Seasons Pass

Seasons Pass Note Seasons Pass was written as a bonus story for readers and is intended to be read after the full trilogy it contains spoilers for book It s April and two years have passed since Lord Murdo

  • Title: Seasons Pass
  • Author: Joanna Chambers
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Note Seasons Pass was written as a bonus story for readers and is intended to be read after the full trilogy it contains spoilers for book 3.It s April 1822 and two years have passed since Lord Murdo Balfour was last in Edinburgh two years since he met low born lawyer, David Lauriston Back then, Lauriston s na ve idealism and self loathing provoked Murdo s scorn, yetNote Seasons Pass was written as a bonus story for readers and is intended to be read after the full trilogy it contains spoilers for book 3.It s April 1822 and two years have passed since Lord Murdo Balfour was last in Edinburgh two years since he met low born lawyer, David Lauriston Back then, Lauriston s na ve idealism and self loathing provoked Murdo s scorn, yet Murdo has not been able to forget him When Murdo is asked by his father to return to Edinburgh for the King s forthcoming Scottish visit, his memories of his last time in the city are stirred up again Frustrated by his inability to forget Lauriston, he decides to seek refuge in an anonymous encounter at Kit Redford s discreet establishment But will Murdo find the oblivion he seeks at Kit s, or something else entirely

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      Joanna Chambers always wanted to write In between studying, finding a proper grown up job, getting married and having kids, she spent many hours staring at blank sheets of paper and chewing pens That changed when she rediscovered her love of romance and found her muse Joanna s muse likes red wine, coffee and won t let Joanna clean the house or watch television

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    • Oh myMurdo. *takes a deep breath*Talk about a crystal clear yet fuzzy-edged piece of the puzzle sliding into place. The act itself is quiet but the resulting ripples are undeniable, a most deliciously bright glow revealing this man's heart.As usual, Ms. Chambers' writing is confident, knowledgeable, both in subject and character, and oh so satisfyingly scrumptious. Warm. Needful. Honest. There really is no place to hide. We know the what and where and a bit of the why but not truly the why. Even [...]

    • Season's Pass is a short interlude that takes place between the first and second book of Joanna Chambers series Enlightenment. Following a dinner with his father at which he is 'requested' to represent the family in Edinburgh Murdo returns home and discovers an invitation from Kit Redford to attend a reception at a very exclusive gentlemen's club as innocuous as it looks Murdo knows the importance of this invitation and complies.It is here that he encounters Kit Redford, the club's owner as well [...]

    • When Joanna Chambers wrote in her newsletter that we would have a free short story from MURDO'S perspective, I was jubilant!! I LOVED MURDO! But the "Enlightenment" Trilogy was written from David's perspective. We never got to read Murdo's. So he was still a bit of a mystery even if his feeling to David was as clear as day. So having this one was a delight.It was truly very short, only around 5,900 k, but it gave a very good 'information' about Murdo's state of mind during the two years gap. Tha [...]

    • I love this series! The Enlightenment series is one of the most romantic and wonderful reads and David and Murdo are one of my favorite couples! So this was just a delicious nugget This short story, from Murdo's POV, takes place between books 1 and 2. It's Murdo's "night out" in a high-priced sex club essentially. You get a sense for Murdo and the effect David had on him from the beginning. I LOVE seeing things through Murdo's eyes. And as much as I adore this man, I think the REAL prize in this [...]

    • Seasons Pass is chronologically between Provoked and Beguiled in the Enlightenment Series. But don't read this until you have finished the series! It contains something that is a central plot point revealed in Enlightened. And it introduces the main characters of Unnatural- the newest Englightment series book.Seasons Pass is the only book in the series told from Murdo's POV and this delicious little story is like that final odd puzzle piece that completes the entire picture. Murdo abruptly reali [...]

    • Impromtu BR with Julie.*3,5 stars*Okay, this only makes me want to continue this series this instant!!!After 2 years!!! Murdo still thinks about David. He hasn't been up to Edinburgh because he's been avoiding meeting him again. But he can't get him out of his mind. When at a club, he notices a man that resembles David, he realizes he must see David again!!And there, beneath a cold spring moon, he made his decision. He would go to Edinburgh in the summer and he would seek Lauriston out. He would [...]

    • A quick bonus of the enlightenment series, paving Ian's story, while waiting for the release of book 4 "unnatural".

