After You'd Gone

After You d Gone Alice Raikes takes a train from London to Scotland to visit her family but when she gets there she witnesses something so shocking that she insists on returning to London immediately A few hours late

  • Title: After You'd Gone
  • Author: Maggie O'Farrell
  • ISBN: 9780142000328
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alice Raikes takes a train from London to Scotland to visit her family, but when she gets there she witnesses something so shocking that she insists on returning to London immediately A few hours later, Alice is lying in a coma after an accident that may or may not have been a suicide attempt Alice s family gathers at her bedside and as they wait, argue, and remember, loAlice Raikes takes a train from London to Scotland to visit her family, but when she gets there she witnesses something so shocking that she insists on returning to London immediately A few hours later, Alice is lying in a coma after an accident that may or may not have been a suicide attempt Alice s family gathers at her bedside and as they wait, argue, and remember, long buried tensions emerge The they talk, the they seem to conceal Alice, meanwhile, slides between varying levels of consciousness, recalling her past and a love affair that recently ended A riveting story that skips through time and interweaves multiple points of view, After You d Gone is a novel of stunning psychological depth and marks the debut of a major literary talent.

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      Maggie O Farrell born 1972, Coleraine Northern Ireland is a British author of contemporary fiction, who features in Waterstones 25 Authors for the Future It is possible to identify several common themes in her novels the relationship between sisters is one, another is loss and the psychological impact of those losses on the lives of her characters.

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    • NOT A REVIEW OF AFTER YOU'D GONE, WHICH WAS OKAY BUT WENT IN ONE EAR AND OUT THE OTHERI realise is for books but I found a piece of beautiful writing about the vain search for modern romance in a movie called Kissing Jessica Stein. The first part of this movie is all about a thirty-ish woman in New York who can't meet the right guy, fairly usual but quite funny too. Then it takes off in a different direction, which I'll refrain from commenting on or you'll raise your eyebrows, I know you will. [...]

    • You know that rule some people have about reading 50 pages of a book and deciding whether to put it down or continue with it? Well I’m not sure if this would have made it if I were a stickler to that rule. Actually, writing that, I’m not sure exactly which page it was that made me realize I liked this book. But I do know that I mostly muddled my way through the first lot of pages. The narration confused me a little. Multiple points of view, different periods of time. It was as if the pieces [...]

    • This book wrecked me. It follows a woman named Alice who’s in a coma after stepping into traffic, and her family doesn’t know whether or not it was a suicide attempt. The narrative jumps around to all different periods of her life, focusing on her relationship with her lover, John – a relationship that we learn has ended, but we don’t know why. We also get snippets of her mother and grandmother’s lives.The writing overall wasn’t my favorite. Mostly I thought there were too many adjec [...]

    • I didn't really have time to read this book. So I gobbled it up in two days! Isn't that the power of any great book - that reading becomes compulsive as you find yourself sucked into the story regardless of time constraints? It's testament to Maggie O'Farrell's skill as a writer. She cast a line and reeled me in during the opening paragraph. No hint of a dull start or laborious scene setting. The ride begins on line one. When I'd finished it last night, I glanced at the rating on , out of curios [...]

    • Megi, Megi, Megi koliko si me oduševila sa Esmi Lenoks, toliko su ta velika očekivanja koja sam stekao splasnula kada sam došao do kraja tvog prvencaNaravno, nije sve baš tako crno Kada uzmem u obzir da je ovo literarni prvenac Megi O'Farel onda se nekim stvarima može malo i progledati kroz prsteIma tu mnogo dobrih elemenata - način pisanja, težnja ka tajnovitosti, nekoliko baš moćnih rečenica, oslikavanje likova, ali mi se čini da su svi ovi elementi ispolirani tek u njenim kasnijim [...]

    • "Sliding between different levels of consciousness, Alice listens to the conversations around her, and begins sifting through recollections of her past, and of a recently curtailed love affair."Alice is in a coma for most of the book, and you learn about her and her family and life through her recollections and various conversations. Sometimes it's out of chronological order but it never feels confusing or irritating. I had a tear in my eye at the end of this book. What a fantastic debut novel t [...]

