Pardon My French

Pardon My French Seventeen year old Nicole studies abroad in Paris a city filled with fast cars edible snails and a foreign language she doesn t speak With the help of some new friends and a handsome Frenchman Nic

  • Title: Pardon My French
  • Author: Catherine Hapka
  • ISBN: 9789990242232
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Other Format
  • Seventeen year old Nicole studies abroad in Paris, a city filled with fast cars, edible snails, and a foreign language she doesn t speak With the help of some new friends and a handsome Frenchman, Nicole may find Paris sweet after all.

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    • I read the summary and took note that Nicole did not want to go to France. I thought I would be ok with that. I wasn't, in fact, Nicole is one of the most annoying main characters I've come across. First of all, what an ungrateful brat. Her parents are PAYING for her to spend HALF A YEAR in PARIS. What an amazing opportunity, I would love to be offered the chance to do something like that. Nicole instead complains about not speaking the language, the scenary, the people, the metro (their subway [...]

    • Currently, I want to reach into this book and slap this girl. I was curious about the series and decided to read this one about a girl in Paris for a semester, because I have first hand knowledge about the topic. Still reading. Updated: I guess I have just never been a fan of the self obsessed teenage girl genre. The main character whined and fretted so much about her boyfriend "Nate" that I could understand why her parents wanted to ship her off for a semester. As much as I admire the Naylor's [...]

    • Yes, I realize these books are basically brain candy. But I like my brain candy to at least be entertaining. Pardon My French wasn't very entertaining. I was more interested in the main characters new friends than in the character herself! Never a good sign. This author wrote a few other S.A.S.S. books that I have really enjoyed, so this was a disappointment. The plot was predictable, although I give the author props for not falling *exactly* in line at the end. Hence, the two stars instead of o [...]

    • Pardon my French was a really good book. It was very emotional and detailed. The book is very romantic and fun. It was sort of confusing but still good. I enjoyed the book a lot. I found it really cool how she used emails to contact her friends back in America. Nicole the main character goes to France and some new things come into play. She gets stuck between two guys and one big change happened. She thought her life was ruined but her friends were there to comfort her. I recommend this book onl [...]

    • Kind of fluffy even for something you know is going to be YA fluff, and the protagonist is unlikeable for a very long time. I started to sympathize with her and get into the story by the end, but then it started ramming the lesson down the reader's throat instead of revealing it in the characters. Of course, if the actual teen readers out there are anything like the protagonist, the sledgehammer approach is probably necessary!

    • it was just ok. Nicole was just very naive and came off a little whiney and stupid but overall a cute and easy read

    • I really enjoys this book because it had a girl that went to Paris and found a cute French boy. They fell in love and it was very romantic.

    • Pardon My French pada akhirnya mengajak pembaca untuk merenung, terutama jika berada di posisi yang sama dengan tokoh utamanya; di mana tokoh utama ini akhirnya menemukan zona nyaman dan menolak habis-habisan untuk keluar dari zona nyaman tersebut, bahkan sampai di taraf membela habis-habisan pula orang-orang yang terlibat di dalam kehidupan zona nyamannya dan menganggap semua sudah perfect -- tidak ada sedikit pun celah untuk melihat kejelekan. Ketika tokoh utama "dipaksa" untuk mau keluar dari [...]

    • How do you say doormat in French?I ran across this series on and am now determined to Read It All, but it's probably just as well that this was not the first one I picked up.Nicole, poor thing, has been banished to Paris for a semester by her heartless, unloving parents. The horror! I mean, what teenager would possibly want to spend a semester in Paris? Nicole just can't bear the thought of rude Parisians and culture and gross foods like gelato and Nutella crêpes, whatever they are.Nicole shou [...]

    • This was one of those books where I spent most of the time wanting to just shake the main character. I think that was the point, though. High schooler Nicole doesn't want to spend a semester in France - she just wants to stay home with her friends and plan how she is going to follow her boyfriend Nate wherever he goes to college. In fact, although she is surrounded by Paris museums, yummy crepe stands, and cool new friends at her international school, she continues to pine for Nate and his gramm [...]

    • This book was not very different from all the other teen gossipy books that are out there. The main character is Nicole. She joins the Students Across the Seven Seas (S.A.S.S) merely because she wanted to satisfy her parents. What she really wants to is to hang out with her friends and her perfect boyfriend , Nate. I think that Nicole is really taking this chance to go to France for granted. I'm pretty sure that a lot of girls would kill to be in your position ( that includes me of course!). Nic [...]

    • This book kind of disappointed me ALOT,i was expecting a kind of romantic kind of thing or happy ending at leastThe first thing that annoyed me ALOT is the email messages.At first i thought only one of the characters were going to do the btw and fyi thing but it kinda annoyed me and it was kind of fake and unrealistic because not everyone does that and so i wasn't even bothered to read them. The second ting that also annoyed me was how Nicole said 'goodbye' to Luc eveytime he asked here somethin [...]

    • **spoiler alert**Seventeen-year-old Nicole Larson enters the Students Across the Seven Seas program and goes to study in Paris, France. She was, at first, thinking that Paris was just awful, and she goes to live in a place with younger kids and a "nanny" named Luc. Nicole was also constantly staying in touch with her best friends, Annie, Zara, Patrice, and her boyfriend, Nate.Then, she starts realized that she liked Paris a bit, and Luc.***I honestly count this book as fun, yet the last part of [...]

