Lust In a quaint Austrian ski resort things are not quite what they seem Hermann the manager of a paper mill has decided that sexual gratification begins at home Which means Gerti his wife and property

  • Title: Lust
  • Author: Elfriede Jelinek Michael Hulse
  • ISBN: 9781615549504
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a quaint Austrian ski resort, things are not quite what they seem Hermann, the manager of a paper mill, has decided that sexual gratification begins at home Which means Gerti his wife and property Gerti is not asked how she feels about the use Hermann puts her to She is a receptacle into which Hermann pours his juices, nastily, briefly, brutally The long sufferinIn a quaint Austrian ski resort, things are not quite what they seem Hermann, the manager of a paper mill, has decided that sexual gratification begins at home Which means Gerti his wife and property Gerti is not asked how she feels about the use Hermann puts her to She is a receptacle into which Hermann pours his juices, nastily, briefly, brutally The long suffering and battered Gerti thinks she has found her saviour and love in Michael, a student who rescues her after a day of vigorous use by her husband But Michael is on his way up the Austrian political ladder, and he is, after all, a man In Elfriede Jelinek s mitteleuropa, love is as distant from sex as the Alps are from the sea, and the everyday mechanics of husband, wife, and child become a loveless horror Both a condemnation of the myth of romantic love and an angry defence of women s sexuality, Lust is pornography for pessimists A bestseller throughout Europe, Lust confirms Elfriede Jelinek as the most challenging writer female or male in Europe today It is a dark, dazzling performance.

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      489 Elfriede Jelinek Michael Hulse
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    • Elfriede Jelinek Michael Hulse

      Elfriede Jelinek is an Austrian playwright and novelist, best known for her novel, The Piano Teacher.She was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2004 for her musical flow of voices and counter voices in novels and plays that, with extraordinary linguistic zeal, reveal the absurdity of society s clich s and their subjugating power.

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    • this book has two aspects - the brilliant analysis and mirroring of sex with capitalism, and the wearying repetition. by the first thirty pages, much of which i read on the el (hoping no one would glance into the book and see the inevitably sordid & brutal sex scene of the moment), i emerged from the el tunnel with new eyes toward the world, as if the veil had been dropped. it's a rare book that accomplishes such a thing in its readers! so i was sold. but despite how brilliant it was, i'm no [...]

    • msarki.tumblr/post/9980943Sitting down this autumn to the work of transposing all my hand-written work from last summer onto my computer I am somewhat surprised at how relevant this particular work of Elfriede Jelinek is to what I myself had been impelled to write about. Reading for me is far more than a diversion from my life. This novel makes me think. Clearly I am no longer of the patriarchal and consumer-driven society I have been born into, and I have done my utmost to insure against my fal [...]

    • (trigger warning: rape)I loved a lot of this book. Elfriede Jelinek is a misandrist extraordinaire and refuses to be subtle in her indictments of men. That's great. But after a certain point I needed this book to be done. Desperately so. I had to goad myself with sugar cookies and a strawberry smoothie in order to go through with my final push. There are only so many euphemisms for dick and forced sex that a person can reasonably handle, and it gets repetitive and exhausting after a while. The o [...]

    • I couldn't finish it. I think Jelinek is the only person who understands it completely and perfectly. I sure don't. There is something deeply disturbing about this book.

    • "Παλαιότερα δεν τους παρεμπόδιζαν τόσο συχνά τους χαρούμενους κατακτητές. Σήμερα φυσάει πιο τσουχτερός αέρας".

    • [Para empezar a entender esta novela, retomé mentalmente a dos artistas austriacos: Otto Muehl (la sucia vitalidad) y Michael Haneke (la violencia del mundo riguroso). Con esto quiero decir que considero a Jelinek dentro una tradición artística nacional en donde la violencia sobre el cuerpo es un punto fundamental y es trabajado de forma radical.]1. En la prosa de Jelinek la suciedad está como valor ontológico, justificador: la prosa enquilombada, las miles de metáforas. La dureza en el ne [...]