    • Maggie O'Farrel is a great discovery - thanks Khay - this book was similar to Esme (which was both impressive and unimpressive - on the one hand, it's amazing to see how someone can be so crafty at developing multiple narratives and plot lines, but then when it happens twice you kind of feel like even something unique can be a formula) in that, without paining the reader (ie, Time Travlers Wife), the author delivers a story that is both captivating and mysterious, the pieces coming to light slow [...]

    • I almost gave up on this one. The first third of the book meanders so much, the effect is more irritation than confusion. The various scenes from Alice's childhood were unnecessary, as were the asides about how her parents met, her grandmother's boarding-school years, etc. The alternating points of view and shifts in time also created a jarring, schizophrenic narrative that reads like a series of vignettes vs. a unified narrative.The book was redeemed only by the central plot point, which hinges [...]

    • I loved 'The Hand That First Held Mine' and this has many of the same qualities. Maggie O'Farrell is so assured and such a good story teller. .

    • This book is one that was recommended to me, and one that ordinarily I may not have picked up from the bookshelves. It is sold as a weepy 'chick -lit' kind of book, and one that demands that you have the Kleenex on hand. It was a heart wrenching story, that's true, but written with sensitivity, beauty and unrelenting tragedy.Ultimately the novel is about a young woman, Alice Raikes, who, after a short and mysterious visit to her hometown in Scotland, returns to London only to step out into traff [...]

    • This book would have gotten five stars if the author hadn't just stopped writing on the last page. It was as if she'd hit her desired word count & literally stopped typing.This is the story of Alice Raikes who lives in London. She takes a spontaneous trip to Scotland to visit her sisters & is in a coma in the hospital later that day after being hit by a car. The two questions underlying the book are 1)what did she see in Scotland that caused her to leave so abruptly? and 2)was being hit [...]

    • I made a huge mistake in choosing to read AFTER YOU'D GONE, by Maggie O'Farrell. I'm not a fan of family dramas and here we have not one, not two, but three generations of familial bickering. I was initially intrigued by the book description where Alice, the youngest of the generations, "witnesses something so shocking that she insists on returning to London immediately." I wanted to know what she saw. Unfortunately, we don't know what she saw even when she sees it. I read 165 pages before I gav [...]

    • Yo begin i must clarify that this is my favorite book of all. I read it the first time when i was in high school and have re read it a few times ever since. I just love the writing type of Maggie O'farrell and for a first novel this is amazing. The book is about Alice a woman who at the beginning of the novel is hit by a car (which might be an accident or suicide attempt) and she is now in a coma. The book tells us about her life from childhood and about her family. You have parts from the past [...]

    • I'd forgotten I'd read this book years ago and bought it again, but enjoyed it just as much second time around. A page-turning read full of mystery, suspense, love and loss, in the most gorgeous, lyrical prose. This was Maggie O'Farrell's debut, and I can certainly see why she became a best-seller!

    • Authors who love their characters too much – on the next Oprah.It happens to be a pet peeve of mine when authors seem to live out their narcissistic fantasies by creating mythically attractive characters who inspire desperate passion in all who see them. Aside from everything else, in my experience it’s completely unrealistic – women who are that universally attractive (and it’s a very narrow category) usually intimidate many, if not most, of the guys who would be chasing after them. The [...]

    • Here is what you need to know about Maggie O'Farrell's After You'd Gone, it is a stunning novel that left my heart broken and my spirit stirred. O'Farrell exquisitely captures the essence of love and what it truly means to feel that emotion for another person.Not only is her character development an A+, but the way in which she weaves this story in and out of past and present is the essential component to the bittersweet ending we are given. It has been a long while since an author has been able [...]

    • My second read by Ms. O'Farrell (The Hand That First Held Mine being my first) and I just love her. Some might find parts of this book melo-dramatic, but I loved it. Granted, the description of the main character's relationship with her husband leaves out the "downs" that accompany the "ups", but you can't help but adore John. I don't know if it's because I'm single, tired, overworked or read it on a plane, but I wept like a baby during certain passages (and got a free vodka from the airline ste [...]