    • For what it was, I enjoyed it. And I liked the end when Nicole finds her own strength. But for the most part, I just thought it was really weak. I don't think the story was developed enough and we doing see Nicole really developing as a character until the last 20 or so pages. I found the emails between Nicole and her American friends to be painful, although that was probably because the author chose to write it in true teen text with 'u r rly qt' type phrasing. I wanted to know more about her r [...]

    • This book was not very different from all the other teen gossipy books that are out there. The main character is Nicole. She joins the Students Across the Seven Seas (S.A.S.S) merely because she wanted to satisfy her parents. What she really wants to is to hang out with her friends and her perfect boyfriend , Nate.I think that Nicole is really taking this chance to go to France for granted. I'm pretty sure that a lot of girls would kill to be in your position ( that includes me of course!). Nico [...]

    • It's a reread for me. I sort of forget what really happened in the book.Pardon My French is a fluffy contemporary YA book. I'm not particularly fond of the main character, Nicole. She seems unambitious and indecisive. Her life revolves around her boyfriend. It even looks like she lost her identity in the relationship, which is totally NOT okay. I understand her vision of her future before she went to Paris; that she just wants to get married and have kids with her high school boyfriend. I mean, [...]

    • Another fun book about travel from the S.A.S.S. series.Nicole has been told to get out of the housed spend a semester in Paris! But Nicole doesn't want to go - she's satisfied with her life, her friends, and especially her boyfriend. But she goes anyway, stays with a host family (who employ very cute manny, Luc), and attends an international school. Miserable at first, Nicole does not try to make the best of her situation. But slowly she makes friends, explores the city, and even gets some inter [...]

    • Before finding this one in the library, I was completely unfamiliar with the S.A.S.S. series, but ever since I picked it up I have been seeing more and more of them.Nicole is a very annoying main character. She constantly complains about studying in Paris. I could not at all understand her negativity. I’m a huge language lover and one of my biggest dreams is to study abroad. I wanted to shake Nicole until she realized how lucky she was. Paris, where the novel obviously takes place, didn’t re [...]

    • Nicole is sent to France through the SASS program, only thing is, she doesn't wanna go. She just wants to spend time at home with her three bffs and her hot boyfriend, Nate. I really didn't like Nicole, because she wasn't very appreciative of her trip. I would gladly go to France for a semester, regardless of who I had back home. Pshh. And than when her boyfriend makes a huge mistake, she seriously wants to forgive him and still cling to him, when there is a hot french guy practically throwing h [...]

    • An empowering YA book about a girl who is sent to Paris for an exchange program, even though she wants to stay home with her boyfriend and friends. She learns that not all French people are rude, that French food is good, that the metro is manageable, etc. Along the way, she discovers that her boyfriend is not the end all be all and that she allows her friends to boss her around and define her. As an adult, I figured out where the book was headed pretty early on, but I would have gobbled it up a [...]

    • French Nicole boyfriend studyabroad language friends dreamI liked the book very much. To read it,I thought that I have to experience many things that I have never done in my life. This story told me something that only teenage girls could understand. While I was reading the book,I felt that I want to help the heroine,Nicole many times! Especially, I liked the ending of the story.I would recommend the book,especially to teenage girls like me. Q:Do you want to change yourself?A:Yes,I want to chang [...]

    • This book surprised me in more ways than one. I thought the beginning was total agony to read. I trudged on to read each chapter at the start - I was exhausted - but as I got to the middle, it got all better. I expected to see more of Paris instead of Nicole's groveling over Nate but it was fine in the end. I thought the book was going to be a sappy love story but I was surprised because Nicole ended up having a journey to self-discovery, proving that being alone and single is not sad at all. Ni [...]

    • I love Paris very dearly, but this book didn't do it justice. I found it hard to root for the main character, Nicole, who is loyal to her idiot of a boyfriend and doesn't even know what gelato is. However, it is easy to read which I like for bedtime when I can't afford to stay up late at night, and the appealing Luc character kept me interested, along with all the characters introduced in Paris. I just disliked that Nicole was presented as the stereotypical American tourist- uptight and not open [...]

    • "Pardon My French" was a very fun and flirtacious read. I am participating in a study-abroad program this summer, so found it (and the "Students Across the Seven Seas" series) very intriuging. The book tells the story of Nicole a attractive high school girl content living in small town America with her friends a boyfriend. Her parents send her unhapily to Paris in a quest to broaden her horizons. She evolves over the course of the book with help from an middle-aged Parisian women and handsome sp [...]

    • Awesomely awesome book!.This book was the besht one i have read in the entire series!This book gives such a great lesson tht i can't help loving et!.e lesson is jst soo amazing and tht is simply tht we should always have belief in ourselvesd we shld never let other ppl rule us.z thts jst nt fair!.s our lives and it depends on us as how we live et!This book is totally recommended to everyone!:DD

    • Quick read that makes you want to slap the main character (for most of the book). I was going to give it two stars but I liked the idea of this book. I wish I could have had this girl's trip! **SPOILERS, Kind-of*** do not read more *I don't particularly enjoy books where the main character is horrendous but yet everyone she meets falls for her (as a friend or more) because of her looks. Blah. Not a great message for young girls ****

    • Cute. Clean. This one wasn't as good as the last one I read I can't remember the title, but it was about a girl who went on a marine biologist semester abroad.Anyway, the girl was WAY obnoxious and it took WAY too much time for her to start caring about her own opinion and stop being bossed around. She complained about how she didn't like it, but oh my word, until the last chapter of the book she was still getting pushed around.

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