    • Nobody does it better than Elfriede Jelinek, when it comes to writing about the filthy side of human beings, not just any dark side, real filthy side!A husband sexually abuses his housewife. Industrialists and politicians abuse the nature. Herman is the manager (director) of a paper mill in Austrian countryside, who exploits the nature and local people. Gerti, his housewife, is sexually exploited by Hermann on daily basis.Gerti wanders into a nearby skiing resort in her evening gown and slippers [...]

    • Lectura áspera, fría y desagradable, de esfuerzo sin recompensa. Lo que es la historia se podría meter en un cuento de veinte páginas. El resto del libro lo llena el estilo rocoso de Jelinek. No hay diálogos, los personajes nunca se expresan. Hay multitud de metáforas y eufemismos que no siempre se entienden (me imagino al traductor sudando la gota gorda) y la narración se interrumpe constantemente con las reflexiones y opiniones de la autora. De vez en cuando salta una frase brillante pe [...]

    • A line in this: "My thanks for listening to these insults."Jeanette Winterson may write with her head in the clouds, but Jelinek writes from the perspective of mud and blood and piss and shit. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Reality in its ugliest form. Every line in this is an insult against something. The sex is rape, man against woman, but everything is a rape of everything here. And it's the narrator's voice throughout, I don't think the female protagonist speaks a line of dialogu [...]

    • This won the Nobel Prize? What a joke. Its prose is all over the place, the story is depressing And the story itself takes so fricking long to get into, such are the excessive descriptions of things, scenery and metaphors, so much so one forgets what the novel is about. I wasn't too sure that I'd want to read about sexual violence (rape in marriage) anyway. I didn't finish it. I barely made 15 pages. So not my thing. It was all mind-numbing, dull and erratic attempts at metaphors, analogies and [...]

    • -Incómoda en muchos sentidos.- Género. Novela.Lo que nos cuenta. Gerti es presa de su marido, un director de fábrica que vive en el mismo plano lo personal, lo laboral, lo sexual, lo familiar y lo emocional, mientras trata de educar a un niño cada vez más distante. La relación entre la pareja está completamente teñida por la dominación sexual ejercida sobre Gerti, que conoce a Michael, un joven con el que comienza una aventura.¿Quiere saber más de este libro, sin spoilers? Visite:libr [...]

    • Wow, what amazing language on the one hand side and what gruesome content on the other side. The permanent stream of consciousnes is amazingly funny and associative. The protagonist is a wife who gets sexuelly exploited in any way immaginable without the faintest hope for a happy ending. Quite a strange but brilliantly written mixture.

    • This is becoming tiresome, even if Jelinek's insights into "contemporary" (this was written in '89) existence do bear consideration. Later: Finally finished! I feel as if I should bathe my soul in bleach, though.

    • Todella vaikea antaa tähtiä tälle kirjalle. Toisaalta "it was amazing", mutta toisaalta selkeästi "did not like it". Kirjallisuutena, tekstinä, teos on mahtava. Se on kuin 230 sivua pitkä proosaruno, jossa assosiaatiot muodostuvat pitkissä lauseissa niin, että ensin lukemastaan ei meinaa ymmärtää mitään, mutta sittenkin sanoista muodostuu järkevät kokonaisuus, jossa tapahtuu hyvin paljon monella eri tasolla yhtä aikaa. Tarinana teos on karmaiseva. Kirjassa kerrotaan onnettoman, m [...]

    • Segundo livro que não consigo acabar de ler de tão mau que é. Sem dúvida que a escrita é única, mas isso não faz dela boa - as frases são confusas e é impossível avaliar a articulação, porque ela simplesmente não existe. Absolutamente horrível.

    • Welche Mythen werden über die heutige westliche Konsum- und Leistungsgesellschaft geschrieben werden und welche Themen werden diese Mythen beherrschen? Die Reichtümer des himmlischen Jenseits sind dem Menschen von heute zu abstrakt und ungewiss, statt den Abgründen der Hölle fürchtet man die Abgründe der (un)menschlichen Psyche. Es werden wohl Mythen über Menschen sein, die vieles besitzen und dennoch nichts haben, die vieles wissen, aber nichts verstehen, die versuchen, ihre emotionale L [...]