    • 4.5 stars.I really, really liked this book a lot! It was well written in a unique style and was very beautifully poetic at times (thought not cryptic and difficult to understand at all). It moved a bit slow for me at first, but I think this was a result of it's structure. Since the author jumps around from past & present AND writes each chapter from a different character's perspective, it took me a a while to get used to it's story flow. It also made it more difficult to get a sense of the c [...]

    • I really enjoyed Maggie O'Farrell's newest release so I was interested in going back and reading some of her earlier novels. This was her first novel and, honestly, it read like a first novel. I thought that there were moments of brilliance in the newer novel but I never really connected with this one. I tried to love it. I wanted to love it. But, ultimately, it was just good. Certainly not great. The writing wasn't nearly as wonderful in this book. It was fine writing but not great writing. May [...]

    • Oh my goodness, I love this book so very completely. Did I sob? Sure did. Maggie O. is my fave and I wish everyone loved her as much as I do.

    • ‘The day she tried to kill herself, she realized winter was coming again.’Alice Raikes is a woman in love who has recently suffered a terrible tragedy. Alice travels to Scotland to see her sisters Kirsty and Beth, and almost immediately returns to London where she steps into the traffic and is taken to hospital in a coma.‘Life’s cruel like that – it gives you no clues.’What happened in Edinburgh that caused Alice to return to London? Was she hit by the car by accident, or was it a su [...]

    • This darker, adult contemporary story was not what I expected, but will appeal to other readers.WHAT I LIKED: -I found the events and characters very realistic. The development of the relationships, both familial and romantic, were very organic and believable. The issues that were dealt with in this novel were dealt with in a realistic and mature way.WHAT I DISLIKED: -I was not able to relate to any of the characters. There were characters I liked more than others, but I still didn't feel any ki [...]

    • After You'd Gone has been on my shelf for quite sometime, but I haven't really made time to read it until 3 days ago. The synopsis attracted me, and I got this from Bookmooch years ago.It's one of the most beautiful books I've ever read. It's definitely unconventional, the story going back and forth in time, with no permanent narrators. The point of view switches from first and third person, and oddly I find that refreshing because that's also how I once wrote my novel drafts. It sometimes valid [...]

    • This is a beautifully written and intriguing story of love, loss and family. It begins when Alice makes a train journey from London to Edinburgh then mysteriously and suddenly returns home that same day only, we later learn, to end up in hospital in a coma after a suspected suicide attempt. The story cuts back to her childhood with a delightful vignette of her setting up a tyre swing with her father presumably in the summer of 1976, given the descriptions of unaccustomed British summer heat, the [...]

    • When I finishing The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox, I felt compelled to read After You'd Gone. Maggie O'Farrell is an incredible writer who is able to capture human emotion in a magnificent and poignant manner. What I really liked about this book is the way in which O'Farrell dealt with complex issues without over dramatizing them. The book packs a soft punch of wisdom regarding love, betrayal, grief and forgiveness.

    • I had previously read O'Farrells novel "This must be the place" it was a great 4 star novel ,I picked up this novel at a used bookstore thinking it would be just as good as the other ======= I was wrong!None of the characters seemed the least bit real and the main character,Alice,was no better.As the story begins Alice takes a train to Edinburgh,meets up with her sisters,than takes the next train back to London where she steps carelessly,maybe suicidally,info the street and is hit by a car ,she [...]

    • This book is so full of raw emotion it really brings the character of Alice to life.This book is told via multiple perspectives and is written and skips about in time and place too revealing different parts of the story. It covers grief so well that it felt painful to read at times. A very talented author even if it has left me in the mood to read something cheerier.

    • I'll give three and a half . The novel is beautifully constructed , starts like a thriller , keeps you engaged till the end but the suspense was disappointing .I liked Maggie o Farrell's writing style , the psychological insight into characters their motives .

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