The King, the Mice and the Cheese

The King the Mice and the Cheese A king runs into the trouble when he tries to protect his cheese from the palace mice

  • Title: The King, the Mice and the Cheese
  • Author: Nancy Gurney Eric Gurney
  • ISBN: 9780001713352
  • Page: 397
  • Format: Paperback
  • A king runs into the trouble when he tries to protect his cheese from the palace mice.

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      397 Nancy Gurney Eric Gurney
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    775 thoughts on “The King, the Mice and the Cheese

    • A gleeful tale of the redemptive power of table napkins.I must have spent hours poring over this book as a small kid. Though I've not seen it for, um decades, I can clearly recall both the story and the illustrations - the long-suffering king pulling at his beard over complacent cats, dastardly dogs, lolling lions and exasperating elephants before learning to live with his unwanted rodent guests.Splendid.

    • This is pure, classic literature! I was reminded of this book because I'm going to do read aloud with Rosie's class. When I read this to Caroline's group, I asked what they thought about everyone smelling the cheese deeply After some of their answers, I passed around 4 or 5 containers with different smelly cheeses. It was a blast!

    • Omg, my inner child just loves this! So funny! And the satire about the 'wise men' is spot-on. The pictures, oh my, look at the lion diving in the moat (?), the elephant in the fountain, the individuality of the mice, everyone's expressions, the different kinds of cheeses. And of course the ending is perfect, a good lesson for all of us (including our politicians). It may be an 'easy reader' but it really is much more than that.

    • A friend recommended this as one of his favorite books as a kid, and I can definitely see why kids would have a lot of fun with it. The story is repetitive and funny, and kids can anticipate which animal will drive out the current unwanted guest. The drawings are very cartoony (almost Disney-looking to me), and each page only has a couple of contrasting colors with a lot of white space, so very small children could enjoy the pictures without reading the text. Older kids will love the antics that [...]

    • I've read this book dozens if not hundreds of times to my kids. They love it because its funny and for me it's fun to read. They get to learn about which animals are enemies of which and have some fun doing it. I think this book was a yard sale, but it's been one of their favorites for the past couple of years. My 7 year old is starting to outgrow it, but my 4 year old still loves it. The book has seen some mileage from our family and is beginning to fall apart. I may have to pick up another cop [...]

    • This book begins with mice smelling and then eating cheese, so it could be used as a senses book. Students could smell the cheese in their classroom and then predict what they think it will taste like. The book could be used to enforce how our sense of smell can lead us to a certain type of food, since different types of food smell differently. This book can be used to teach cause and effect. Every time an animal comes, it is then made to leave by bringing in another animal. There is a cause and [...]

    • A cute enough story, but nothing great. There is a repetitive pattern to the story and one that lends itself to use for story prediction. It's a straightforward story about a king who loves cheese. The cheese attracts mice. The king does not want to live with mice so he asks the wise men to get rid of them. That begins a revolving pattern that creates more and more problems for the king. But like all stories, this story has a resolution . . . probably not one that the reader would have thought o [...]

    • This is my favorite of the Beginner Books I remember from my childhood: a King with a particular fondness for cheese finds his palace overrun by mice, and eventually has to come to a truce with them after he realizes there's no good way to get rid of them. The mice are adorable and the limited color pallete works beautifullyPixar's Ratatouille took a page from this one in a way.

    • I have used this book for years as a read aloud to the local kindergarteners. The book seems to have been around for forever and the condition of our library book shows it. The story seems to hold the attention of the children and it's great to hear there guesses as the story unfolds.

    • Dante-It was a funny book.Alexia-It was a fun book and the author was creative to make up all those animals.Mommy-A good reminder that compromise is often the best solution to the problem.

    • This story, while very predictable, was entertaining for the kids. They liked it enough to pay attention, and that says a lot. Recommended.

    • Madison's favorite bedtime story when she came to visit us in Naicam. Even before she started school she could "read" this book word for wordat's how many times we read this togethere could even recite it over the phone!!!A very enjoyable "circle" story about how a king tries to rid his kingdom of the pesky mice who eat all his cheese.This summer Madison read the book to her little sister who also loved it. And so the story continues to be a family favorite! I will have to find another copy!!

    • Circular story. The king wants to get rid of the mice so his advisors bring in cats. Next dogs, etc. Eventually the mice chase off the elephants. They come to an agreement with the king and all get along.

    • I think of this book as a certain jewel. I grew up reading it and I still find it as a really fun book. Just look at this book cover and you will pretty much know what a the drama is about. While I'm talking about the cover you The art design of the King, cheese, and mice is what you get on the inside. (Unlike a lot of other books out there.) The moral to the story is quite smart as well. (I'm getting to that though.) It's written in a repetitive way all the while becoming more and more extreme [...]

    • Cartoonish riff on the it-could-be-worse trope. I didn't care for the animal-on-animal hate, but liked that the king at the end learned to get along with the mice, rather than merely tolerating them as the lesser evil.

    • I can't believe I had missed this treasure! I just picked this up at a second-hand book store - it's wonderful. I adore Eric Gurney - I love his animal illustrations, this is really fun, the wee one loves it!

    • This story is fun and engaging with the vivid illustrations and engaging text about how the king tries to keep mice from eating his food. This story could be used to show students different writing crafts like circular texts because the book begins and ends in a similar manner.

    • This is such a fun book with great illustrations. A king's castle is plagued with mice. What's to be done? Bring in a load of cats. The cats get rid of the mice, but now there are cats everywhere. What's to be done? Kids love this step-by-step story that eventually comes full circle.

    • These easy readers that I loved as a kid really stick in my mind, and I love that I still enjoy them as an adult. This one is a funny story, with great illustrations. Another one that I found when my boys were very little, at a yard sale up the street from my house.

    • My toddler's current addiction.A cute and funny story. He knows every word and often likes to "read" it to me instead. Easy for kids to remember. :)

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