    • Η γραφή της Γέλινεκ είναι απάλευτη. Τόσο απλά, είναι μια γραφή κλινικής και νοσηρής ακρίβειας, όπου σε μονόλογο σχιζοφρενούς η συγγραφέας παραθέτει τις πιο φρικαλέες λεπτομέρειες σα να περιγράφει κοσμικό δείπνο σε περιοδικό μόδας, τόσο αδιάφορα. Η βωμολοχία δεν υπάρχει, γι [...]

    • Mentioned that I wanted to read Women as Lovers and Carol sent this to me par poste (or maybe when we were in Lodi? I don't remember.) I was going through a weird funk and this book just made that funk that much more pronounced. I felt like there was almost a strange language gap and maybe Jelinek's descriptions didn't exactly crossover well in English? I couldn't get through most paragraphs without re-reading it then feeling disgusted about what was going on. I ended up giving myself more enter [...]

    • I might return to this. It's well written, but I'm just not in the mood for modernist games. Sometimes it's ok, but the writing needs to blow me away – or at least be funny – in order to keep me turning the page. There was some beautiful passages and set pieces (some hot sex scenes and a few funny takes on the oh-so-virile-and-powerful paterfamilias/capitalist) but eventually I decided I had better things to do. I'm still willing to give Jelinek, and even this book, another chance – I do l [...]

    • this was the final nail in my already-sturdy feminist coffin/mansion & this book broke my 3rd eye in 80 ways when i was 17. jelinek's musicality transcended what i thought belonged in sentences, its cadence and beauty allowing for the violence it contains to be both swallowed and amplified, like those pills with dinosaur sponges in them. it's harder to recommend to friends than, say, Wonderful, Wonderful Times, but to be 17 & to have stumbled upon this & to learn that prose could be [...]

    • A powerful book, perhaps the most painful novel I have read. The sad thing is that is it amazingly relevant as the mind-sets described in the book are perfectly represented by Donald Trump, a view of sex as a write earned through money and power, as sex as violent way to demonstrate power, and the capitalist system that cultivates those type of relationships. This book is rough, I would describe it as 200 pages of the Crucifix violence scene from "The Exorcist" movie followed by a final scene to [...]

    • It's easy to be tempted to think that the book is an absurd exaggeration, even misrepresentation of reality. But look around you and you will see that people are living in ridiculousness without a clue about it. This book is an atrocious exposé of the decaying human condition. Jelinek has created a powerful and interesting narrative voice which I believe only a woman is capable of having. A difficult read certainly, because of the non-linear train of thoughts, yet it's all worth the time to ope [...]

    • Acidic novel detailing the relationship within one well-to-do Austrian family - father, mother and young son. The relationships are all antagonistic and power-based. The father as head of a local paper processing plant is "the man" of the village. His relationship with his family is similar. The wife and son are deemed property and he makes use of them as he desires when he desires.I found the book to be an extreme example of family relationships and bitter and almost nihilistic.Not a pleasant b [...]

    • Oh, what a difficult read, felt like a poem for the most part, set in paragraphs. The story is essentially brief, the narrative comprised of a few main events (with several "rapes" thrown in for good measure). The ending event was most striking and disturbing of all, and says a lot I think about the role of the woman in this book, that is, as a vessel for the man in ways both literal and figurative.

    • "don't worry. we're all just as we were. just the same. soon the abyss will be full of us. our detached houses will be o'ershadowed by the interest on the loan. and the boss will be off to the byre, to us animals on the chains of our wishes, waiting to be kicked about."

    • Este libro es uno de los primeros que he leido con contenido sexual y dejando de lado el morbo me parece que es genial porque describe con tanta exactitud lo que se vive en cada página

    • Με θύμωσε πολύ αυτό το βιβλίο. Χαίρομαι που έφυγε από πάνω μου

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