    • Could there ever be enough words from Murdo's POV? I think not. “Obviously, I can’t be in attendance,” the earl went on. “I’ll be at the Congress. So I thought that you might take my place in Scotland.” It was almost two years since his last trip north. Two years since he’d made an utter fool of himself over that naïve idealist, David Lauriston…This was a wonderful glimpse into the man I feel so hard for, seeing him and knowing his thoughts during the two years he was apart from [...]

    • Ok, so I've just had it proved to me twice in one day. The reason it's bad for me to read these shorts *and I usually don't* after I've finished a series is because it just makes me want to run right back and read it all over again. *sigh* I loved Murdo from the start and I did love getting to see inside his head, as the Enlightenment series is from David's POV, but now I miss them. This series is a definite re-read someday!

    • Un relato muy cortito desde el punto de vista de nuestro Lord MuErdo.Le pongo cinco estrellas como al resto de la saga.

    • Seasons Pass is a short, free read for all those Murdo and David fans out there from the Enlightenment Trilogy. The story takes place just before the second book Beguiled and gives us a little peak at what Murdo was up to right before he traveled back to Edinburgh…two years after he last saw David. This is very short and takes less than half an hour to read, but I enjoyed getting inside Murdo’s head for once! And boy did he choose and interesting place to visit! No, David doesn’t make an a [...]

    • Un relato muy cortito que se sitúa temporalmente entre el primer y el segundo libro de la serie.Es el punto de vista de Lord Murdo, completamos y comprendemos mejor al personaje.

    • Murdo POV prior to his going to Edinburgh for the Kings visit and the events of book 2. Anything with Murdo's POV is going to be wonderful, it is frustratingly short though and we don't learn a lot from it (if this is read in order though a pretty significant piece of information is revealed, I read it after I'd finished the series and was glad of it) but we are given an interesting insight to I different kind of London club and I'm very interested in Sinclairs run in with the young James. I'm h [...]

    • It's always a pleasure to read Ms Chambers. This short reads like a chapter edited out, and fabulous none-the-less.

    • Super quick read set a few months before Beguiled . It was really cool to get to know a little bit more about Murdo, his relationships with his father, and his life away from David. I accidentally read this after reading Book 2 in the Enlightenment series so Murdo's reactions and behaviour in that book were a total surprise to me (and a delightful one at that).

    • Perfect insight into Murdo's tangled mind leading into book 2 of the series.Always good to read what motivates characters. It helps to understand his pov, which we haven't been given before.Lovely short.

    • Set 2 years after Murdo leaves David in Edinburgh this is really a scene set in a men's club where Murdo come to the realization that he wants David.

    • The primary virtue of this story for me is that it addresses the personality change Murdo undergoes between books 1 and 2. I can now see how the kinder, gentler version of Murdo came to be. After 2 years apart, he's still thinking of David, still haunted by memories of their time together -- and, ultimately, unable to accept that they might never see each other again. A humbling experience for sure. So when Murdo returns to Edinburgh in Book 2, it now makes sense to me that he behaves toward Dav [...]

    • An incredibly short little vignette, which is really just a glimpse into Balfour's life during the two years apart from David. In it, he comes to realize how much he misses David and regrets the possibility that they may never see each other again. And so he jumps at an opportunity to go to Edinburgh. We also learn several details about the intervening years that foreshadow the next installments of the series.

    • Great to read something of this series from Murdo's perspective, even if it was only a little taster but a freebie. We also get to meet Captain Iain Sinclair again, and a teeny tiny glimpse of his elusive David from Unnaturalwhich is up next on my tablet.So that's how Murdo knew what William Lennox liked as far as men are concerned. What a very sensible person David Lauriston was to try and forget the repulsive Williamwhich he managed to do very well after Murdo came on the scene. The way Davie [...]

    • Season’s Pass is told from Murdo’s point of view. Two years after the events in Provoked, and just before the reencounter at Beguiled, Murdo is living and working in London, trying to forget about the young idealist who rocked his world. When his father asks him to go to Edinburgh to stand for the family at the king’s visit, all the memories he’s been trying to suppress rush again, convincing him that he must avoid David for good. But an unexpected encounter at a very private molly house [...]

    • A great little short. Interesting to know the kind of life Murdo is living in London and the difficult relationship he has with his father. It's also good to discover that he still has David on his mind after nearly two years apart!

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