a [...]

    • “Red was ruby, green was fluorescent, yellow was simply incandescent. Color was life. Color was everything.Color, you see, was the universal sign of magic.” Although it took me two months to finish this book, I'd say that I really enjoyed reading Futhermore more than I thought. This book is imaginative and breathtakingly beautiful with the writing style. Weird. Powerful. Enjoyable. I can't believe how she did all this wonderful material by herself: the characters, the worldbuilding even the [...]

    • I admit I was looking forward to another YA book with new guys as hot as Warner Oh well, it's still Mafi. I'll take what I can get.

    • This is one of the most beautiful, captivating and fantastical stories that I have ever had the pleasure of reading! Mafi has amalgamated a bedtime story, a classic Gothic fairy tale and a middle-grade adventure story into one enchanting and bewitching bundle.Alice Alexis Queensmeadow lives in Ferenwood, a place where magic is color and color is magic. She, herself, lacks any hint of pigmentation to her features. Her skin is white, her hair is white and her eyes are white: she is a bleached exce [...]

    • You know when you’re desperately TRYING to love a book and you’re reaching a point where you’re FORCING yourself and it’s still not working and then you give up on life and become a hermit I dunno, when people talk about Furthermore, they talk about how exquisitely poignant and elegantly crafted and whimsically carved the book is and im like justthe writing was alrightI’d be more impressed with the book as a whole if I knew what was going on. It seems like it took 150 pages to establis [...]

    • Furthermore is a three-star story carved from five-star prose. In a land where color is of the highest value, Alice is born without any pigment. Her hair is milk-white, her eyelashes are the color of sugar, her skin is pale as moonlight. Only her eyes have a hint of honey color and her cheeks sometimes blush the palest pink. It seems Alice's mother doesn't like her, and her brothers barely know her; only Alice's father loved her truly, but he went missing three years ago. Determined to be reunit [...]

    • 3-What was this? I justdidn't recognize Mafi's writing here. But let's start from the beginning.Small premise: I think the best Middle grade books need to be enjoyable for adults too. Of course I don't expect a book targeted for 11-12 yo children to be as complex as an adult book, but I think the best MGs should be enjoyable for older people too. Think Valente's The Girl who circumnavigated Fairyland in a ship of her own making (which has much more depth than this book and is far more imaginativ [...]

    • Readalong for the BooktubeSFF Awards which is being hosted byAdriana from Perpetual Pages, Chelsea from TheReadingOutlaw, Samantha from Novels and Nonsense,Connor from Connor O'Brien, Elizabeth from Books and Pieces, Kaitlin from Kitty G, Samfrom Thoughts on Tomes, Elena from Elena Reads Books, and Thomas from SFF180!Alice lives in the land of Ferenwood, with her mother and her three triplet brothers. In Ferenwood, the world is filled with color and magic, but our poor Alice is as blank as they [...]

    • "The afternoon our story begins, the quiet parts of being alive were the busiest: wind unlocking Windows; rainlight nudging curtains apart; fresh-cut grass tickling unsocked feet. Days like this made Alice want to set off on a great adventure."Man oh man, Tahereh Mafi has a way with words. THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING. Cannot wait to do a video review.

    • 1.) plot - it's so strange to comment that this book reminds me of the Wrinkle in Time. Considering that I just finished reading it before diving right into this fella. I mean, they both have boys for a companion that as far as i'm concern were their love interest. Both were struggling to fit in the society; a misfit and lastly, both of them were on their way to find their missing father. Anyways, the plot was absolutely amazing and magical (as expected!). It kinda reminds me of Percy Jackson's [...]

    • Well, this is a disappointment. Sure, I had no expectations when reading this book BUT this book is honestly so much worse than I expected. A lot of people loved it but to be honest I really didn’t. It was a total waste of my time. Why I picked this book up, I don’t know. I know it’s a children’s book but that was not why I didn’t like it. First of all, I was so bored. I got distracted so easily and only read a few pages at a time. I could not concentrate for a long time. Second I feel [...]

    • When I read middle grade I am torn between thinking I am too old for it (shaking my fist at these bratty, ungrateful kids), or thinking I'm not smart enough for it (what is the lesson behind this?). Furthermore made me do both of these things. At times I had no idea if this was a fantasy world or if it was our real world seen through the eyes of children, but that's kind of what made it awesome. So, I can't possibly summarize what even happened in the book, and I admit that I didn't see some of [...]

    • I've just read the most fantastically superb book dear readers, fantastically superb! It was truly magical, a modern day Alice In Wonderland. I'm so incredibly overjoyed! Five stars is simply not enough.Alice is magnificent, unique and incredibly lovely. The reader is introduced to Alice on the eve of her twelfth birthday, a day that poses great significance in the small town of Ferenwood, a community flushed with colour and magic. With her bangle adorned limbs and ravenous taste for eating bloo [...]

    • First, I want to say - once again - that Tahereh Mafi has magic in her fingers, her writing style is so poetic it's beautiful. I could read anything by her simply because I adore her writing style.Now for this story, I'm pretty torn. The worlds of Ferenwood and Furthermore were really interesting. The first was based on being in harmony with nature and everything that is surrounding you. The second was based on power, and how to get more. I really liked to read about how our characters were deal [...]

    • I want it now. Now. Now.Dear Tahereh Mafi,Please do not disappoint me becauseYou're one of my favorite author, so please do not wreck this for me. I love your Shatter Me series, so I have very little doubt that this would be just as awesome. I am that they could help you release this book early, because honestly, I just couldn't wait.Sincerely yours,The Whimsical Reader

    • Actual Rating: 4.5 StarsThis was delightfully weird. Mafi's unique writing style, coupled with a fascinating world and memorable characters made this such a fun read for me. The ending wrapped up a little bit fast for my taste, but I'm definitely looking forward to continuing the series!

    • “I don’t mean to be cruel. It’s just that my heart is so thoroughly broken I fear I am beyond repair”.“No pretendo ser cruel. Es sólo que mi corazón está tan completamente roto, que temo que no me pueden reparar”.Furthermore es un libro raro. Con una clara inspiración en las locuras y excentricidades de Alicia en el País de las Maravillas, Tahereh Mafi nos cuenta la historia de Alice Alexis Queensmeadow, una chica que nació sin color en un mundo en el que el color lo es todo, a [...]

    • Furthermore is such a imaginative & colourful read! I'm not often venturing into reading middlegrade books, but I'm happy that I did so for Furthermore. The writing, for some, might need a bit of getting used to. For me it was just fun & something extraordinary! Things impossible are being described throughout the book & it all is written so vividly! With Alice, who falls into Wonderland called 'Furthermore' we have a young and strong 'colourless' female lead, who is so full of colou [...]

    • A pesar de no ser muy fan de los libros infantiles, esperaba con muchas ansias este libro porque amo a Tahereh Mafi y debo decir que dentro de mis expectativas no me decepcionó. Si algunas cosas no me encantaron tanto, pero fue una linda aventura. Tiene un mensaje bonito. El final es demasiado fortuito para los personajes pero no arruina el libro en general. Reseña completa en Gracias a los Libros.

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